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How to grow tzimbalo

How to grow tzimbalo

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Has anyone grown tzimbalo?


What is this?

dial on the internet. A relative of pepino. The nightshade family)

-someone grew tzimbalo? -and what is it? -relative pepino

Class! I knew about pepino, but I didn’t know about this thing! Can you advise something else?

it’s only a pity that I read only the other day about this plant. So I would have ordered and planted the seeds) Do you grow pepino? Share your experience) with me it’s still growing a little since a month somewhere. Maybe a half.

if anyone is interested in what it is, then do not be lazy and read on the internet. I have a question for knowledgeable people, not a post-acquaintance about a plant.

smile, Anna)

I didn’t grow this year, but now it’s too late to plant. And that year I dropped him off early and he froze.

I have one in a glass of 6-7 leaves. Maybe put him in a big pot.

try it

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