How to prepare the garden for the winter?

How to prepare the garden for the winter?

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Autumn season has come. Time to harvest, flowerbeds almost faded. The last leaves are already showered on trees and bushes.

But the work of an experienced gardener is not yet over and it is time to take care of his plot, to help him survive the winter cold.

Preparing trees for winter

It is necessary to approach this business with full responsibility so that the garden survives the winter without loss and delights with a new crop next year.

And since it is not known what the winter will be like, with severe frosts or not, it is always necessary to prepare for the worst.

After harvesting, an experienced gardener needs to carefully monitor the trees. Carefully inspect the entire garden, remove unnecessary remaining fruits and only after that, proceed to harvest the leaves.

It is better to burn fallen leaves or remove them from the site, because in some cases the foliage contributes to the development of various diseases, the propagation of pests.

And only after harvesting the leaves you need to inspect the trees, remove dry, broken, and maybe diseased branches.

During the pruning period, it is important to correctly form the crown of the tree.

The branches are cut very carefully, you need to remove everything in the direction inward of the crown.
During pruning, do not forget to look at the trees and remove unnecessary moss, lichen, old dead bark from the trunks, and pests usually overwinter in such places.

Disease and Pest Treatment

The cut-off places are processed with copper sulfate (a teaspoon of the drug goes per liter of water).
It is further recommended to apply a garden var to the treated sections.

This procedure helps to rid the garden of various germs and diseases, for this you need to prepare special medicines:

  1. you need to take 10 liters of water, 500 g of urea;
  2. urea is easily replaced with copper sulfate and dissolve 300 g - in 10 l of water;
  3. it is possible to use a disinfectant solution, for preparation you need 50 g of soap and 400 g of soda ash dissolved in water.

In September, it is recommended to water the trees abundantly.

Watering should be plentiful about 50 liters for each adult tree. Watering should be done gradually so that moisture is better absorbed and there is no stagnation of liquid on the surface of the earth.

Soil mulching

To protect trees from various pests, it is recommended to loosen the earth and dig them around each seedling.

More convenient, of course, this is done with a pitchfork, then the root system of the tree will not be damaged.

Mulching should be done with a depth of 15-20 cm, then there is a greater chance that all the pests will die. When digging, it is not bad to introduce ash into the soil, it protects the plant from pests and serves as a good fertilizer. In addition, ash is able to protect the root system from freezing.

Whitewashing trees in autumn

Whitewashing of trees is mainly done in the spring, although it will be right to do it in the fall. You need to whiten the entire trunk from the root to the very first branches.

A solution for this process can easily be prepared at home. You need it: 0.5 kg of copper sulfate and 2.5 kg of lime are diluted with water and mixed well. Already in the finished solution add 200 g of wood glue to a bucket of water. Glue will serve as an auxiliary substance, will help keep the solution on tree trunks until spring.

It cannot be washed away by rains and wet snow.

In order for the garden to delight with its beauty and productivity for many years, every autumn regularly has to put in a lot of effort. The garden will reward the harvest with care.

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