Why do eggplant leaves turn yellow

Why do eggplant leaves turn yellow

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Michael, with our help, wants to find the answer to the question: "Why do the leaves of eggplants turn yellow?"

The yellowness of eggplant tops can be due to many reasons: diseases, agrotechnical miscalculations, climatic failures.

Set of factors

Usually yellowness attacks the lower leaves of eggplant, and since these leaves are closest to the soil, it can be assumed that it lacks some minerals.

  • Emphasis must be placed on nitrogen - It is he who regulates the distribution of all nutrients within the plant. Without the right amount of nitrogen, the leaves will remain yellow even with timely watering and good illumination of the eggplant. Nitrogen fertilizers are applied two weeks after planting eggplant on the beds. Why is top dressing repeated several times a season? To exclude nitrogen starvation of eggplant.
  • No less important for this vegetable and potassium - it is recommended to make it no less than nitrogen.
  • Leaves turn yellow and due to the dense stream directed at them sun raysaccelerating the decomposition of chlorophyll, a pigment that stains plants in green.

  • Yellowness of leaves may be a consequence untimely watering: drops of water falling on leaves at hot noon can burn them, becoming a catalyst for yellowing.
  • Eggplant is a typical southern resident, and often its leaves turn yellow during the period adaptation when transplanting seedlings in open ground. Having overcome this stage, the leaves of eggplant will regain an intense grassy color.

Why else leaves turn yellow

Fusarium wilting is a formidable fungal infection, which is easy to recognize: the lower leaves of the eggplant turn pale at first, then turn yellow and die. Spreading, the fungus captures the entire plant and destroys it.

Fusariosis does not always infect a vegetable by penetrating into it from infected soil: sometimes sick seeds are used to germinate seedlings. Such a plant usually does not even live to the first fruits.

For seed disinfection, it is recommended to pickle them in a potassium permanganate solution and plant them in well-tilled soil. In the garden for seedlings, you need to find a sunny area so that the water does not stagnate there.

Since the roots of eggplant require oxygen, each watering must be completed by thoroughly loosening the soil.

To prevent the appearance of fungus, use a biological product Trichoderminintroducing him into the holes. If the disease has already hit the plant, destroy it without pity, spraying the neighboring bushes Falcon.

Eggplant Care

We also advise you to familiarize yourself with the rules of plant agricultural technology by reading an article on our resource about the features of growing eggplants.

Try to follow all the recommendations exactly, protecting your eggplant from fungal infections and early wilting.

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