The use of quicklime in the garden from weeds

The use of quicklime in the garden from weeds

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Konstantin asks: "How can quicklime get rid of weeds?"

Weeds are plants that damage various crops. But they should be dealt with only if the threshold of harmfulness is exceeded. In another option, weed control is not necessary.

Quicklime: An Effective Weed Control Method

To prevent weeds from appearing again, you must first remove them. Not only the bed is cleared, but also the furrows. A number of plants quickly fill the entire space. To get rid of them is very simple, it is enough to sprinkle them with quicklime in the spring. A powerful tool will prevent the re-emergence of weeds.

Quicklime is supplied as white pieces. They are obtained by calcining limestone at high temperature. If you apply lime to moisture, it will be slaked.

Using slaked lime is inconvenient, it contains large impurities - pebbles, unbaked limestone. They are stuck in the spray gun.

Using the product is not always justified, it is not suitable for all types of plants. Horse sorrel is afraid of quicklime, burdock - ordinary salt.

The use of lime in the garden

Liming is carried out once every two years. There should be 150 grams of lime per square meter. It is important to apply evenly. Some rules must be observed:

  • lime is brought in that year when you did not bring manure (otherwise there is a risk of losing nitrogen);
  • quicklime is quite strong, not suitable for all soil types. Use is advisable on hard ground;
  • it must be stored outdoors. The fact is that when combined with water, lime can heat up. Vapors are formed that are harmful to humans. It is recommended to use the product immediately after purchase. You can combine lime with English sulfuric acid, wood ash.

If you take 200 grams of lime per m2, you can remove wheatgrass, horsetail from the site. The remedy is introduced in the autumn during digging. After harvesting, clover is sown on the site. It is good in that it perfectly drives out other plant species. Apart from him, nothing will grow. In the spring, what is left of clover will serve as an excellent fertilizer for the beds. In addition to quicklime, chalk, dolomite flour is added to eliminate weeds. When burning plants in a garbage pit, it is recommended to pour them with lime. When mowing, it is important to prevent seeds from plants from getting into open ground. Using the presented method will make weed control easier. Lime contains calcium, which is good for the soil.

How to destroy weeds in your area

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