The original design of lawns in the country

The original design of lawns in the country

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At a certain time, each of us comes to the design of the cottage, because not only the garden and garden are important in a private area, but also a quiet, relaxing holiday. We have already considered a lot of landscape design ideas, and today the next step is the original design and use of lawns.

It’s very simple to make a beautiful palisade, a fruit orchard is not more difficult, but working with a lawn requires certain skills and adherence to specifics in the technology of laying and design. Naturally, today we will not talk about choosing a lawn, as we have already talked about an artificial and even a Moorish lawn, but just find out how to decorate the finished lawn in the country house in an original way.

Fresh, green and neatly trimmed grass is very beautiful, but monotonous greens over a large area do not always cause joy. Therefore, we came to the conclusion that it is time to diversify the lawn territories a bit, to find a more interesting application for them, and maybe decoration methods that will radically change everything.

Today we have several options for standard design, as well as exclusive for using the grassy area for a more interesting purpose!

Standard lawn in the country

I would like to start with the classic version, which is interesting to most. Smooth or hilly area, on which there is nothing but green grass. Along the edges of the paving are made of stone or gravel paths, somewhere in the middle are several flower beds or an alpine hill. Perhaps the lawn can be decorated with a fountain or other small architectural forms, but this is if it is of a serious area. Otherwise, a little boring option, is not it? Normal and standard, just green and with only a few elements, so the decision to change something is very logical for us.

Meadow in the country

Many meadow grass resembles Moorish or Alpine, but there are some features. A meadow lawn is planted without leveling the surface of the soil, without a special substrate on the surface, but with the obligatory mixing of seeds of herbaceous plants with seeds of wildflowers. Often, perennial grass and annual flowers are planted on the site so that they can be changed every year, but you can immediately select certain varieties for planting for many years, and then only sow.

Thus, having made a single landing, and only a few times during the season, sowing burned-out or spoiled zones, you will get indescribable beauty, which all neighbors will envy.

Lawn with flowerbeds and support walls

The flower beds and vertical beds, which are often located behind the supporting walls in the country, are previously covered topics. But today we want to focus attention on them, because with the help of simple landscape elements you can significantly change the lawn for the better. Radically classical positions can be processed for almost any modern style, or you can draw a project in a special program for landscape design and carefully transfer it to the site.

You can easily get the option shown by us a little lower, but it is quite realistic that after a while the lawn will be much nicer in your area.

Lawn with playground

In 90% of cases, the lawn is a decoration, not a practical green flooring for something useful. We propose to replay the situation and make a lawn for children, for example, simply form a playground.

Of course, you should not choose the most expensive grass for this, but in this case it will not be necessary to even the soil. You can mow such a lawn several times less, and you won’t have to mow it, as trampling will occur on its own, with children's legs. Beautiful, practical and not just a green meadow, but fun for your children!

The playground can be built independently, and can be purchased from dealers or private craftsmen, since there are enough offers on the market today.

Composition with original figures

Landscape formation and geoplastics are fashionable exterior design techniques that are well mastered without special study. Of course, if we are talking about a global change in the relief of the site, then you can’t do without professional help, but if you just want to decorate the lawn with magnificent voluminous figures, you can do it yourself.

We present to you several options that do not go from our heads. These are magnificent creations of man and just wonderful ideas for decorating and decorating the lawn.

You can do this on a simple project. You will need to prepare the territory, choose a figure, create a so-called bed or shape for it, wait until the soil settles, and just plant lawn grass, cereals, perennials and annuals on the surface.

If you are planning a more serious project, then be prepared to produce a skeleton for a figure, otherwise the soil over the course of several years can significantly change the appearance of your structure. To strengthen the forms, you can also plant shrubs along the main lines, which well restrain the slopes.

Original art lawns in the country

Many people have no idea about art lawns, but today we will not only tell you what it is, but also show some examples. Art lawns are the work of professional landscape painters and amateurs who bring ideas to life with the help of imagination and many hours of work. These are real paintings, voluminous and embossed, which have a certain theme and mood, which differ and almost never repeat.

Already now you can appreciate all the beauty and grace of art lawns to start your own production. Any interesting ideas, financial opportunities and some free time? Then you will surely succeed!

Lawns under sports grounds

In the end, we decided not to make an exclusive, but the most ordinary proposal, which many, by the way, either forget or do not think at all. It's about sports fields. Yes, that's right, because from a perfectly smooth lawn you can get a good court, a soccer field for children, a small golf course and so on. But remember, in this case, the external design is far from the main part, because the specifics of laying, the type of grass, as well as special equipment for grooming play the absolute maximum requirements. Naturally, this is expensive, but if you want to play golf, you will have to spend a little money!

How to choose a lawn for a summer residence

It is very simple to lay green grass on a flat or hilly surface of a summer cottage, but to do something meaningful, something that others can appreciate, is much more difficult. Therefore, do not rush, you need to make the right choice in terms of strength and capabilities, make sure that the option is practical, and only then move on to design and decoration.

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