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How to use sawdust that served as litter in the chicken coop

How to use sawdust that served as litter in the chicken coop

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Hello. Tell me, please, how to use the sawdust that served as litter in the chicken coop? Is it possible to immediately scatter them around the garden before digging? The husband suggested scattering now while the snow is lying. Will there be too much litter on them for this?


No, you can, put it in compost and sprinkle more with earth, grass, etc. , chicken manure is very burning to use carefully. I once folded like this in the winter in the garden, then for several years there was a bare spot


they answered you correctly.

I’m like I’m cleaning. I’m cleaning up a clean litter, I’ve got a big water, I’ll fill it with water, perekolochuyte, so that I’m able to pick up and I’ll be one-sided. I quarterly, direct pouring qiu zhizhu. Ale pid I’ll finish the hour, shchob at once wintered і from the ground. At the garden everything is easier to slurry. Pid grapes for the winter viderechko, in the spring I clean the puree with spring. I’m still afraid of the nuclerion., Ale didn’t burn, I smoked the board smut. But, yakі kviti, vinrgrad, raspberry, clubberry. I’m spreading to the city, there are all ten

Then another question. Litter a lot. Where to put it? not yet throw in compost?

you can feed vegetables: soak the litter in a bucket, and then, based on the calculation, pour a glass of yogurt into a bucket, I also chopped dried and sprinkled onions a little, I don’t know anymore ...

I throw the whole litter together with sawdust into compost, and in the spring I put it under cucumbers, pumpkin, zucchini. In the snow I throw it on strawberries, under trees, bushes, flowers. Fertilizer will go to the roots with melt water, but most importantly, in the snow. I’ve been doing this for 10 years, the crop is cool, tomorrow I’ll carry it to the greenhouse.

in the greenhouse also in the snow? that is, is it better to throw snow in the greenhouse first?

I’m slowly throwing snow into the greenhouse all winter (when not laziness). In the greenhouse, it is possible not in the snow, then dig and spill. Then I also add compost.

I also throw snow, but usually in the spring. The end of March-April. Thanks for your advice.

in the summer, soak the litter in a barrel, you can add herbs, insist, then breed 1k 20 and feed the plants. And so throw in compost, rehash better and more benefits.

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