Do-it-yourself chandelier for a summer residence: 10 creative ideas

Do-it-yourself chandelier for a summer residence: 10 creative ideas

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You can make a chandelier for a summer residence from completely unnecessary things. If you have cans, an old floor lamp, kitchen utensils, tin cans, do not rush to throw them away. There are several unique ideas for their application.


It’s easy to make a chandelier from cans. It is enough to make holes in them with a nail and paint the surface of the product with paint sprayed from a spray can. It is better to use nails to create holes of different diameters, then the drawing will come out interesting.

Glass jars

Making a glass jar chandelier even easier.

  • Pliers and wire are taken.
  • A wire rim with ears around the can is performed.
  • An arcuate handle is made from the remaining wire, and its ends are fixed in the ears.
  • You can decorate glass jars with paint.

Fittings and clothespins

Chandelier shades made of reinforcing mesh and clothespins are suitable for any interior. Making them is easy and simple with your own hands.


To create a chandelier, you can use old teapots, baking tins, pots, colanders. Such a hand-made chandelier will not leave your guests indifferent.

Newspaper houses

Lovers of romance and creativity can make a chandelier from newspaper housessuspended on a fishing line near an energy-saving lamp. This option looks very cute and childish.

Old basket

If you take an old holey basket and braid it beautifully, a beautiful lampshade will come out. As a braid, you can use lace or thin fabric strips with a cute pattern.

Glamorous chandelier made of disks and organza cut

To make a chandelier you will need unnecessary CDs, organza and Christmas tree garland. First you have to sew a long organza cover. A thread is inserted into its top and bottom for mounting discs. Inside the ceiling, a Christmas garland is being threaded. It remains to fix the chandelier to the ceiling!

Wine corks

To create a chandelier you will need a large number of wine corks and half of the grid from the fan. It is enough to fix the cork to the grid on the rope and get the original lampshade. To traffic jams the rope fastens on hooks. The length of the rows of corks may be different.

Plastic cups

To create a chandelier, you will need 300 plastic cups, staples, a stapler, washers and bolts.

  • Using a stapler, 3 cups are fastened from below. Then they are fastened on top. This is the base, which will be in the shape of a cone.
  • Next, the remaining cups should be attached to it to obtain a sphere.
  • One cup should remain empty.
  • In the last container, it will be necessary to burn a hole for the wire.

We also offer you to learn about the original options for hangers for a country house, which you can make yourself.

Thread lampshade

For manufacturing you will need:

  • Knitting;
  • Balloon;
  • lighting fittings;
  • starch glue;
  • foam brush;
  • scissors;
  • the wire;
  • brushes.

The balloon is inflated first. The threads are impregnated with glue and, starting from the base of the ball, the whole form is wrapped. Wrap the ball in 5 layers. Then its entire surface is impregnated with glue using a foam brush.

After the product has dried, it is pierced with a pin. A hole for a light bulb cuts through the top of the ball. Lighting fixtures are installed. The wire fastener comes with thin brushes.

DIY Chandelier

So, making a chandelier for a summer house with your own hands is very simple. This will require inspiration, unnecessary things, imagination and time. It is easy to create something unusual with your own hand for the house, and the finished product will delight you with its original appearance for a long time to come.

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