Fuji: a beautiful guest from the land of the rising sun in our garden

Fuji: a beautiful guest from the land of the rising sun in our garden

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Choosing winter varieties of apple trees for your garden, you should pay attention to the relatively recently appeared on our market, but already managed to win the love of many consumers, the variety "Fuji", imported from Japan. It is no coincidence that it is by chance the most popular in the homeland, because Fuji apples are tasty, bright and fragrant and very healthy.

Grade description

An exotic apple variety was obtained by crossing the Rolls Janet and Red Deliches varieties by the Japanese, thanks to which it has a refined and unique taste. A tall, fast-growing tree produces abundant fruit. Apples are large - up to 250 g, round-oblong, with smooth skin and a characteristic bright blush on a yellow-green background.

Their delicate, crunchy and aromatic flesh with a light cream tint, sweet with a slight sourness. The main features of the Fuji variety should be considered:

  • The best fruiting is a sunny, warm place.
  • The soil should be nutritious and not waterlogged.
  • Flowering occurs in late April-May, which minimizes the risk of freezing the ovary.
  • Every second year gives a plentiful harvest.
  • Its winter hardiness is quite high.

It should be noted that in the first two years on young trees, the fruits have a mediocre taste. Only in the third year they acquire their unique sophistication of taste. Moreover, the darker the apples, the sweeter they are.

The disadvantages of this variety of apple trees include their low resistance to powdery mildew and bacterial burn, although they have much higher resistance to scab than many other apple varieties.

Variety apples consist of water, carbohydrates (almost 10%), fiber. Their calorie content is 71 kcal. They contain vitamins A, C (20-30 mg per 100 g), groups B, PP, trace elements: iron, iodine (in seeds), manganese, calcium, potassium and other useful substances.

Useful properties and contraindications

The description of the amazing Fuji variety would not be complete if you did not list the many valuable properties of this magnificent fruit. And they are as follows:

  1. Thanks to fructose and ascorbic acid, apples increase immunity and appetite. They also help normalize cholesterol, thanks to quercetin, which, by breaking down sugar, promotes better absorption of glucose.
  2. Due to their low calorie content, they are recommended for obesity.
  3. They are useful for anemia, gout, dysentery, arthritis, and diabetes.
  4. They help with headaches, insomnia and stress thanks to vitamin B.
  5. The potassium and vitamin A contained in them reduce the risk of heart disease (stroke and heart attack), improve metabolism. In addition, they strengthen bones and improve vision.
  6. Due to its high fiber and pectin content in apples, it is a good way to cleanse the intestines and digestive system.

However, there is a category of people who can eat these apples only in limited quantities: ulcers, suffering from gastritis, people with high acidity.

Fuji Apples: Growing

Landing and care

Features of planting and care of the Fuji apple trees are:

  1. Landing should be carried out on the south side, where there is enough light. In addition, plants need free access to air.
  2. The soil should be enriched with nutrients and moderately moist.
  3. To prevent overloading of trees during the fruiting period, part of the ovaries should be cut. This improves the yield and taste of the fruit.
  4. Trees also need periodic cleansing pruning, regular top dressing and watering.

How to deal with diseases and pests

In the description of the Fuji variety, it is also important that the apple trees are sensitive to certain diseases, and they must be protected from these dangers. Here are some tips to deal with the enemies of such apple trees:

  • The best remedy for a bacterial burn is the sun, and copper-containing preparations also help.
  • A tree affected by bacteria should be uprooted so that the infection does not migrate to other trees.
  • Young seedlings suffer from scab, they should be sprayed prophylactically with a one percent bordeaux solution. Fungicides help sick apple trees.
  • From aphids in the spring, perteroids save, and in the summer, organophosphates.
  • Preventively, before planting, the roots of the seedlings are dipped for a couple of minutes in a one percent solution of copper sulfate, then washed with water.

Harvesting and storage

"Fuji" refers to the late varieties, so these apples are harvested no earlier than mid-autumn. But in order for them to fully finish, and the sourness disappeared, the fruits must be allowed to mature for a month.

Due to the fact that their pulp is dense and the skin is strong, apples are well preserved: without cooling for 4-5 months, and in the refrigerator or cellar, at least until the summer or even until the next season. At the same time, all their useful properties and appearance are completely preserved.

These fruits well carry transportation over long distances, so they are ubiquitous in their homeland. And in other countries - in Ukraine, in Russia, in Moldova, etc. - are found quite often.

After reading the corresponding article on our resource, you can also find out why unripe apples fall.

Cooking Application

Most often, Fuji apples are used in the preparation of desserts and salads, juice is made from them. In any form (fresh, jam, jam, etc.) they are an indispensable filling for a variety of pastries.

Charlotte from apples and pumpkins:

  • 3 apples and 200 g of pumpkin are cut into cubes;
  • beat 3 eggs with a glass of sugar;
  • add a glass of flour, a spoonful of honey and a little cinnamon to the dough, mix everything;
  • the dough is poured into the filling laid in the form and baked for half an hour at 200 degrees.

Braised Cabbage with Apple:

  • fry the onion;
  • add to it a pound of slaw, salt, pepper and simmer until half ready;
  • cut apple peeled into cubes, mix with cabbage and simmer until tender;
  • add greens and mint before the end.

Cottage cheese casserole with apple:

  • 0.5 kg of cottage cheese is mixed with a glass of semolina and a glass of milk, 6 tbsp. Are added there. tablespoons of sugar and a little vanilla sugar and whipped with a mixer or spoon;
  • the mixture is added, an orange, a banana and an apple, cut into small pieces;
  • then 2 beaten eggs are poured there, everything is mixed and laid out in 2 baking dishes;
  • the dish is baked at a temperature of 180 degrees for half an hour.

Fuji Apple Salad

The apple tree described in this article of the Fuji variety is very popular among gardeners in many countries. The excellent taste and aroma of these useful medicinal apples, the diverse possibilities of their use in cooking, the storage duration at no particular cost and the convenience of transportation - this is what attracts every gardener to grow these apple trees on his site.

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