DIY flower pots and flowerpots in the garden

DIY flower pots and flowerpots in the garden

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Pots and flowerpots for flowers were discussed by us repeatedly, but today we have collected a whole collection of interesting options for these accessories, which were created by our own hands. So, the original flower pots and flowerpots from improvised items and old things.

I would like to start by mentioning the fact that in the summer cottage and at home we always have a lot of unnecessary things. During each cleaning, a certain part of them goes to the trash, which we, by the way, do not advise you to do. The thing is that even the most unnecessary thing can be useful, you only need to consider it from a more practical side and a little imagination.

Flower pot from an old plate

Record players were very fashionable at the time, and now connoisseurs of quality sound listen to vinyl records. But it happens that the plates deteriorate, scratch and become unusable. Someone stores them further in the drawer of the table, someone throws them away, and we decided to use the plates for giving and creating accessories for planting flowers.

Any old record is a potential container for growing ornamental plants. You only need to hold the plate over the heating device (having previously fixed it on a long thread so as not to burn your hands), and when it heats up and the material becomes plastic, bend it into a certain shape.

In fact, from the plates you can create real masterpieces that will last a very long time and help to decorate the open areas of the gazebo or patio, as well as the windowsills of the country house with flowers.

Flowerpots and flower pots from boxes

Any wooden box can become a place for life of a large plant, for example, palm trees, which will look very original on the terrace or in the covered gazebo. But not everyone in the country has boxes that can be put under this business. Therefore, we will try to make a small box for growing a pretty flower with our own hands.

There is nothing easier than working with wooden materials and the correct forms, which means you don’t have to worry about the difficulties and costs - it takes only an hour or two and a tiny amount to create a flowerpot from a box.

Take four whetstones of 3x3 cm and a length of 40 cm, as well as a board 1 cm thick and 25-30 cm wide. From the board you should make either 4 identical in parameters elements for the side walls of the flowerpot, or twice 2 identical, so that it will be possible to create not a square, but a rectangular box. Also, you should accurately measure a piece of the board for the bottom of the box, but here the material can be taken a little thicker.

So, with the help of self-tapping screws and a screwdriver, make a box, not forgetting to lubricate the adjacent parts with glue for wood (to preserve moisture inside the future container and increase strength). Ready container is perfect for almost any decorative plant.

Flowerpot from a bucket

At the cottage there is always a couple of buckets without a bottom, or holes that can no longer be used for their intended purpose, and therefore we will put them into consumption in a different direction. We will make flower pots from old buckets on open flowerbeds.

To do this, you do not have to process the old containers for a long time, you can only paint them in a cheerful color or slightly bend them into a better shape. Next, install on a flower bed, or even more interestingly, dig it, leaving only a part of the bucket on top.

After that, you can immediately fill the flowerpot with a substrate and plant flowers or other plants inside, creating a nice decoration for the flowerbed or palisade.

Pots made of metal and plastic pipes

We already mentioned plastic pipes and interesting designs from them when we talked about vertical beds, but today we will slightly change the approach, as more recent and original ideas have appeared.

At the moment, the thought came to install the pipes vertically and use only their upper part for planting flowers. Pipes can be installed in a row, with contact with each other, of different diameters and at different heights. As a result, you can get a nice picture.

If you use pipes made of metal or sheet metal and stainless steel, for example, ventilation pipes, you can lay them along the paths in the country house, in the palisades and on the lawns, creating not just containers and containers for plants, but also very original designs in the form of a wide variety of objects and things - cars, rockets, trains, etc.

To work with metal you will need a special tool - a drill, a grinder, possibly a welding machine, if you want to achieve maximum originality.

Flower pots from plastic bottles

Greenhouses from plastic bottles, urns and drinking bowls - all this has long been described by us, but now there is an idea to create small flowerpots from this material, which will be the simplest summer cottage activity in your free time.

For the production of small pots, you can take bottles of 1.5-2 liters and cut them in about half. The upper part of the slice will need to be dissolved into strips 2 cm wide and 2-3 cm high, then to turn off the plastic edges for decorative purposes. Ready-made plastic pots can be painted or left transparent, or you can pre-select colored bottles, for example, green or brown.

According to the results of the work done, it remains only to install the pots in the soil or even slightly dig them in, and then plant decorative flowers in them, possibly even creating various patterns and shapes.

Wicker basket pot

Naturally, it’s a pity to use a new wicker basket, and it’s expensive, because such works of art are expensive. But to make a flowerpot from an old basket, which is dilapidated, you can very easily. In such a basket, it is necessary to fill the substrate and choose plants for planting that do not require systematic watering. This is necessary in order to extend the life of the basket, because from constant moisture the material can quickly deteriorate.

Baskets can be placed on the curb, in the gazebo, installed on the retaining wall of the flowerbed, or create a special pedestal for them.

In work with wicker baskets labor costs are minimal, since you do not have to create anything, you just need to plant decorative plants inside them and grow them in accordance with all the rules of agricultural technology.

Pots and flowerpots from wheel rims

To create such accessories, old rims from the wheels of a car or truck are perfect. Of course, not every summer resident on the site has a similar scrap, but finding a rim is not difficult.

Having found an old rim in a shed or garage, having taken one from a neighbor or having bought it at a sorting out, you can only slightly refine the metal element and proceed with the construction of the flowerpot.

Primed and covered with a rim of paint, it can be laid in a chosen place and dug around the circumference, thereby even building a whole flowerbed. Most often, a little soil compaction and planting in a circle of lawn grass or herbaceous perennials is enough. Inside the finished flowerpot is placed fertile soil into which the plants are planted. It can be flowers, ornamental plants, for example, evergreen shrubs, etc.

Flower pots from old dishes

Broken mugs and jugs, bowls and pans do an excellent job of decorating the site. If these are clay products, you can perfectly shape and style any part of the site, for example, near a large flower bed, gazebo or even on an old tree, creating a vertical bed.

But you can always dream up, combining old dishes with old furniture. Thus, pots or buckets can be installed on chairs that have outlived their own, on tables and tables, which will now become the basis for creating an original flower garden. Think about creating whole compositions that will look much more interesting than single plantings.

Creation of decorative compositions from furniture and appliances

For the next project, we choose all the same accessories that were once very useful in the summer cottage, but today they simply occupy a place in the garage or barn. It can be an old workbench, a table, a curbstone, a lawn mower without a motor, a cart without wheels, a children's lorry, in general, everything that can be used today with benefit, but in a different direction.

The most basic work in this case is the correct placement of the finished item on the site and preparing it for growing flowers. Thus, you will need to find the best place to decorate the site and the landscape as a whole, as well as prepare an old item or accessory. By creating the walls and bottom of the container for landing. Do not forget about soil pressure, drainage and high-quality soil, which will help to grow flowers or ornamental shrubs.

Flower pots of shoes

We are used to carrying old shoes and boots in the country when we work in the garden or in the backyard, but at some time the old shoes become unusable even in such cases. Then it should also not be discarded and simply deducted from accounts, because you can use it to design a site.

Earlier, in previous materials of our site, we already talked about decorative flowerpots of this type, but today we decided to remind you that any shoe can be a wonderful decorative element that helps in decorating the landscape.

Place the boot in the middle of the lawn and plant tall grassy plants in it, and it will be extremely original. Put old shoes near the threshold and plant cute flowers in them, and this will always bring a smile to your guests. Imagine and do not forget that each of your ideas in combination with old objects can be realized in unusual dacha decor and landscape decoration.

We will be grateful to readers of the site who will share their thoughts on decorating the summer cottage in similar ways. Send your ideas to us and tell about them in the comments to the article, so that other people can use the best methods to quickly and inexpensively arrange a summer cottage in a fun and cute style.

How to make a flowerpot in the garden (video)

Pots, containers and flowerpots from improvised items - a very interesting topic, as well as the creation of any cottage decor with your own hands. And therefore do not remain indifferent to such fantasies and crafts, because it is with their help that you can have fun and decorate the garden and lawn without spending a dime. We recommend that you read the article on flower clocks on a personal plot.

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