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What soil does beetroot love

What soil does beetroot love

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Dear gardeners! Tell me, please, what soil does beetroot love? My second year is growing poorly - shallow and tough. We have clay, planted in high beds, peat ground on top, watered with salt water.


Maybe the variety was not very good. I am not an expert, but it seems to me that beets do not care where to grow at all) There is an assumption that she loves acidic soil. We are already tortured to fight with the "green" on the surface of the earth. And beets - at least things 🙂

Planting a “burgundy” and “cylinder”.

Our earth is also clay, by the way

Thanks. I bought just a burgundy and a cylinder and some other

In the sense, it is called SINGLE-SEED - there is no need to weed там

Like this?

Usually she has two cloves, two sprouts, and this is with one seed

Cool! In general, I didn’t know that she had something two there. She grows herself and okay.

I also found out recently. Trying to figure out why it’s not growing

I still grow more for tops. The husband loves pies very much. Therefore, I sow often, and as I grow back, I thin out. And so all summer. And by autumn, she grows big and juicy.

Root crop, I mean

I bought Marngold - especially for the tops 🙂 But the beets and the tops had no roots in me that year, so the seeds 🙂

Not. Mengold - not that! For pies, you need beet tops.

If grows up. So I'm lucky. I love cabbage soup from beet tops 🙂

Don't you like Ossetian pies?

I realized that high beds, where grass was below and manure, peat on top was not suitable for it. I will drip in clay and sand there 🙂

I love it very much, but I don’t know how to bake 🙂

It is very easy! Google it. A lot of information now

I just don’t know how to bake 🙂

I also thought so until the “need” did not force (the husband that is 🙂 In our city there are no real Ossetian pies to order. So I had to learn 🙂

Buy the dough, put the filling, bake (7-10 minutes), grease the drain liberally. Oil. And that’s all!

This is the name of the variety.

And I do not recognize any other varieties except Bordeaux and cylinders. Always sweet, beautiful, I do not grow it big. Earth loam. Beets are no better.

And on the advice of my mother-in-law, I plant on the perimeter of the garden where strawberries grow, even slightly below the garden itself, it grows very large, but we must remember that the beets gain sugar in the autumn, so you should not plant it very early, or it will grow.

The cylinder, both red and burgundy, has never failed. And the dark-skinned girl is good. We have loams. I, too, do not grow up to huge. Overgrowths are not convenient to store. And I sow along the perimeter of the beds. This year, sown in a snail. I won’t sow like that anymore.

Beets and carrots, on the contrary, do not like acidic soils. I had the same problem that year, beets with walnuts, and carrots were immediately thrown into compost, in the autumn all the beds were deoxidized, introduced dolomite flour, let's see what grows this year)

Beets do not like acidic soils. On acidic soil does not grow. And even if the seedlings fall under low temperatures, it will also not yield a crop. I plant a Cylinder and a Bardo. I necessarily sprinkle the bed with dolomite flour or eat it with ash. I will sow the seedlings on May 10-15 in the greenhouse. After a week or two in the garden, I always cover with banks, lutrasil. We have return frosts

Why bother with seedlings? She is already growing remarkably.

On acidic soil

In Izhevsk

The weather does not pamper us

Beetroot - 2015

Please give the recipe for the filling! the first time I've heard!

Hello countrywoman!

Catherine, and in borscht you can: cabbage + beet tops deliciously obtained.


I agree 🙂

Have you already planted something in the garden? I am also from Udmurtia

God with you! 🙂 We’ll only go wash tomorrow. We don’t even know what is being done there 🙂

And you? Did they plant anything?

Planted carrots, so I think it's not too early. And onions for greens and parsley

Clear. We have a very raw plot. We drove two weeks ago - almost got stuck 🙂

And I have a bow and a "three-story". And last year’s parsley comes out 🙂

What kind of pies? from the tops? share the recipe, I myself like toppers in salads,

This is a link to the video recipe. Everything is perfectly shown there.

To make the beets sweet, it is watered twice a season with salted water. Two or three spoons per bucket.

Well, how is your site? Have you planted something already?

Hello partially dried up. In the greenhouses there is generally a swamp, although we did not throw snow this year. I planted cabbage under the bottles according to the Yulin method 🙂 We'll see. Treated. They cut a lot, otherwise we have poor apple trees so intertwined!

And now the damp weather has begun. I don’t know at all whether the thread will dry when 🙁

What about your carrots? )

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