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Street wooden planters

Street wooden planters

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I want to put wooden tubs with boxwood in front of the house. For the winter I will clean the veranda. Does anyone have experience building? How to soak inside?


Pots made of wood are very attractive and beautiful. Moreover, they are quite simple to make from improvised materials and they will last a very long time, if only to comply with the technology of wood protection. But so that moisture does not deform our product, we need to process the pot from the inside with a moisture-resistant material. After assembling the design you need, we impregnate the product from the inside with a moisture-proofing composition. For decoration and impregnation, it is advisable to use non-toxic agents, since in contact with the soil, some varnishes and impregnations can have a depressing effect on plants. There is an option to lay it inside with a film, make holes in it for water drainage, sprinkling vermiculite at the bottom (it absorbs excess water, and gives it back if it is lacking. Or we use a cache-pot, a suitable plastic container, a bucket in size. And do not forget in any of these constructions In the case below, make drainage holes.

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