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Why do cucumbers get thinner

Why do cucumbers get thinner

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Hello! Yesterday I went into the greenhouse, I watched 3 cucumbers hung my ears, landed them a week ago. I dragged one cucumber, and it pulled out without problems, and its root is thin, like a thread almost, and the rest are the same. I pulled all three of them, and all the roots were as thin as threads. What could it be? Now I’ll plant a new one.


"Blackleg". From an excess of moisture. Perhaps it’s cold in your greenhouse, then the “black leg” develops faster.

I didn’t think anything about that. The leg can already be in the greenhouse on seedlings, because the seedlings were already leaves 5-6. It’s not cold in the greenhouse, I probably watered often.

But the spine itself was thin white, not dark.

With a black leg, a constriction appears directly above the root, the plant dies. Here is something else. Read what disease the signs of the death of your cucumbers look like.

That's exactly what there was no constriction, I know the black leg, there is something else here. I read thanks.

Maybe they handed over a farther harder? )

Stem or root rot. Either they watered with cold water, or immediately planted too deep during planting. It is necessary to gradually pour the earth

Gardeners, I discovered for myself a new remedy - glyokladin, it is from all kinds of root and fungus rot, it can be put on a tablet when landing in a hole. It is a harmless drug.

This year, too, I threw glycoladins into the hole under the whole seedlings of seedlings, let's see what the result is.

I also

Natalia, I had strawberry seedlings like that, VERY THIN ROOTS. Our local summer resident said that this is some kind of virus. I left 2 things and deleted the rest. Strawberries both sat and sits for 2 weeks in place. I’m waiting for new roots to grow, for the sake of the experiment, I poured onion tincture to increase immunity.

And where did you buy, in a pharmacy or in a garden store?

It looks like you have a strawberry nematode. Inhibition of root and bush development

I bought in a garden store, we have 71 rubles cost 100 pieces per pack.

Where does she come from? Seedlings were planted with seeds and she stands in the apartment, now on the balcony. The earth is the same for everyone. I think these seeds are the same or there were midges. But this strawberry variety is moody. Other varieties are grown and powerful. I will not argue, I am not well-versed in these matters. If the nematode, can you somehow correct the situation and help the bushes?

Most likely it was watered with cold water, there is such a sinner behind me.

In the garden store

Natalya, to your health! 🙂

There is no help. This is viral. Plant suspicious bushes separately and see how they grow.

Thanks! So I left them on the balcony and see what happens to her next! If there is enough patience, then I’ll throw out such dohliks so that my mood will not be spoiled.

I replanted at home and one of the cucumbers also had lower leaves, but after a few days everything became normal, I think the root touched the transplant.

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