Honey mushrooms in the Krasnodar Territory in 2021: photo and description, mushroom places

Honey mushrooms in the Krasnodar Territory in 2021: photo and description, mushroom places

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Krasnodar Territory is not only bright sun, beautiful nature and warm sea, but also a place where you can collect a good harvest of mushrooms. The most popular among local residents are summer, autumn and winter mushrooms, as they grow in large families, and the collection is easy and quick. Honey mushrooms in the Krasnodar Territory can be found in large numbers in deciduous forests from mid-July to early December. Since this species has false brothers, you need to know the external characteristics, view photos and videos.

What types of edible mushrooms grow in the Krasnodar Territory

In the suburbs of Krasnodar, you can find summer, autumn and winter varieties. In a warm summer, you can harvest a good harvest, which is perfect for cooking fried, stewed and canned dishes. But since false mushrooms also grow in the Krasnodar Territory, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the species and view their photos.

What honey mushrooms look like in the Krasnodar Territory

Honey mushroom is a tasty and healthy forest dweller that grows on live and rotten wood, stumps and woody substrate. Before going to the forest, you need to know the description of mushrooms in the Krasnodar Territory and study the photo:

  1. Autumn. It settles on decaying and living deciduous wood. They come into fruiting from August to October, grow in large families. They can be recognized by their convex cap and a thin, long leg. The fruit body has a pleasant honey color and a light mushroom aroma.

    Important! Only young, not overgrown specimens are eaten.

  2. Onion-footed. The species begins to bear fruit from August to September. It prefers to grow on deciduous trees, stumps and woody substrates. In cooking, only the caps of young specimens are used, since the flesh of the leg is tough and unsuitable for human consumption.
  3. Summer. It grows throughout the warm season on decaying deciduous wood. You can distinguish a summer specimen from other species by a small hill on a miniature hat and color. In young representatives, the surface is glossy, painted in a light red color.
  4. Winter. It can bear fruit from late October to early spring. For growth and development, the species is not afraid of subzero temperatures, the main thing is that it does not fall below - 10 ° C. It grows everywhere: in deciduous forests, parks, squares, along water bodies. Since the winter specimen does not have a skirt on the leg, many mushroom pickers confuse it with false species.

Since this forest dweller has inedible cousins, in order not to harm your body, you need to know some of the differences:

  • edible forest dwellers have a pleasant aroma, inedibles have an earthy and unpleasant odor;
  • in false species, the cap is brightly colored;
  • the cap of edible representatives is covered with numerous small scales;
  • in noble specimens, the plates are painted in lemon-whitish or coffee color, in false ones they are bright yellow, dirty green or gray-black.

Important! False winter species do not grow at subzero temperatures.

Where honey mushrooms grow in the Krasnodar Territory

In the suburbs of Krasnodar, mushrooms can be found in deciduous and mixed forests. In order not to leave the forest with empty baskets, you need to know mushroom places.

Where does honey agaric grow in the Krasnodar Territory:

  1. Hiking in the forest can be done with the onset of warm days, until December-January. Experienced mushroom pickers recommend exploring the Apsheronsky and Belorechensky regions, where hazel, deciduous, coniferous trees grow and where felling sites are located.
  2. Since this forest dweller likes to settle in humid fertile places, it can also be found in the forests that are located along the sea coast: in the Afips valley, near Mount Baraniy Rog, near Tuapse and in the suburbs of Gelendzhik.
  3. Mushroom pickers living in the suburbs of Sochi recommend exploring the forests that are located near: the Agursky gorge, in the village of Plastunka, in the village of Vorontsovka and next to the Zmeikovsky waterfalls.

When honey mushrooms are harvested in the Krasnodar Territory

Honey mushrooms in the Krasnodar forests can be found from May to December. When going on a mushroom hunt, you need to know the collection time:

  1. Summer species - grow from July to September.
  2. Autumn - come into fruiting from August to the first frost.
  3. Winter - can grow under snow, so mushroom picking continues until January.

Collection rules

In order for mushroom picking to take place with health benefits, you need to know the picking rule.

Gifts of the forest can be taken:

  • away from the motorway and industrial plants;
  • in ecologically clean places.

Mushrooms are cut with a sharp instrument, trying not to damage the mycelium; only young specimens are suitable for collection. The crop is put into shallow baskets with the caps down. Cut mushrooms are cleaned of soil and deciduous substrate.

Important! The harvested crop is immediately processed, since their shelf life is limited.

The peak fruiting of honey agarics in the Krasnodar Territory falls on September, so in 2021 on social networks you can see wonderful mushroom spots, beautiful nature, as well as delicious recipes for cooking and healthy mushrooms.


Honey mushrooms in the Krasnodar Territory are often found in mixed forests from May to December. They can be found on living and decaying wood, tree stumps, and damp places. Since this specimen has false counterparts, you need to know the differences, and if the mushroom is not familiar, then it is better to pass by, since inedible representatives can cause irreparable harm to health.

Watch the video: Honey Mushroom and Pholiata squarrosa Comparison (January 2023).

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