The selection and features of growing greenhouse crops in August

The selection and features of growing greenhouse crops in August

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With the onset of the first August days, the scope of work for gardeners increases significantly. It is in August that it is necessary to harvest most of the crop, as well as prepare the greenhouse soil for the next planting season, in order to sow seed material in the greenhouse, which is already ready for growing vegetables and greens. However, even in the last summer days, you can still sow something and get a good harvest of some vegetable crops.

General information

At the end of summer, in the greenhouse or high-quality greenhouse, you can plant the following vegetables and green crops:

  • early-ripening cucumbers;
  • Chinese or Chinese cabbage;
  • broccoli cabbage;
  • early radish;
  • spinach;
  • dill and green onions;
  • various salad crops.

In addition, in August, growing in a greenhouse and various flower crops is excellent.

Culture choice

It should be borne in mind that not all plants, when planted in a greenhouse at the end of summer, are capable of producing a high-quality and plentiful crop. You can make a mistake with the choice: to plant plants, but never wait for the harvest.

Varieties of cucumbers that can be sown in the greenhouse at the end of summer:

  • cucumber hybrid Emelya-F1not polluting;
  • early self-pollinated variety Muromsky-36;
  • very early and fruitful"Vyaznikovsky-37";
  • early self-pollinated variety "Early Altai-166";
  • early varietiesOthello and "Bush".

Varieties of radishes that can be planted in a greenhouse in the early days of August:

  • rifle resistant and fruitfulEarly red;
  • a variety with elongated root crops of pink color, having a delicate taste, "18 days";
  • a variety that has time to mature before the first frost - "French breakfast";
  • classic and very popular among gardeners "Heat";
  • excellent early tasteful "Presto";
  • Hybrid Fine Shading Supered F1.

In addition, in the greenhouse in the fall you can sow such hybrids of radish as "Double-F1", Famox-F1, Rondar-F1 and Anabel-F1.

Varieties of cabbage broccoli that can be planted in a greenhouse at the very beginning of August:

  • early ripe hybrid Summer King
  • early ripening "Vyarus";
  • early ripening grade "Linda";
  • early ripeningComanches
  • early ripening grade "Vitamin";
  • early ripe hybrid "Laser-F1";
  • early ripeningTribute
  • early ripe hybrid Corvent-F1.

Varieties of Chinese cabbage that can be planted in a greenhouse in early August:

  • "Dietmar early";
  • The Golden Hectare-1432;
  • "Number one".

Varieties of Beijing cabbage that can be planted in a greenhouse in the early days of the month:

  • mid early "Beijing Express";
  • mid-season "Garnet";
  • productive grade "Lyubasha".

Varieties of green crops that can be planted in a greenhouse in early August:

  • high-yield dill "Further";
  • dill"Gribovsky";
  • dill for greenhouses "Umbrella";
  • dill is a very famous variety in our country "Grenadier";
  • high-yielding spinachVirofle;
  • spinach"Fatty";
  • early ripening spinach Corenta;
  • very productive spinach"Fortress";
  • Spinach with excellent palatabilityMariska
  • spinach recommended for planting in a greenhouse Marquise
  • spinach of a very famous variety in our country "Matador".

The following varieties of lettuce give a very large crop during autumn cultivation in a greenhouse:

  • fruitful heading"Iceberg";
  • lovely leaf "A sandwich";
  • semi-matured medium-ripening variety Eurydice
  • early ripe salad"Firebird";
  • mid-season half-rolled variety Odessa Kucheryavets;
  • precocious leaf grade "Grandee";
  • medium early leaf grade "Crisp Vitamin";
  • high-yielding and early ripe"Royal".

Planting cucumbers in a greenhouse

Planting onion-batun, chives, leeks, shallots, slugs and multi-tiered onions gives a good result. Varieties of onions for greens can be selected based on their own preferences and taking into account the recommendations of experienced gardeners. Particular attention must be paid to the acquisition of zoned seed material.

If you wish, you can plant small-bulbous or bulbous flowering plants. First of all, you can plant small onion flowers, such as Scylla, Muscari, Pushkinia, chionodoxes or crocuses. In addition, clematis can be planted, which, when planting precisely at this time of the year, adapt very well and take root.

Landing Features

Planting of any plants in greenhouses in August is carried out in accordance with the standard scheme. It should be borne in mind that before planting, it is necessary to carefully prepare the seeds for sowing. It can be used for soaking highly effective and high-quality solutions with microelements or plant stimulants.

Before soaking the seed material in such solutions, it is required to perform pre-sowing treatment with a weak solution of ordinary pharmacy potassium permanganate. After processing, the seeds must be dried, which makes planting much easier.

We also offer you to find out what kind of lighting should be in the greenhouse.

Care Features

Greenhouse ridges in August need particularly careful care. Siderates, which are most often used as oats, phacelia, peas or mustard, can be planted in a place vacated after growing the main vegetable and green crops.

If you decide to give the entire greenhouse area for the cultivation of vegetable or green crops, then immediately after harvesting, you should begin preparatory work in the construction of sheltered soil. For this purpose, it is advisable to release all greenhouse ridges from any plant debris and previous crops as efficiently as possible.

In addition, it is necessary to qualitatively pre-plant soil preparation for new plants. It should not only conduct a deep digging and tillage with special disinfecting compounds, but also make fertilizers in the form of complex preparations.

Expert Advice

In many plants, insufficient daylight hours can adversely affect. For this reason, it is recommended to use the method of illumination by means of correctly selected lighting devices.

Particular attention is required to observe humidity and temperature conditions at the optimum level for full growth, development and formation of the crop. In order to prevent early autumn frosts from causing serious harm to the plantings, it is advisable to mark additional heating sources in the greenhouse, which can be used as infrared lamps or air heaters.

Standard protective measures should not be neglected to protect plants from most plant parasites and diseases. Both biological remedies can be used, as well as tried and tested, tested by time and experience of most gardeners, folk remedies. Autumn. Good results are achieved by spraying plants with special infusions based on garlic or onions.

You may also be interested in an article in which we talk about autumn work in a greenhouse.

Sowing radishes in a greenhouse

A prerequisite for obtaining a high-quality and plentiful crop is the observance of the timing of fertilizing plants with complex fertilizers, as well as organic or "green grass infusion." Strict observance of all recommendations becomes a guarantee of obtaining one more crop in a protected ground.

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