Garden alley: a charming place for walking

Garden alley: a charming place for walking

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Having a small summer cottage, we lay original and comfortable garden paths. But if the area of ​​the summer cottage allows you to work with landscape design, we suggest making classic alleys in the garden.

Of course, walks in such places will become unforgettable, and even if it is not a walk, but simply the intersection of the terrain from a private house to a vacation spot. Of course, for the construction of beautiful classic walking areas in the landscape, large territories are needed, but you can always start from a minimum. Therefore, we will not focus on distances and areas, and we will talk about the stages of building malls, installing tracks inside them, as well as plants that will allow them to be qualitatively shaped and decorated.

Territory preparation

The project of any work is the best start, so it’s worthwhile to work hard and sketch out the dimensions, shape of the alley, some of its components and landscape elements.

Territory cleaning

You must clearly understand that absolutely everything is necessary to remove from the strip where the alley will be formed. At the same time, it is very desirable to immediately remove a certain layer of soil, to clear the site for laying the garden path. In the future, it will create a pedestrian zone, and the cleaning of the soil itself will help to minimize the risk of developing unwanted plants in this place.

Construction debris, iron flower stands, flowers and shrubs themselves, overgrowth of trees - everything must be cut and knocked down, since we need construction territory. But, in view of the fact that many owners and housewives will not want to sweep a large amount of greenery from the site, you can arrange an alley of the necessary shape. Nothing prevents you from making some adjustments to the project and directing the main path around the tree or your favorite berry growing place.

Walking area planning

We recommend that you think about the fact that the relief of the alley can be not only simplified, but also complex in shape. This is not necessarily a flat track that winds around the site left and right, it can also be directed up and down, contain some ups and downs for some mystery, interest and more originality in the design.

recommends thinking about not only geoplastics at the time of planning and arrangement, but also about such an interesting option as retaining walls. Imagine how bright the track will look, which is quite realistically recessed into the flower beds!

Marking and beating of the alley

When everything is visually decided, and in practice, thoughts hit a piece of paper, you just have to transfer all your own fantasies to the territory, which will become the basis for your new experiments in landscape design. Resize accurately, taking into account all the nuances, then you will get exactly what you dreamed about for so long!

The markup itself is very simple. You need to cut a thick wire or reinforcement, and along the lines of the future alley, about every few meters in even directions, and a little more often on curves, set them in the ground. Next, you just need to pull the threads that will beat off the edges of the alley, as well as hang up checkboxes that will make the marking recognizable and noticeable!

It is very important to divide the site into certain zones, because somewhere you will have a flat territory, and somewhere with a relief surface. It is also real that garden figures, lighting lamps, garden decoration items will be placed around the direction of the alley. All this must be noted in the workspace.

What to place along the country alley

An alley in the garden, dividing the lawn or leading to the far lawn, where you like to gather for a picnic, can be monotonous and boring, in the form of an ordinary path. But you can always use all your imagination and create a real miracle that will not go unnoticed by friends and relatives. Therefore, it all depends only on you - a standard country alley, or a really complex design approach that will definitely give a positive result.

We propose to turn to garden figures, small architectural forms and, necessarily, to decorative lighting along the alley. Therefore, we will point you to some interesting options, among which you can already choose the best:

  • An original option may be zone lighting. For example, even low columns with lanterns, which during the day will play the role of a really cool decor, and in the evening and at night light up the path for walking;
  • It can be small architectural forms, for example, pergolas and arches with flowers, tall flower beds or gabion decoration. Earlier we also mentioned retaining walls, which in this case would be ideal;
  • Appreciate the possibility of installing along the alley in the country some garden figures, even created by yourself.

Any chosen option may not be single, but combined, so never stop there, and always try to realize the maximum possible!

Pedestrian Alley Area

The pedestrian zone, or rather, its complete structure, should be thought out in advance, since its coverage is directly related to convenience, beauty and safety.

Choose among a variety of materials covering garden paths, sequentially studying the materials of our website in the appropriate section, and soon you will be able to find the best solution.

Plant decoration

The most important stage, because without plants you will get an ordinary path, or even a direction. It is worth taking care of such a design on time, because for the plants you will need to prepare the soil, fertilizers, seeds or high-quality planting material. Also, immediately add to the action plan what exactly you will plant along the alley. Perhaps it will be beautiful roses, tall shrubs, neatly trimmed dwarf trees, dear bonsai, wildflowers on a Moorish lawn on both sides. All this should be thought out in a high-quality way, otherwise it is possible to realize only an idea, not a high-quality design.

How to equip a garden alley with your own hands

Having talked about the most important thing - the stages of the device of the alley in the country, we decided to choose one of the options and paint it in more detail.

We will start with the marking stage, when flags and pointers are placed on the territory where and how the walking area will change, what to include and so on.

  • So, the beginning of the alley can be deserted, and then turn into a walking area with shrubs, trees, flowers and garden figures, but you can also mark this place. Tall trees, hedges, arches and pergolas are great for this.
  • A path made of granite, pebbles, gravel or paving slabs takes us deeper into the territory, where small lanterns are installed on both sides, illuminating the path in the evening. The same path leads to a small pond, which the alley path bends around on both sides.
  • Continuing the path and leaving behind a pond or fountain, you never know what we have in our fantasies, we are approaching the garden labyrinth. It is quite realistic that these are not intricate passages between evergreen shrubs, but an interesting design of a shrub that is pruned in an original and high quality.
  • The exit from such a green structure can continue with a path, on the sides of which there are figures of architecture with aged moss and cracks. But already in the distance you can see a bridge through a dry stream, ordinary, made of dry logs, but very pretty ... and below there are many stones, through the cracks between which various plants make their way.

Perhaps a garden alley or a country path for walks may look just like that. But it would be very good for her to lead somewhere else. For example, at the end of the alley you can arrange a small square with benches, install a gazebo or equip a recreation area, as we said above, just for a picnic.

Cottage Design: Gardens and Alleys (video)

By a more thorough arrangement of country alleys You can find all the necessary information on our website. Please share your thoughts on the read materials in the comments, we are very interested in your opinion!

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