Oriental horoscope 2019: which animal will be the patron saint of the year

Oriental horoscope 2019: which animal will be the patron saint of the year

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As you know, each coming year has its owner. Those who are wondering which animal according to the eastern horoscope 2019 belongs to should know that the twelfth sign of the Chinese horoscope will become the master of the next year. More precisely, the Yellow Earth Pig is a symbol of calm, optimism, and striving for material things.

Characteristic Pig

In the East, the Boar symbolizes pleasure, licentiousness. He is fierce, elusive, therefore lonely. A wild boar living in the forest may be rampant, while a house boar may be a manual pig. The Druids believed that a huge spiritual power was concentrated in this beast. Hunting him is very difficult. Among the Japanese, the god of War was portrayed as a Boar. The Chinese identify this animal with courage, nobility. Europeans have a superficial understanding of the boar. For them, the Boar is an eternally hungry animal, a lazy one that can wallow in the mud.

Pigs born in the year usually calm, good-natured, honest, fair, conscientious, striving for peace and prosperity. Unbearable living conditions can turn such a person into a hermit. The love of luxury makes them materialists. Optimists, they have a huge reserve of emotions, feelings. Seeking to see others only good. In their head is their own world, for which the Pigs are fighting. Able to empathize and empathize. Avoid disputes, seeking a compromise. Therefore, others consider them weaklings.

Boars are naive, pity everyone, therefore they are often the object of manipulation and ridicule. Because of this, they are disappointed in people. Communicative, simple, easily adapt to the new. They like to learn new things, but from the top, their knowledge is superficial. They are able to confirm words with facts and deeds.

The childhood of Boars is cloudless, their parents take care of everything. Youth is more complicated, filled with emotional upheavals. Wild boars are secretive and do not like to ask for help. Often people around do not even know about their problems. Quiet old age is guaranteed by a stable, harmonious family. Therefore, it is important to start a family and achieve harmony and order in it. A bad omen is considered if the birthday of a person who appeared in the year of the Boar falls on holidays. Life will be difficult.

Astrological types

The eastern horoscope has five elements: fire, wood, metal, earth, water. Each animal symbol belongs to one of them. Astrologers have identified the following astrological types of Pig:

  • Metal. Pigs of this element rarely get into unpleasant situations, because they are prudent, conservative, and they can not stand surprises. They are drawn to reputation and social status. Making a good career, a person experiences problems in his personal life due to openness, credulity. Seeks with a partner unity and mutual love.
  • Wooden. Flexibility, sociability, a desire to maintain good relations with people make the Wooden Pig charming and attractive. Indiscriminate in communications, such a person risks becoming a victim of manipulation, although he himself manipulates well. Such Pigs are very sensitive, because of which they often change their mood. In love are fickle. Mind and energy give love to sports, competitions.
  • Fiery. Stubborn, energetic, ambitious, fearless and confident optimistic leaders. It is difficult to convince the Fiery Pig. It is difficult and useless. The flaw of this element is arrogance, hot temper, impulsiveness, irritability. These are people of extremes.
  • Watery. Changeable, fickle, unpredictable wild boar. Ready for action, Water Boar does not know how to cope with obstacles, they annoy him. Trying to appear independent, reminds a capricious child, constantly needs support. Water Pig has good intuition, which helps to communicate with people. Harmonious life is prevented only by constantly changing moods.
  • Earthy. When wondering which animal the next 2019 year belongs to on the Chinese calendar, one can easily find the answer in astrology. It is the Earth Pig that will be the mistress of the new year. People of this sign strive for the material: comfort, luxury, success of life are important to them. Such people know how to achieve their goal, obstacles do not scare them. Peaceful, reasonable, practical, will never do too much. Faithful, diplomatic, do not enter into conflicts, others trust them. As ambitious as possible, they always get what they want.

Thus, the Earth Pig is one of the sensible, balanced, calm signs of the Chinese horoscope. In her character, the maximum is positive and the minimum is negative.

Born in 2019

Children whose birth year falls on 2019 are under the auspices of the Yellow Earth Pig. They will grow up confident, flexible, optimistic personalities. Inventive, persistent, have a creative beginning and a desire to know this world. Communicative, non-conflict. They take literally everything, because of which they may not finish what they have begun. They are very keenly experiencing injustice in the world.

To parents it’s important to teach these children not to be manipulated and stick to your plan. After all, children are full of energy, you just need to direct in the right direction. They are faithful, reliable, will not leave loved ones in trouble. These are materialists from birth.

Love luxury, comfort. In love, it will not be so simple: the Earth Pig is inclined to suffer the shortcomings of her lover, to go on about everything. In the profession, they will not become bosses. Suitable professions related to creativity, the emotional sphere, helping people: doctors, lawyers, actors, etc.

Woman-Boar is compliant, complaisant, patient, knows how to forgive and accepts a person as he is. Easily converges with people and appreciates them. Honest, true, largely naive. He loves children, respects his man and will never bring the situation to conflict. Very diplomatic nature. The Boar Man is honest, open, kind, sincere. He is conservative, so it’s hard for him to get used to everything new. This is an idealist, a fighter for truth and justice.

Both women and men of this sign are good friends, reliable, responsible people. They will not leave in difficult times, they will not let you down. Able to make a good career and fulfill oneself in the family. They love children very much. They make great moms and dads.

It is important to learn to understand people, to judge people by actions, not words.

Features of the coming year

What will be the year 2019? The animal that represents the coming year is the Boar. The year will be successful for workaholics and responsible people. If a person has started a business and makes every effort to achieve the goal, then luck will be on his side. The good-natured Pig does not like aggression and anger. Therefore, the year will pass in peace. In the coming year, you can not engage in idle talk and in vain criticize other people. Successfully 2019 will be for businessmen, workers in agriculture, industry.

A pig seeks happiness in love. Those who have not found their soul mate will definitely meet her. And couples will strengthen their relationship. The Yellow Earth Pig will bring harmony and peace to the house. The coming year does not promise shocks and drastic changes.

That will be the coming year. And to which animal according to the horoscope 2019 will bring luck, should be considered separately:

  • The tiger will be one of the luckiest signs in the coming year. He does not even have to make efforts to achieve the goal. Everything will come by itself. It is important to keep the acquired, not to put everything at risk, passion.
  • Horse. Thanks to hard work, will achieve a lot. There will be time for rest. You can do your health, a soul mate may appear in life.
  • Pig. The hostess is waiting for happiness and luck in everything.
  • The Dragon. This adroit, agile sign will get everything he wanted. The dragon will meet his love. But you should avoid relationships that are developing too fast.
  • Cat. The pig will give him a sense of security. The year will be calm. A cat can easily combine both career and love.
  • Bull. A year of surprises for which a conservative Bull will not be easy to get used to. The bull will work hard, so sometimes there’s not enough time for personal life.
  • Goat. Time for self-realization. It is important to be able to catch the right moment. You can improve your personal life by being more selective and looking at people.
  • A monkey. A lot of impressions, from which even the Monkey can get tired. You should not take on too much and learn how to relax. Absolutely randomly meet his love. In the personal sphere, I'm lucky.
  • Dog. It can become self-sufficient, do self-development. You will have to monitor your emotions, pacify them in time. Positive changes in personal life.
  • Cock. The year will be full of events, favorable for the financial and love spheres.
  • Rat. Maybe just go with the flow, relaxing. There will be no shocks, but also huge achievements also due to the lazy disposition of the Rat. Relationships will strengthen in family life; single Rats will have many fans.
  • Snake. High probability of career growth. You need to learn how to control your emotions: to be careful, not to conflict, not to get in trouble. Like the Bull, the Snake will have to devote more time to his personal life, build his own schedule so that he has enough for everything. Then in love, you're lucky.

In the coming year, everyone will be lucky. Nevertheless, it is important not to relax, work, change your character for the better.

Zodiac sign horoscope

What will happen in the next 2019 can be calculated for the signs of the zodiac. A person of one or another zodiac sign belongs to a certain element, and the mistress of the year will have its due influence. For example:

  • A lion. Good luck will flow in all areas. But a hot-tempered Leo will unsettle every little thing. You have to control your temper.
  • Virgo. The year will fully reveal the talents of the Virgin, her creativity. She will be able to focus on work, as well as expand her social circle.
  • Aries. We have to work hard, then the year will be promising, the Pig will help to realize all our plans.
  • Calf. If they can understand what they need, then they will achieve what they want. It is important not to take on too much, to strive for something unattainable.
  • Twins. If Gemini can overcome their laziness, inconstancy, restlessness, windiness, then they will achieve the desired and make life easier for the future.
  • Cancer. Events that change with fast speed will flood. At the beginning of the year, vulnerable Cancer will have a hard time getting used to that rhythm. Confidence will be felt only by the end of the year, having learned to remain vigilant.
  • Libra. A difficult year for constantly doubting, indecisive Libra. You have to work on your character.
  • Aquarius. This sign will either learn to carry things to the end and quickly move from words to actions, or sit in confusion all year, nothing will be achieved, and by the end of the year there will be tails. It all depends on the person.
  • Capricorn. Confident, decisive, and most importantly, hardworking Capricorn realizes all his career plans. In addition, the Pig will help you meet your soulmate.
  • Sagittarius. Learns how to spend money economically. A pig will protect him from bad people. This sign should listen to intuition all year and maximize its potential.
  • Scorpio. He wants to break with old roles, will set new goals and move to new heights.

Thus, in the upcoming 2019, the Yellow Earth Pig will be condescending to everyone. But luck will bring workaholics, responsible, optimistic, positive people.

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