Why greens do not grow well on the windowsill

Why greens do not grow well on the windowsill

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Alina sent us a question: "I can’t grow greens in pots on the windowsill. What could be the reason?"

Having fresh herbs is always a pleasure. But sometimes she does not want to grow. Why it happens? There are several reasons.

Reasons for failure

  • Not enough sun. This applies not only to greenery, but also to all plants. There are some features, for example, since the root system is limited by the space of the pot, the light should not fall directly, but diffusedly.
  • Not enough fertilizer. The problem is easily fixed.
  • Landing dates not observed. For each plant they are different. Celery is planted in February, in the spring it will be old enough to harvest. Dill requires attention. In winter, it is better to plant onions. Important! Parsley will have to be kicked out of the roots.

  • The soil is not saturated with nutrients.
  • You are pouring greens.

What greenery is easier to grow


The first place is given to a green onion. The plant is unpretentious, grows in almost all conditions. You can use onion sets or turnips. In the first case, the harvest will be less, but the taste of the plant is more pleasant.

It is better to plant a plant in the ground, and not in water, in the second case it can rot. It is recommended to add hydrogel to the soil. Landing is carried out every 2 weeks.

Leaf salad

Leaf lettuce requires more attention, but getting succulent leaves justifies this. First of all, it is necessary to carry out clarification, a culture of photophilous. It is important to choose the right varieties. A great option - Lollo Biondo, Ross. The "Emerald Lace" view is showing itself well. Do not allow drought in the soil.

Thinning plants recommended. If there is not enough experience, it is recommended to harvest when several leaves already appear. To grow a full-fledged large plant is unlikely to succeed. You may also be interested in an article about growing rules and choosing a salad.


Speaking of parsley, it is better to use roots rather than seeds. Get them in a special store. Pay attention to the apical bud - it should be a good view, otherwise you can not wait for greenery. Before planting, it is recommended to moisten the soil, if the plant is too long, pruning is carried out.

When planting seeds, attention should be paid to illumination. If the light source is not positioned correctly, the parsley will stretch. When the seeds are soaked in the Gumi solution, germination is faster. Parsley tolerates cold well, so it feels good on the windowsill.


Schnitt onions will require a titanic effort. In winter, the plant needs good lighting. The grown feather can simply be plucked. The crop is obtained 2 times, then the plant is depleted. Schnitt onions love moistened soils, with a lack of moisture it starts to bitter.

How to grow greens on a windowsill

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