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What are perennial shade-loving flowers?

What are perennial shade-loving flowers?

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Hello summer residents! Advise perennial shade-loving flowers. Under an ugly fence. thanks



I planted delphiniums in the shade, they are very high and they will close your fence.

Evergreen conifers ... flowers will not be in winter.

Hosts are low, clematis (or rather on it) look good at the fence by the age of 3, and the fence will not be visible!

Honeysuckle honeysuckle, girl's grapes. True, these are not flowers, but the fence will close.

Kupena, fern glasses, daylilies

Hops will close everything. He curls

and then you won’t get rid of him by anything

can be planted in a bucket, having previously cut the bottom. Dig a bucket around the edge. As an option. )))

it also propagates by seed. and the root is very powerful. Believe me, I’ve been fighting this infection for more than a dozen years. Before that, my grandmother grew up, but didn’t bother me. And now I’ve been trying to get out of my currant for the third year. I dug one and a half meters wide and in depth. Everywhere the roots

I believe! It’s just that we, in the far north, have such greens as happiness. In permafrost, plants do not become so impudent.))

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