How and when to plant Chinese cabbage for seedlings

How and when to plant Chinese cabbage for seedlings

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Peking cabbage has interested Russians as a garden crop not so long ago. Therefore, its cultivation in different regions raises many questions. They relate to the choice of varieties, planting rules. Gardeners want to know when to sow Peking cabbage for seedlings and outdoors.

This vegetable has excellent taste and is considered a dietary product. An interesting fact is that the Peking harvest can be obtained twice, or even three times a year. Some experienced vegetable growers, planting seeds at different times, have fresh salad dressing throughout the warm season. To grow this vegetable, you need to know some secrets.

Useful properties of cabbage

Why did the Russians pay attention to Peking cabbage and start growing it on their plots? The fact is that this vegetable contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals necessary for the human body. In addition, the value of cabbage is that it:

  1. It removes radionuclides from the body, enhances immunity, and reduces the activity of cancer cells.
  2. Normalizes digestion, blood pressure.
  3. Regulates blood sugar levels, relieves stress, anxiety. People who consume Peking are less stressed.
  4. The content of large amounts of calcium and vitamin K strengthens the nervous system, increases blood clotting.
  5. Eyesight improves.
  6. Useful for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  7. Due to its low calorie content, cabbage is recommended for dietary nutrition with weight loss.
  8. Improves the condition of the skin and hair.

There are also contraindications to the use of Peking cabbage for people with increased metabolism, liver diseases, gastrointestinal tract. You can eat the vegetable in small quantities.

Dates of sowing seeds for seedlings

Peking cabbage can be grown in a number of ways:

  • seedling;
  • seeds directly into open ground.

Let's figure out when it is better to sow Peking cabbage seeds for seedlings:

  1. First of all, the choice of sowing dates will depend on the time of planting plants in open ground. If you plan to get the first harvest in early summer, you will have to grow seedlings. If cabbage is for autumn-winter consumption, then it is better to sow it directly with seeds in mid-July.
  2. Secondly, you need to decide on the choice of Peking varieties. This will also influence when to plant Chinese cabbage for seedlings.
  3. Thirdly, it is necessary to adjust the timing of sowing cabbage seeds in such a way that the seedlings are successfully formed by the time they are planted in open ground. High-quality cabbage seedlings should have 4-5 leaves and a strong root system.
  4. Fourth, the arrival of spring in the region is of decisive importance.

Advice! From sowing seeds to planting in the ground should be at least a month.

Experienced gardeners are guided by the lunar calendar, but they time the planting time to the peculiarities of the climate:

As we have already said, the question of when to plant Peking cabbage for seedlings is influenced by the ripening period of the vegetable. Many Peking growers prefer hybrid varieties that differ in the growing season. Here is some of them:

Orange tangerineLyubashaRussian size

Advice! It is better for vegetable growers in the northern regions to grow varieties with a short growing season and resistant to flowering.

We grow seedlings correctly

Peking cabbage seedlings are very tender and fragile. The slightest damage to the root system retards growth, reduces yields. Therefore, when growing Peking cabbage in a seedling way, it is advisable to sow seeds in separate containers in order to exclude picking.

Seedling containers

As containers for growing cabbage seedlings, most often choose:

  • plastic cups;
  • peat pots;
  • peat tablets.

Beijing is demanding on the soil. Grows well in fertile soil with neutral acidity. You can use ready-made seedling compounds or prepare the soil yourself at home. To do this, mix in equal parts garden soil and compost.

Important! Wood ash must be added to the soil: this is both a top dressing and a means of combating diseases of cabbage seedlings.

Soil preparation

You need to plant Chinese cabbage in specially prepared soil. It is heated, spilled with boiling water, adding crystals of potassium permanganate. This method allows you to destroy the spores of fungal diseases, including black leg.

In the cups, the soil should not reach the edge of a centimeter and a half.

Sowing seeds

Before sowing, uncalibrated seeds are sorted out to remove non-viable seeds. They are treated in a dark solution of potassium permanganate or special solutions to stimulate growth.

How to properly plant seeds for seedlings and achieve a good harvest? 2-3 seeds are sown in each cup, peat pot or tablet (pre-soaked). Deepening can be made with a regular pencil by 1 cm. Sprinkle with soil or peat on top. The soil is well slapped to create a reliable contact of the seed with the substrate. Cover with glass or film from above.

The containers are exposed to a warm, well-lit window. Quality seeds usually germinate within 3-4 days. When the first sprouts appear, the seedlings in cups are transferred to a room with a lower temperature, but with good lighting.

Attention! Peking cabbage seedlings can be taken out onto a glassed-in balcony or loggia. There is more light, which means it will not be drawn out.

Growing seedlings

When to sow Beijing cabbage for seedlings approximately, we told you. But you also need to look after her? Let's deal with this issue.

Since 2-3 grains were planted in each container, the seedlings will have to be thinned out. But this should not be done immediately, but when the seedlings grow up. To obtain strong seedlings, the strongest root is left.

Warning! In no case can you pull out extra seedlings, you can damage the delicate roots of the plant that remains. It is better to pinch or cut with scissors at the base.

Seedlings of Peking cabbage grown from seeds must be watered in a timely manner with settled water at room temperature. Watering should be moderate to avoid swamp formation. When loosening, do not go deep. As a top dressing, you can use an infusion of wood ash or a pink solution of potassium permanganate when growing seedlings at home.

After about a month, the cabbage seedlings are ready for planting in the ground. At this time, there should be 4-5 true leaves. When planting in the ground, it is more convenient to work with seedlings in peat pots and tablets - they are simply placed in a hole and added dropwise.

If the seedlings were grown in plastic cups, you can do different things: cut the container or, by pressing on the bottom, carefully remove the cabbage seedlings. Putting the root in the hole, slightly squeeze the soil around it and water it.

Sowing cabbage with seeds

Peking cabbage can be grown in a seedless way - by sowing seeds directly into the ground. You need to dig up the garden bed, add about 4 kg of compost or humus to each square.

Advice! Choose a place on the site where cabbage relatives were not grown last year in order to avoid disease of the vegetable.

On a leveled bed, markings are performed: the step between the rows is 45-50 cm, between the seeds at least 10. Then holes are made, baking soda mixed with hot pepper is added to each along the edge to scare off pests living in the soil.

Put 2-3 cabbage seeds in the middle of the hole and sprinkle with earth no more than one centimeter. Having compacted the soil, a plastic bottle cut from the bottom is placed on top. It remains until 2-3 leaves appear. Watering through the neck. If it's cold at night, they just screw the lid in the evening.

Of course, beginners have a question when they sow the seeds of Peking cabbage in the ground. This will depend on the region. Spring comes at different times, it affects the warming of the soil, average daily air temperatures. The best dates are early or mid June.

Advice! You can sow seeds in July, then the harvest will ripen by mid-September. A stock of delicious vegetables for the fall will be provided.

When the plants grow a little, they need to be thinned out so that the distance is sufficient for development. See how the cabbage looks in the photo.

Caring for cabbage in the future comes down to watering, loosening the soil and feeding. The soil between the rows must be free of weeds. We will have to fight against numerous pests of cabbage, as a representative of the cruciferous family.

Warning! Peking cabbage, unlike white cabbage, is forbidden to huddle.

Gardeners' tricks

Experienced vegetable growers have a lot of tricks with which they willingly share with newbies.

  1. This also applies to the question of when to plant Chinese cabbage for seedlings. They do continuous planting, that is, intermittently, thus obtaining seedlings of different ages. The first sowing is done in mid-March, then the harvest can be removed in late May - early June. If weather conditions do not allow planting in open ground, they plant seedlings in greenhouses, greenhouses or under temporary shelters. This planting of Chinese cabbage seedlings provides seven early vegetables.
    Different landing dates:
  2. To prevent the blooming of the vegetable, even during the cultivation of seedlings, the daylight hours are reduced to 12-13 hours, covering the window.
  3. Cover plantings of Peking cabbage not only from frost, but also from heat, prolonged rains. In the summer, a canvas is used for these purposes. The bed does not overheat, an artificial shadow appears. And when it rains, the soil is not saturated with moisture. In addition, the linen cape saves the plants from the cruciferous flea.
  4. Experienced vegetable growers mulch cabbage plantings, save themselves from weeding.
  5. If you spray a vegetable with a boric acid solution, the heads of cabbage curl better and faster.

When and how to plant Peking seedlings with seeds, the gardeners themselves decide. And we wish you a huge harvest.

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