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Strawberry Festivalnaya

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Gardeners who have been growing strawberries for many years have thoroughly studied the characteristics of their plants. They understand perfectly well that only with proper care for each variety can you achieve excellent results, get a rich harvest of delicious and healthy berries.

Breeders every year delight gardeners with new varieties, but some of them do not abandon old varieties of garden strawberries, continue to grow them on the plots. One of the varieties - Festivalnaya strawberry, despite its "venerable" age, remains popular. And how to give up tasty and aromatic berries. Look at the photo, a real strawberry festival! I just want to feast on it.


Attention! The Festivalnaya variety of garden strawberries was bred by breeders of the Petropavlovsk station during the Soviet era under the leadership of Yu.K. Katinskaya.

It should be noted that the Festivalnaya strawberry variety enjoys prestige not only in Russia, but also abroad.

Let's find out the botanical properties of Strawberry Festival and its characteristic features:

  1. Festivalnaya strawberry according to the description of the variety according to the photo and reviews gives the first berries at the end of June, since it belongs to the mid-season varieties. But on the other hand, the berries, having bathed in the rays of the June sun, have a special taste and aroma.
  2. Bushes are tall with dense large leaves. But they do not prevent the berries from basking in the sun, because the flower stalks are located in the lower part of the bush. They do not even lie down with berries. Peduncles are powerful, thick, many large snow-white flowers with bright centers bloom on them.
  3. Inflorescences are not scattered on the sides, neat, compact. Flowers on bushes are bisexual, additional pollination is not required. Festivalnaya strawberries can bear fruit in hotbeds and greenhouses.
  4. It is easy to identify the variety by its berries: they are oval, elongated. The short neck is well developed, the peduncle comes off without difficulty, without injuring the berry. The first berries are quite large, their weight is up to 40 grams, the latter are two times smaller. The fruits are red-scarlet, glossy. On ripe strawberries, dark seeds are clearly visible, they are located right on the surface. When mass ripening begins, the beds open the strawberry festival.
  5. The pulp is tender, but at the same time dense, the fruits are easy to transport. During harvesting, the berries are not damaged, they remain dry and clean. The taste is delicate, unobtrusive.
  6. Judging by the description of the variety, its characteristics and gardeners' reviews, there is a lot of sugar in the berries, but a slight sourness is also present. The berry contains more than 90% sugar, and about 1.5% of various acids.
    A real strawberry festival in the garden:
  7. Many novice gardeners are interested in the question, remontant strawberries or not. We note right away that Festivalnaya does not belong to remontant varieties, although fruiting is long. The variety is universal, suitable for fresh consumption, canning, making jam and freezing.
  8. Festivalnaya garden strawberry grows better in central Russia and in the north, in Siberia and the Urals, rather than in the southern regions (it's all about too hot summer). Plants are frost-resistant, with good shelter they do not freeze out.

Gardeners love to share photos of their plants. We bring to your attention a photo gallery.

Warning! If we talk about shortcomings, then Festivalnaya strawberry, according to reviews, can suffer greatly if verticillary soil contamination is not noticed in time.

Growing features

Garden strawberries of the Festivalnaya variety are demanding for watering, especially at the time of flower stalks. Lack of moisture leads to a suspension of plant development, which ultimately negatively affects the yield. And not only this season, but also next year.

According to the reviews, strawberries are unpretentious to the planting site, they can grow in the shade. That is why many gardeners plant the Festivalnaya variety between young trees and garden shrubs. Plus, in partial shade, the soil remains moist longer, and this contributes to the establishment of new peduncles.

Although there is a fly in the ointment, if the rains charge. Powdery mildew can develop on the Festivalnaya strawberry variety due to the humidity of the air and little exposure to the sun. We'll have to process the planting with fungicidal preparations.

It needs top dressing during the period of flower stalking, fruiting and in preparing the beds for wintering. Today, many gardeners, as they write in reviews, refuse chemicals, preferring organics and folk remedies. For strawberries of the Festivalnaya variety, any dressing is suitable, which the gardener decides to use.

As for the rest of the agrotechnical methods, they are identical for all varieties of strawberries. Plants need to be loosened, treated from insects and pests.

Attention! By planting onions, garlic, marigolds between the bushes, you will save Festivalnaya garden strawberries from pests and some diseases.

It should be borne in mind that every year you need to get new seedlings for planting. You can propagate strawberries in any known way. But it is best to root the whiskers from mother plants. Rosettes rooted in summer will give a rich harvest of large berries next year. And the hassle compared to seed reproduction is much less.

Everyone is happy with the Festivalnaya strawberry and the reviews about it are rave. But it only bears fruit for a short time. If you want to get a real festival of delicious and aromatic strawberries in your garden, plant varieties with different ripening periods.

Gardeners reviews

Sergey, 56 years old, Barabinsk

Growing strawberries has been my hobby for decades. Festivalnaya garden strawberry was planted by me very first. Over the years working with strawberries, I have tried many varieties, but I am not going to give up the first beauty. My children ate festivals with pleasure, and now my grandchildren do not crawl out of the beds.

Anastasia, 35 years old, Novosibirsk

Festivalnaya was planted by my grandmother; it has been growing on the site for more than 30 years. We are constantly replanting her. We take care of her like a baby. I myself love this berry most of all, and so do my children. I have three of them. As soon as we arrive at the site, they are already in strawberries.

Vladimir, 30 years old, Novgorod region

I bought the garden strawberry seedlings Festivalnaya two years ago. The berries are juicy, large. Of course, the last fruits are smallish, but the taste is excellent. I collected half a kilo of berries from one bush. Isn't it great!

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