Large tomatoes: the best varieties with descriptions and photos

Large tomatoes: the best varieties with descriptions and photos

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There is hardly a person who does not like large tomatoes. This fruit vegetable, which ripens on the aerial part of the plant, is characterized by a sweet, sugary pulp. All large tomato varieties require favorable growing conditions and good care. It is important to feed the culture in a timely manner. This is the only way to get the largest fruits. And the last important point is to select good seed material. We will now talk about the best varieties of large-fruited tomatoes.

What are large-fruited tomatoes, their advantages and disadvantages

Let's immediately determine which fruit is considered large. All tomatoes weighing over 150 g fit into this category. Moreover, special requirements are imposed on such fruits. They should be fleshy, not oversaturated with juice and taste good. There is a group of beef tomatoes that unite all large-fruited varieties. Tomatoes of this group, as well as small-fruited, have different pulp colors and fruit shapes.

Most varieties of large-fruited tomatoes belong to the indeterminate group, that is, tall. The maximum yield from them can be obtained in greenhouse conditions. It is good to grow them in open beds in the southern regions. And then, it is better to give preference to semi-determinant and determinant cultures. You can get a lot of harvest of large tomatoes in the area of ​​risky farming. Determinant varieties of Siberian selection are suitable for cold regions.

Growing large-fruited varieties has some features. Pouring large fruits requires a lot of nutrients. Therefore, plant feeding will have to be increased. Another feature of care is a large number of tomatoes on one bush. Even with good feeding, the plant is not able to fully provide all the fruits with nutrients. In order for the tomatoes to grow large, excess inflorescences must be cut off.

Advice! When growing large-fruited tomatoes, even undersized bushes will have to be tied up. Even the strongest plant cannot withstand a large weight of fruits on its own.

The advantage of large-fruited varieties lies in the excellent taste of the tomato. It is great for various processing, cooking and just delicious fresh. Among the shortcomings, one can single out a later ripening of tomatoes than that of small-fruited crops. Plants require complex care, and the fruits themselves are not suitable for conservation, since they simply will not fit into the jar.

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Overview of large-fruited indeterminate varieties

Most often, large-fruited tomato varieties are indeterminate. A plant with only a powerful bush structure is capable of producing the largest tomatoes.

Important! The peculiarity of indeterminate tomatoes is a long growing season. The plant constantly throws out new inflorescences, but the largest tomatoes grow from the first ovary. Fruit weight can reach 0.8 kg and more.


The height of the main stem of the plant reaches 180 cm. Pink heart-shaped fruits in the first ovary grow up to 0.8 kg in weight. Tomatoes of all the following ovaries grow smaller from 0.4 to 0.6 kg. In the southern regions, the culture bears fruit well in the open field.


This early variety is intended for greenhouse cultivation. Tomatoes are very responsive to light. The more intense the lighting inside the greenhouse, the brighter the raspberry pulp of the fruit becomes. Tomatoes grow large, weighing up to 0.8 kg.


This large-fruited variety is also considered a greenhouse variety, but already belongs to the group of mid-season tomatoes. The base of the stem of the bush grows up to 2 m in height. Tomatoes grow large, in the first ovary the mass of individual specimens reaches 0.9 kg.

Bear Paw

The fruits of this variety are very tasty, and a lot of them are tied on the plant, which guarantees a good yield. However, you will have to tinker with the bushes. The long stem forms many spreading stepchildren, which must be constantly removed. In terms of ripening, the vegetable is considered early maturing. Fruit weight from the first ovary reaches 0.8 kg.

Grandma's secret

The main stem of the plant grows to a maximum of 1.5 m in height. Despite the average size of the bush, the tomatoes of the first ovary are huge, weighing more than 1 kg. The plant of this variety of large tomatoes is not afraid of the cold, therefore it can be successfully grown in open beds. The value of a vegetable lies in the formation of a small number of grains with such large volumes of pulp.

Goose egg

The shape and size of the tomato resembles a large goose egg. It cannot be called big, since the vegetable weighs only 300 g, but still it belongs to the group of large-fruited varieties. Tomatoes are ripe if picked unripe.

De Barao

This variety of tomatoes has several varieties, differing in color of the fruit, and all other characteristics remain the same. In terms of ripening, the crop is considered mid-season, it can be grown in the garden and in the greenhouse. Tomatoes from the first ovary weigh about 300 g.

King of giants

The large-fruited variety can be successfully grown in Siberia, since it was bred here by domestic breeders and acclimatized to local conditions. The bushes grow to a medium size of just over 1.5 m. Up to 9 kg of large tomatoes can be harvested from the plant. Thanks to the dense pulp and strong skin, the crop is well transported.

Bull heart

According to the name of the variety, it seems that all fruits should be large, heart-shaped. In fact, the shape and size of the tomato in each ovary is different. Tomatoes of the first ovary grow up to 0.5 kg in weight, and all subsequent ovaries bear fruit weighing only 150 g. But in any case, all tomatoes retain excellent taste even after heat treatment.

Crimson giant

This early ripening variety produces large tomatoes with a classic round shape with a flattened top. Ribbing is clearly observed along the walls of the fruit. The mass of tomatoes depends on the order of the ovary, however, each of the fruits will not weigh less than 200 g.

Overview of large-fruited hybrids

Considering large-fruited tomatoes, hybrids cannot be ignored. Breeders have instilled in crops the best parental qualities of varieties and adapted them for growing in more unfavorable conditions.

Attention! All hybrid seeds on the package are labeled F1.


The hybrid is zoned for cultivation in the Urals. The culture bears fruit well in all types of greenhouses. The structure of the bush is characterized by strong branching, which requires constant human participation to pinch the shoots. Tomatoes grow weighing up to 400 g. Usually one plant bears 8 kg of fruits.


In terms of ripening, the tomato is considered mid-season. The popularity of the crop brings high yield, reaching an indicator of 40 kg / m2... Round fruits from the first ovary grow up to 500 g in weight, all subsequent ovaries yield vegetables weighing about 350 g.


This large-fruited hybrid is considered a greenhouse only. The plant has a very tall main stem. Tomatoes ripen early. Fruit weight reaches 400 g.


The early tomato was originally designed for growing in a greenhouse, but in the southern regions it can successfully bear fruit outdoors. Fruit weight 150 g. High-yielding culture brings 15 kg / m2 vegetables.


The tall plant forms clusters with 5 fruits. In terms of ripening of the crop, the hybrid is considered medium early. The culture brings up to 35 kg / m2 large tomato weighing 300 g.


The main stem of the plant grows tall. The ripening hybrid is considered mid-season. Tomatoes with a sweetish flavor of pulp weigh about 300 g. The skin of the vegetable is quite strong, does not crack with weak mechanical stress.

Russian size

Together with this tomato, you can consider the hybrid "Sibiryak". Both crops are characterized by gigantic fruits. Of course, not all tomatoes grow super large. Usually, the average weight of a vegetable is 0.5 kg, but records have been recorded with individual specimens weighing up to 3 kg.

Author's large-fruited tomatoes

Some vegetable growers in search of varieties of tomatoes with large fruits happened to come across the seeds of the author's series of Agrofirma Poisk. For 25 years, breeders have bred many varieties and hybrids of different crops, adapted to different growing conditions. The author's variety of large-fruited tomatoes has preserved all the taste traditions of domestic tomatoes.


After planting the seedlings indoors, the harvest can be expected in 80 days. The indeterminate plant is suitable for greenhouse cultivation, requires the removal of shoots and fixing to the trellis. The walls of red fruits are slightly ribbed. The vegetable weighs an average of 280 g.

Orange heart

This author's variety is also considered a greenhouse variety. Ripening of tomatoes begins 90 days after transplanting. The main stem grows up to 1.5 m in height. The stepsons must be removed from the plant. The walls of the heart-shaped vegetable are slightly ribbed. On average, each tomato weighs 150 g, but specimens weighing 200 g can grow.

Persianovsky F1

A large-fruited hybrid can be grown in the garden and in the greenhouse. Pink tomatoes are considered ripe after 110 days. Bushes grow low 50 to a maximum of 60 cm in height, but due to the severity of the fruit, it is better to tie them up. On average, a vegetable weighs 180 g, however, there are specimens weighing 220 g.


Large-fruited author's variety is adapted to various growing conditions. The harvest ripens in 110 days. Bushes of average height up to 0.6 m. The severity of the fruit requires the plant to be tied to wooden stakes, and excess shoots must be removed from the bush itself. Red tomatoes with 4 seed chambers weigh up to 200 g.

Rosanna F1

The hybrid is considered early ripening, as the vegetable is ready to eat after 95 days. Small bushes grow only 40 cm in height, sometimes they can stretch up to 10 cm higher. Despite this, the plant is hung with large fruits weighing 180 g. Tomatoes do not crack, and with good feeding they grow up to 200 g.

Pink heart

A variety of pink tomatoes bred by breeders for greenhouse cultivation. A plant with a long stem up to 2 m yields a harvest 85 days after transplanting the seedlings into greenhouse soil. The bushes are stepchild and tied to a trellis. The vegetable grows up to 230 g.

Black baron

By right, the vegetable ranks first among the sweetest tomatoes with an unusual dark color. The crop can be grown in open and closed areas, where the finished crop can be harvested after 120 days. The stem is tall, spreading, requires fastening to the trellis. The brown vegetable has prominent ribs. The average fruit weight is 150 g, but sometimes it grows up to 250 g.

The video tells about the author's varieties and hybrids of the POISK agrofirm:

General overview of the best large-fruited varieties

So, it's time to get acquainted with large-fruited tomatoes, which have gained popularity among domestic summer residents. These varieties can rightfully be called the best, and we will now get to know them.

Miracle of the earth

The variety of domestic selection is zoned in all regions of the country. The stems of the plant do not grow more than 1 m in height, the bushes are slightly spreading. There is a slight ribbing on the walls of round tomatoes. Raspberry fruits grow large, weighing up to 700 g. Occasionally it is possible to grow tomatoes weighing more than 1 kg. In the northern regions, the yield is less than 15 kg / m2, and in the south it reaches 20 kg / m2.


Determinant variety of Siberian selection has a yield indicator of 9 kg / m2... Stems grow up to 0.8 m in height. The culture bears fruit well even in the open field. Medium-sized tomatoes weigh 300 g. From the first ovary, you can get fruits weighing up to 800 g.

Black elephant

Despite the unusual dark brown color, tomatoes have long gained popularity among domestic vegetable growers. The culture is considered mid-season, but it successfully manages to yield crops in the northern regions. The indeterminate plant bears fruit with a distinctly ribbed wall. The vegetable weighs a maximum of 300 g. When fully ripe, light spots appear on the skin.


The variety of American selection is distinguished by the exquisite taste of aromatic tomatoes. The fruits grow large, weighing up to 600 g, sometimes they are more than 1 kg. An indeterminate plant is able to adapt to any growing conditions. The bushes form with two stems, sometimes they even leave three shoots. The variety belongs to the mid-season group.

King of Siberia

This indeterminate variety will appeal to lovers of yellow tomatoes. The culture is adapted in all regions of the country. Yellow pulp is considered a dietary direction and is suitable even for allergy sufferers. A plant with a strong bush structure, poorly foliated. Heart-shaped ribbed fruits weigh up to 400 g.


The variety is adapted for cultivation in the zone of risky farming. In terms of ripening, it belongs to mid-ripening tomatoes. Stems grow up to 70 cm in height. Ribbing is visible on the walls of the heart-shaped fruits. The average weight of a vegetable is 200 g, but it can grow up to 500 g. The yield indicator is high up to 30 kg / m2... The plant loves regular watering and feeding.

The video shows the "Grandee" variety:


We have considered the most successful and popular large varieties of tomatoes, according to domestic vegetable growers. But their variety is not limited to this, and everyone can find a different best variety for themselves.

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