How to protect strawberries from freezing frost

How to protect strawberries from freezing frost

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Christina became interested in how to protect strawberries from spring frosts? Let's try to answer and save such a wonderful plant from death.

Strawberry Conservation Rules

Every spring we come across frosts. Not always do they harm plants and shrubs, but in case of late frosts that occur in the second half of May, significant damage can be sustained. It is frosts that can cause a low yield in the future.

At the beginning of spring, only the tips of the leaves freeze in plants, which does not affect them much. Strawberries usually straighten well after that. Especially if a frost-resistant strawberry variety was chosen.

During return frosts, the plant can also be saved if you learned about their occurrence in advance from the weather forecast. Know, having felt a cooling, in the late afternoon you should expect more severe frosts! How to deal with the problem?
The best way to protect strawberries is to water. This technique is called sprinkling. The plants themselves should not be watered, it is enough to water only the soil.

In order to protect the strawberries from freezing, it is enough to raise the temperature by a couple of degrees, and the plant will not freeze. Sprinkling is applied only when the temperature drops below 0 degrees, and continues until the frost stops.

Other ways to keep warm

How to save future crops

  • Newspapers and film also help preserve plants. This is the best option. As soon as the frost has come, you need to close the strawberries with a film on top. If the weather is calm, then nothing needs to be fixed. Thanks to the shelter, the soil will retain heat. If you also water the soil before, the effect will be much better.

  • Using smoke or fumigation, you can also save strawberries. This method is characterized by smoke that surrounds plants with a thermal curtain. By burning garbage, brushwood, dry branches or whatever is at hand, you can increase the ambient temperature. Bonfires are lit at a temperature of 0 degrees. Peat gives the most smoke, which more fully envelops the garden. The presented method is good in that it gives the plants additional heat. However, one should always remember that fire should be handled very carefully.

From return frosts, the root system is most affected. And the strawberry itself as a species is the least resistant to cold. But with proper care of it during the return frosts, you can not worry about the fact that in the near future the crop will be bad, and you won’t lose the plants either.

Strawberry Care

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