Hydrangea large-leaved Yu and Mi Love: planting and care, reviews

Hydrangea U and Mi Love is an original flower bush with a romantic name, which can be translated as "we love each other." Differs in long flowering, to maintain which it is enough to provide regular watering and feeding. Due to its satisfactory winter hardiness, this variety can be grown in most regions of the European part of Russia.

Description of hydrangea Y & Mi Love

Hydrangea Yu and Mi Love is a perennial shrub that produces white, pink and light purple flowers (diameter 3 cm). The flowering stems grow to a small height of up to 15 cm, and the bush itself reaches 80-150 cm. The leaves are quite large, the surface is glossy, the color is saturated green.

Hydrangea You and Me Love belongs to large-leaved remontant varieties. This means that it produces flowers on the shoots of the past and current year. Moreover, flowering lasts throughout the season - from June to September (in the southern regions and in the case of warm autumn - until early October). The first flowers appear already in the year of planting, for which gardeners especially appreciate this ornamental shrub.

Important! Y & Mi Love hydrangea flowers appear when grown in both alkaline and acidic soil. In the latter case, their color is more intense (pink and purple shades).

Flowers of Y & Mi Love hydrangea are collected in lush inflorescences

Large-leaved hydrangea You and Me Love in landscape design

Hydrangea U & Mi Love has a high decorative value due to its lush, attractive flowers and large dark green foliage. It can be used in single and mixed plantings. U & Mi Love looks good in open spaces - for example, on the lawn next to the house or along the road.

The shrub is used in mixborders, in compositions with other flowers and perennial grasses. Another interesting option is to create a hedge. In this case, the seedlings are planted at a minimum distance (about 80 cm) and carefully trimmed, making sure to maintain a constant shape.

Hydrangea U & Mi Love is great for forming hedges

Winter hardiness of large-leaved hydrangea Yu and Mi Love

The resistance of Y & Mi Love hydrangeas to frost is estimated as average. It can withstand moderate winter frosts down to -23 degrees. Therefore, the following regions are well suited for growing:

  • middle band;
  • Volga region;
  • Black earth;
  • South of Russia.

The North-West is less suitable and it is not at all recommended to grow in the Urals, Siberia and the Far East.

Important! Because winters can be unpredictable, the Y & Mi Love hydrangea is always mulched for the winter. And young seedlings are additionally covered with agrofibre.

Planting and caring for hydrangea

Y & Mi Love hydrangea seedlings are best purchased in nurseries and specialized stores. In this case, planting in most cases is carried out in the spring (April). Although in the south, autumn planting is also allowed (early October).

Selection and preparation of the landing site

When choosing a location, there are a few practical guidelines to consider:

  1. Hydrangea U and Mi Love prefers well-lit places, but in the south it is better for her to create partial shade. Light shading is allowed when planting in any other regions.
  2. You should not plant a bush next to trees that absorb a lot of liquid, since a lack of moisture will adversely affect growth.
  3. On the other hand, moisture accumulation is also not allowed - it is better to choose small hills.
  4. The soil should, if possible, have an acidic reaction (optimum pH = 5.0). At the same time, hydrangea can grow in a neutral environment, but alkaline soil with pH = 8.0 or more is clearly not suitable.

The variety prefers rather fertile soils. Therefore, when selecting soil, fertilizer must be included in its composition. The best option is a mixture that includes leafy earth, peat and sand. The ratio of the components is 2: 1: 1.

When preparing a planting site for U & Mi Love hydrangea, it is necessary to carefully dig up the ground and clear it of debris

Landing rules

Landing technology is standard:

  1. After preparing the site, they dig small holes of the same diameter and height, 30 cm each.
  2. If several bushes are planted, leave a distance of 1 m, since they will grow quite spreading. When planting for hedges, the distance is reduced to 80 cm.
  3. The Y and Mi Love seedling is rooted in the center and sprinkled with soil so that the root collar remains above the surface.
  4. Water abundantly (1-1.5 buckets per bush).

Watering and feeding

Further care for the shrub is quite simple. It is necessary to water it as the soil dries up:

  • in the absence of rain, weekly;
  • in the presence of precipitation - less often;
  • in case of prolonged drought, 2 times a week.

The volume of water for 1 bush is 1.5-2 buckets.

They are fed regularly for lush flowering:

  1. At the beginning of summer, slurry diluted with water 10 times and complex mineral fertilizer.
  2. Exactly the same composition is given after 2 weeks.
  3. At the stage of bud formation, superphosphate (70 g per 1 m2) and potassium sulfate (40 g per 1 m2) are produced.
  4. A similar composition is given 2 more times - at the end of July and in mid-August, after which feeding is already stopped.

Attention! For greater efficiency, Y & Mi Love hydrangea can be fed by alternating mineral and organic fertilizers.

Pruning You and Me Love hydrangea

Traditionally, pruning is carried out in the spring, after the swelling of the first buds (you need to be in time before they bloom). Haircuts are done for different purposes:

  1. Sanitary - removal of damaged branches.
  2. Rejuvenating - pruning old shoots.
  3. Shaping - thinning the crown, cutting branches that spoil the appearance.

For work, you can use a pruner. It is recommended to pre-disinfect the tool, and sprinkle the cuts after cutting with wood ash.

Advice! Additional pruning can be done at the budding stage. At this point, it is useful to remove all weak peduncles - then the flowering will be even more magnificent.

Pruning ensures lush flowering and preservation of the beautiful shape of the U & Mi Love hydrangea bush

Preparing for winter

For the winter, the roots are mulched with sawdust, dry leaves, peat or needles (layer 6-7 cm). It is useful to huddle the bush (ground height up to 20 cm). Young seedlings need additional cover with burlap or spunbond. In the North-West, adult hydrangeas should also be insulated; in the South, you can only do with mulching.


Hydrangea Yu and Mi Love can be propagated in any way:

  • seeds;
  • layering;
  • dividing the bush;
  • cuttings.

Most often, cuttings are used. They are cut at the beginning of summer, leaving 2-3 pairs of leaves on the shoot. Then they are soaked for several hours in a root growth stimulator and placed first in wet sand. There they are grown in greenhouse conditions (covered with a lid on top) for 1-1.5 months. Then they are transplanted into pots, and the next spring they are transferred to the garden.

Hydrangea cuttings should have at least 1 pair of healthy leaves, and they should be cut in half.

Diseases and pests

Hydrangea U and Mi Love is resistant to pests and diseases. For example, its leaves are practically not affected by powdery mildew. But defeat by other fungal infections (for example, gray rot, septoria, rust) is not excluded. As a preventive measure, spring treatment with fungicides ("Maxim", "Horus", "Skor" and others) is indicated. Re-spraying is carried out if signs of disease are detected.

Pests can also parasitize hydrangeas:

  • aphid;
  • hawk maker;
  • spider mite;
  • moth;
  • shield;
  • Chafer;
  • scoop.

Insecticides - "Aktara", "Aktellik", "Engio", "Match" help to cope with them.

Advice! Instead of insecticides and fungicides, you can use folk remedies for treating hydrangeas Yu and Mi Love - a solution of potassium permanganate, an infusion of mustard powder, marigolds, soda. But if they do not give the desired effect, you should immediately treat with chemicals.


Hydrangea U & Mi Love is a lush shrub with attractive flowers in delicate shades. This perennial plant is not at all difficult to cultivate, since fertilizers are applied 3-4 times per season, which is enough for lush flowering and good resistance to diseases and pests. Therefore, the variety can be recommended to both experienced and novice gardeners.

Reviews of hydrangea Y & Mi Love

Alla Petrovna, 47 years old, Rostov-on-Don.

Yu and Mi Love is a relatively new variety, in any case, I have not yet met it with its neighbors. And I really liked the pictures and photos, so I decided to buy some seedlings. Mainly grow Y & Mi Love for the flower wall along the walkway. It turned out to be a beautiful hedge. Flowers give a delicate aroma, but most importantly, they look very magnificent, even rich.

Tamara Grigorievna, 59 years old, Saransk.

I have not heard anything about Y & Mi Love - such a hydrangea was not bred in Russia at all, and, in my opinion, it is not particularly found in our country. But a friend gave several seedlings in the spring, so she decided to plant them on the lawn in front of the house - they will not be superfluous. The bushes turned out to be spreading, they grow well. I feed it 4 times - in the spring, when the buds are coming, and then in the second half of summer. This is enough for excellent flowering. Now Yu and Mi Love is one of my favorite beers.

Nina Igorevna, 52 years old, Balashikha.

I would like to advise the Y and Mi Love variety to gardeners who are thinking about how to decorate their plot. This hydrangea produces beautiful flowers, first white, then pinkish and a little purple. In July, they bloom in two shades, this is the best time. There is nothing special about Y & Mi Love care - like the rest of the hydrangeas, they love water and fertilizers, mainly phosphorus and potassium.

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