The best sweet varieties of apples

The best sweet varieties of apples

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Sweet and sweet and sour apples are a favorite treat not only for children but also for adults. By far, the most common and popular sweet and sour apple variety is the "White Bulk" known to most gardeners. This is one of the most popular varieties, which is characterized by early ripening and a high level of yield. However, there are other, equally high-quality and interesting varieties of apples that have a pleasant and unique sweet taste with a slight sourness.

Apple tree "Belarusian sweet"

Apple trees varieties "Belarusian Sweet" are classified as winter-hardy. The trees are quite large, with a rare crown. Sweet and sour fruits hold well on the branches, large, weighing 200 grams. Their surface is glossy, the color is greenish. The pulp of fruits "Belarusian Sweet" is very sweet, loose and very fragrant. Krupnomer of this grade belong to early types.

The period of consumption of fruits of the Belarusian Sweet variety is several months: from the beginning of October until the last days of February. Subject to the harvesting period of fully ripened fruits, the period of preservation of the crop is significantly extended. The advantages of apples of the Belarusian Sweet variety are the presence of immunity to scab damage, excellent commercial qualities and high taste characteristics.

Apple tree "Sweet bliss"

Trees of the variety "Sweet Bliss" of medium height, their crown is strong, oval in shape. Sweet and sour fruits are rounded, with a weight of just over 100 grams. Fruit staining is light yellow, with scarlet strokes of blush. The pulp of apples of the Sweet Bliss variety is white, fine-grained, juicy and crisp. Ripe fruits are very aromatic, with a sweet dessert flavor, without the presence of acid.

The plant prefers moisture-resistant, qualitatively permeable, fertile soil. The soil should be loamy or sandy loam.

Apple tree "Arcade yellow"

Variety "Arcade yellow" is often called the "Arcade summer yellow" or "Arcade orange." The fruit plant has a high level of winter hardiness. This is an old apple tree variety, and its origin is unknown.

Seedlings of plants have an elongated type of crown. Sweet and sour fruits are quite small in size. The standard weight of apples rarely exceeds 80 grams. The shape of the fruit is cylindrical, they are covered with yellow skin. The pulp has a medium density, juicy, white with a touch of yellowness. The taste is very sweet.

Yield figures for the Arcade Yellow apple tree are average. A distinctive feature is the presence of resistance to adverse external factors.

Apple tree "Mironchik"

"Mironchik" is an old domestic variety. Sweet and sour fruits have an average size, ribbing. They have an oblong or spherical shape and sometimes have a narrowing to the saucer. The peel of the fruit is weak and insufficiently fragrant, smooth and thin, yellow in color with the presence of red speckles all over the surface. The flesh is yellow, quite tender and juicy. The sweet taste of the fruit is accompanied by a slight bitterness.

Apple tree "Medok"

Winter-hardy late summer variety. Formed fruits of medium or large size. Standard weight does not exceed 300 grams. Fruits are rounded, white-yellow in color, covered with dense skin. Sour-sweet apples ripen in late August and last about a month. The fruits are suitable for fresh consumption, as well as for any type of home processing. The taste is sweet and sour, with a bright pronounced honey flavor. The white flesh is quite juicy and noticeably granular.

Winter hardiness is very high. The variety withstands without freezing up to -42 ° C. The plant is resistant to diseases and pests.

"Medok" is the best cultivar in the Moscow region. Colon-shaped forms of this variety can significantly save space on the site.

The best varieties of apple trees

Apple tree "Korobovka"

Widespread in our country, an ancient Russian variety of folk selection. It is successfully cultivated in central Russia, as well as on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and in the Baltic countries. The variety ripens in the summer and has excellent winter hardiness.

Apple tree “Korobovka” has average productivity indicators and starts fruiting relatively late. Foliage plants and fruits are resistant to scab damage. Varietal characteristics of plants are the average height and the presence of a broom crown.

The fruits of this variety are quite small in size, and their weight does not exceed 50 grams. The fruits are very fragrant and sweet. They have a slight acidity. The shape of apples of this variety is often irregular, the color of the fruit is greenish-yellow with the presence of soft orange-red stripes. The ripening of ripe fruits occurs in the last decade of July or early August. Harvested crops can be stored in the refrigerator for a month.

The variety is interesting for cultivation in household plots and attracts gardeners with the honey-sweet taste of apples. It is valuable as a basis for breeding other varieties with a special level of winter hardiness.

Apple tree "Candy"

The taste of apples of this variety is very sweet and largely reminds candies, which is what caused the name of the variety. The fruits of the apple variety "Candy" even in an unripe state are tastier than ripened apples of many other varieties.

The sweetness of these fruits made them especially loved by children. The size of the fruit is average, and the weight most often does not exceed 100 grams. The main coloration is light yellow with a pleasant reddish tint. The ripening period begins in July or August. The average shelf life is about a month. The pulp of apples is characterized by juiciness and tenderness.

Trees of this variety are small in size and have a rounded crown. Young plantings stably bear fruit, and mature trees can enter dormant periods. Indices of winter hardiness of a young apple-tree variety "Candy" are average. Resistance to scab lesions is not high enough.

After reading the corresponding article on our resource, you can find out the whole truth about the benefits and harms of apples.

Apple tree "Lungwort"

Trees of the Medunitsa cultivar grow quite tall and have a broad pyramidal crown shape. The period of removable and consumer ripeness of fruits begins in the second half of August. Ripening is characterized by unevenness. The harvest is preserved quite well, until October.

A short spoon helps to significantly improve the taste of the collected fruits. The average weight of the fruit does not exceed 100 grams. Apples in this class have a rounded and slightly conical or flat and rounded shape. The main coloration is fruit greenish yellow.

The integumentary color of the coloring is represented by a blurry red blush with reddish or brown stripes. The pulp of the fruit has a yellowish tint. The taste of the fruit is sweet-honey, which determined the name of the variety. Apples of this variety perfectly retain their taste for a long time.

How to plant an apple tree

When choosing seedlings for planting on a personal plot, preference should be given to zoned varieties, which are characterized by the presence of high indices of productivity, keeping quality, and transportability. Equally important is the resistance of fruit trees to the most common diseases and pests.

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