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Harvesting hot peppers for the winter

Harvesting hot peppers for the winter

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In winter, it’s so good to screw up borsch with meat or cabbage soup with hot pepper. There is a very simple way to prepare hot peppers for the winter. Using a needle and thread, pass the hot pepper through the processes with which it was attached to the plant (tails), and you get a kind of necklace. Then you put it in a room where there is no humidity and sunlight. At room temperature, it dries and do not be afraid, nothing will rot. The pepper dries, but the bitterness remains. There is another way of harvesting - using vinegar, but I do not like it. Due to the taste of vinegar, the vigor of pepper is lost. In the summer, if you have grown a good crop of pepper, do not rush to sell it for a penny, but for a penny it is better to buy and preserve it. Thus, in winter there will be a pepper to borsch.


An interesting topic was raised. Thanks. My question is a little different. The husband is very fond of hot peppers, but he likes to make Thai sauce (soy sauce cut into rings of hot pepper). This pepper is ready to water all the dishes on the table. Dry or canned peppers are not good. All winter we buy fresh chili peppers in the store. As hands do not reach grow bushes of hot pepper on the windowsill. I don’t know what to do?

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