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How to fertilize the land in which I will plant potatoes

How to fertilize the land in which I will plant potatoes

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How to fertilize the land when I plant potatoes? And then the mother-in-law land is wooden. I want to plant my own a little.


Cow humus handful, and ash handful. We do that

I read in the magazine - I want to try - “in the hole for potatoes a few handfuls of humus, a handful of superphosphate, ash, onion peel. “But I think I’ll try it a little bit and in the remaining holes that will remain little by little, I’ll have to improvise.

If there is no manure, then nitrofosk fertilizer) a little bit per hole)

Look at the potatoes under the hay, straw on the Internet, I also have land like a brick, that year it was baked right in the ground. I want to try under the hay, everyone praises

It is very interesting, someone has the experience of growing potatoes in a bag. Tell me.

I tried last year. I could not cope with watering, almost nothing grew, while others do well.

I tried in the bag, I also have not a good option. And under the hay I plant. Try one bed. Maybe you will like to try.

She mulched with straw, there were few weeds, I liked it, ashes were obligatory in the hole, I also put azofosk or amofosk

Do you prepare a garden in the autumn or can you put potatoes in the spring and put straw on it?

We WMD for potatoes and ash in the hole, well, from under the chickens, compost for plowing.

Thank you all very much

I read about such a planting and decided to try, the two beds fenced there hay lies in the fall, in the spring I clean the hay in the aisles the bed warms up and I do not dig the earth. By making a flat cutter I do not deep rook; I bring ash, humus, Kemir or a giant. I spread the potatoes a little sprinkled with earth and spread the hay on top. And I don’t spud this potato. I make a fan hilling from above, I spread the stalks of potatoes in different directions and add hay or mowed grass.

Two years so plant a good crop.

And I have a horse. Can they?

What did not have time to water? Are you dead? Or how?

My mom tried to plant in a sack-removed a bucket of potatoes. The following year they decided to try it under the hay - there were a lot of large tubers. I liked more, but it is. For the experiment, we plant the main fields in the usual way (under the tractor).

I was afraid to pour it, rarely watered it, the bushes were beautiful, and when they poured out, almost nothing was spoiled. It seems that I did everything according to the recommendations. The husband said, I’ll land by the old-fashioned method. The experiment failed, and the cucumbers grew well, but they are in my bags. Curl on a grid, under a polycarbonate roof, and I close the sides with a spanbond. Rains do not fall on cucumbers and we eat them until the fall.

And the ants did not start under the straw? And another question is if the site is damp or frequent rains of straw does not start to mold?

Nastena, now there is a complex fertilizer for potatoes, everything there is needed. Look in the store, a little bit of a pinch in the hole, a very good result, I’ve been using it for 5 years.

There were no ants. Try zhulchiruyte on three bushes of potatoes and see if this method is suitable for you. When hay rots, a hay stick is formed. Read on the Internet. Write for a long time.

Beans or peas in the hole for potatoes.

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