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How to protect seedlings from cats

How to protect seedlings from cats

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Hello. My flower seedlings grow in crates. The cat trampled all seedlings. Can you give practical advice on how to protect seedlings?


Building barricades

my friend hustled disposable knives into the pots, the cat no longer climbs

Stick Toothpicks

Someone so saves)))))))

They stuck sticks so that the cat didn’t sit in the pot ... Yeah.

On the perimeter of the box, stick a picket fence out of the sticks.

yeah, closing the door to the room is not always convenient)))

toothpicks will help from digging, and from eating the leaves - only a magical pendell, if you have time

I stuck aroma sticks (incense), cats do not like them

My cat and toothpicks were not stopped, he pulls them out and nibbles. I put the bow on the windowsill, the smell discourages the cat’s desire to climb on it and my flowers and seedlings are intact ...

do not bury the door, it is really not convenient, it is better to try closing it in the usual way.

Put next to the empty pot, for the cat.

what kind?

and I planted garlic onion together, so the younger cat ate garlic greens ....

I am delighted!!!!

I press the tulle and curtains as necessary so that there is no access to the window and put the seedlings tight so that I can’t get on the window. And then my cat is afraid of spraying for special seedlings. I spray on it, drive from the window, and now she is afraid to get in there

Oh! I’ve got a whole box of peppers! I got it! He knows that it is impossible, flees as soon as you get up to a vile deed! Tightened the tulle-flattened and climbed again! barricade for us, bullshit! Today I ripped flowers in a box of milk and managed to put it there, I didn’t miss it! He doesn’t ignore his toilet with a wonderful filler, but the earth is better! Hurry to the beds !!!

And my cat slept at night on a container with eggplant - not a single rescue ... ((

just today my seedling of hot pepper was frayed, poured and smeared, walked all morning))) I suspect that he successfully chose what to chew, he will not touch anything at all anymore, probably))

I have two Akita peppers and glasses pulled over) something has survived))) and the Chihuahuas in tomato decay had fun)

yes, the labor of gardeners is hard: save the harvest from living creatures, from bad weather, from the weather, from drought, rain and other misfortunes with an unguaranteed result

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