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How to plant tomatoes properly

When should a tomato be planted? I read in one article that it is only necessary to begin stepsoning after the appearance of the first flowers. It is right? If there are no flowers yet, and stepsons are already there, then do not touch them? Do all stepchildren need to be removed? I already know about that stepson, which can not be removed and will be “in two stems”, it’s clear with him. Besides him, are there stepchildren that should be left, or should all the others be removed?


Pasynkovannye recommended to increase productivity, it is necessary to remove every second process. In no case do not delete everything, but I personally do not share this theory, plants let out leaves to absorb sunlight and require gravity and sun for their development. Therefore, I personally do not remove stepchildren, but this is my theory, and you can do it if you want.

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