How to protect chicks from rats and ferrets

How to protect chicks from rats and ferrets

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Ariadne asks: "How to protect chickens from rats and ferrets?"

Many breeding birds lose chickens due to attacks by rats and ferrets. There are a number of activities that will help protect the chicks.

Protective measures

Electronic rodent repellers are available. They are very effective. Poisons can be used, but there is a risk of chick poisoning. Cat owners can teach her to live outside in the summer. Maybe she will not catch rats, but she will scare them off for sure. Mice are afraid of hedgehogs. The safest way is to keep the chickens indoors until they become independent and climb on perches.

It is worth noting that rats and ferrets are pretty smart animals. However, the hair combed from the cat and spread around the house will scare them away. Nobody forbids throwing pre-prepared poisoned treats into the mink of a rat. Craftsmen can make a hanging house.

The best way is a cat hunter with kittens.

We also advise you to read an article on rodent control methods in the country.

Other useful ways

It is rational to fight rats during the construction phase of the house. Inedible materials should be used: mineral wool and others. Rotten boards are replaced with new ones. There should not be any gaps or holes.

The ideal option is placing the chicken coop on poles.

  • The floor should be made of a solid board. It and the lower part of the walls are studded with iron.
  • You can use a concrete floor with a splash of glass inside.
  • Walls can be plastered using iron mesh.

It is worth making sure that the place of walking is safe. Often used construction mesh. They dig it to the depth of the bayonet of a shovel. There are tracks on the floor, large stones are placed near the net so that the rats cannot dig.

There should not be any possible shelters for rodents near the house. This means that all boxes, branches and piles of garbage will have to be removed.

Instead of dogs and cats, you can use other pets. It can be geese, ducks. Not only rats and weasels are afraid of them, but also domestic mustaches. Geese are not a threat to chickens.

Geese have a sensitive dream. If the rat decides to get into the house, the geese will raise a commotion. The bird is strong enough, able to repel small predators. And you don’t need to feed her meat. When replanting geese with chickens, it is necessary to make a special litter for perches to make geese comfortable. A turkey may be used as a watchman. When rats approach, it emits alarming signals.

How to get rid of rats

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