Tomato Negritenok: characteristics and description of the variety

Tomato Negritenok: characteristics and description of the variety

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Still, the name plays a very important role in the life of a tomato variety, and, incidentally, in the life of a variety of any garden culture. Indeed, sometimes, even in the absence of a picture, it allows you to get an idea of ​​what a tomato might look like. A good example of such a picturesque name is the Negritenok tomato. It becomes clear even to an inexperienced gardener that there is black in the color scheme of these tomatoes. But tomatoes of this color are still representatives of the exotic and therefore not everyone knows how to handle them and how they differ from their traditional red counterparts.

In this article, you can familiarize yourself not only with the characteristics and description of the Negritenok tomato variety, but also understand how the fruits of tomatoes of a similar color differ from other tomatoes. And do these varieties have any specific cultivation characteristics.

Are there black tomatoes

For those gardeners who have been cultivating various varieties of tomatoes for many years and have probably already tried several varieties of the so-called black tomatoes, it has become obvious for a long time that there are no completely black tomatoes. At least at the moment, breeders are not aware of those. What, then, are called black tomatoes?

Among them, there are at least two varieties:

But many real black varieties, despite the rather significant heterogeneity in color and the absence of pure black color as such, are distinguished by a greater similarity in taste data. Since they all differ not only in a high sugar content, but also in a harmonious balance of sugar and organic acids. It is this ratio (2.5 sugar: 1 acid) that gives that unique pleasant taste that characterizes many black-fruited tomatoes.

Do they have any fundamental differences

As it turned out, black tomatoes do not fundamentally differ from their other tomato counterparts. The appearance of the bushes, the color and shape of leaves and fruits in an immature state are no different from any other tomato plants. The color of ripening fruits is determined by a combination of red and purple pigments.

Lycopene and carotenoids are responsible for the red tint, which are also rich in common varieties of tomatoes to varying degrees.

Attention! Due to the presence of anthocyanins in the fruits of black tomatoes, a purple pigment is actively manifested, which, when mixed with red, gives many possible dark colors.

The presence of anthocyanins in black tomatoes affects not only the color of the fruit, but also determines many additional beneficial properties of these tomatoes:

  • Strengthen the protective properties of the immune system;
  • Help in strengthening the walls of blood vessels and relieving edema;
  • They are characterized by high antioxidant activity.

So black tomatoes, including Negritenok varieties, are very useful for people who are not indifferent to their health.

Description of the variety

Tomatoes of the Negritenok variety were obtained by breeders of the Poisk agrofirm about 10 years ago and in 2010 were registered in the State Register of Breeding Achievements of Russia. Tomato Negritenok belongs to a series of author's varieties, although the specific name of the author remains unknown. Recommended for cultivation throughout Russia in open ground or in greenhouse conditions.

Plants are indeterminate, therefore, they require the entire set of procedures for caring for tomatoes without fail: pinching, pruning, garters and forming bushes. The bushes grow very powerful, on average, their height in the open field is 1.5 meters, but in greenhouses they can grow up to two meters. The stems are strong, the leaves are medium-sized, corrugated. The inflorescences are simple. The first flower cluster is formed only after 10-12 leaves, subsequent clusters alternate every three leaves.

The ripening time for tomatoes of the Negritenok variety is average, from the moment of full sprouting to the color of the fruits in brown it takes about 110-115 days.

The yield of this variety cannot be called a record, under film shelters it is about 6.5 kg of tomatoes from each square meter of planting. That is, from one bush of tomatoes, you can get from 1.5 to 2 kg of tomatoes.

The Negritenok variety shows resistance to many problems and diseases of the nightshade. In particular, it is good against the tobacco mosaic virus, cladosporium and Alternaria leaf blight.

Fruit characteristics

Tomato Negritenok is more suitable for those vegetable growers who are focused not so much on getting record harvests, but on tasty, delicious and very healthy fruits for summer use.

The shape of these tomatoes is traditional, round. A slight ribbing is often observed at the base of fruits, especially large ones. The skin is smooth, the pulp is medium in density, rather juicy. The number of seed nests is 4-6 pieces.

Unripe fruits are the most common green color with a dark green spot at the stalk. As it ripens, the color of the fruit becomes darker, especially in the area of ​​the base of the stalk. In general, tomatoes are crimson.

Tomatoes are not very uniform in size. The first fruits on the lower hand are distinguished by a large mass - sometimes up to 300-400 grams. The rest of the tomatoes are not that big at all, their average weight is 120-160 grams.

Advice! To obtain really large fruits, up to 350 grams, the bushes must be formed into one stem and no more than 3-4 plants per square meter must be planted.

Taste qualities of tomatoes of this variety are rated as good and excellent. According to many reviews, the sweetish and delicious taste of Negritenka fruits is very attractive. Others consider it somewhat bland.

Tomatoes Negritok are best consumed fresh, in salads. Due to their rather large size, the fruits are not very suitable for pickling and pickling in jars. But from these tomatoes, a very tasty dark aromatic tomato juice is obtained. They are also good for drying and freezing. They will also make original pastas and sauces.

Tomatoes of this variety can be stored well for up to 1.5-2 months, they can, if desired, gain color at home.

Reviews of gardeners

Tomato Negritenok receives generally good reviews from gardeners, although many complain that his yield could have been better. But what to do - you have to pay for the taste and exoticism with something.

Olga, 44 years old, Kemerovo

Last year I saw such an unusual chocolate-colored tomato variety in the store that I could not resist and bought it. The name Negritok spoke for itself. His seedlings were the most common, no different from other tomato varieties. Perhaps a little stretched out, but the Indets often behave this way, especially when the conditions in the room do not allow regulating the temperature. I planted it both in the open ground and in the greenhouse, everywhere they started well. The bushes grew very powerful, beautiful, but they were tied worse than other varieties. The first fruits were large and beautiful, then they were much smaller and remained green, did not have time to ripen. The very first ones turned brown in places - very unusual. The harvest was, of course, average, but I am happy with that, because it is so nice to grow such exotic plants in my country. By the way, the ones that I collected green ripened while lying in the room, and even acquired brown spots.

Nadezhda, 50 years old, Rostov region

I have long dreamed of growing black tomatoes, and then a friend helped with the seeds. She bought herself a variety of Negritok and we split the pack for two. I don't need much, I sowed only 5 seeds. 4 bushes grew out of them, tall, strong. Green all summer. I let them grow in one trunk, shaped, tied them up. But only 4-5 tomatoes have grown and matured on the luxurious bushes. Moreover, the first brush was formed very late, only after 14 leaves. The tomatoes were large, beautiful, very tasty, but so few! I liked their taste so much that I chose seeds for sowing next year. I will try again.

Evgeniya, 37 years old, Penza

I heard that black tomatoes are very tasty and sweet, but until this year it was not possible to get seeds. This year she sowed the Negritenok variety. The seedlings were ordinary, planted it in a greenhouse. The bushes did not grow so high, a little higher than 1.5 meters, but I did not tie them up in time and here is the result - they spread all over the earth. It seems that the whole greenhouse is filled with tomatoes alone. There were quite a lot of fruits, they ripened very gradually, after harvesting brown fruits, others seem like apples - green and even. I liked that these tomatoes were not afraid of any diseases, they only slightly cracked at the base. But, perhaps, this is already my fault, too clever with watering. The taste is sweet and sour, unusual, I really liked it. I think they will make a very good juice.


All tomato lovers, and just people who are not indifferent to their health, should pay attention to the Negritenok tomato. After all, black varieties are still a comparative rarity in salads, and in the form of juices or pastes, these tomatoes will look inimitable. And their beneficial properties may help you solve some health problems.

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