How to store cloudberries

How to store cloudberries

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Cloudberry is a useful northern berry that grows in the tundra and the Arctic Circle of our country. In order for it to bring maximum benefit and reveal its nutritional properties, it is not enough to collect it correctly - you also need to preserve it according to all the rules. How to store cloudberries, and most importantly, how to deliver them and not spoil them, are not known to all lovers of delicious vitamins.

Timing of collecting cloudberries

First of all, the product must be assembled on time. The berry should be slightly unripe, especially if it needs to be transported over long distances. Collection times may vary by region. On average, for storing cloudberries for the winter, the optimal harvest period is July-August. If you miss this period, then the berry will overripe, and it will not work to transport it.

How to store cloudberries properly

For storage, strong specimens are selected without bruising and juice release. It is better if the berry is strong and whole. So it will be possible to save it for the maximum amount of time. It is optimal to leave it fresh, because the less you process it, the more it will retain its beneficial properties.

How much cloudberry is stored

The storage time depends on the storage method chosen. Frozen berries can lie in the freezer all winter, and even more than one year, but after defrosting, they cannot be frozen again. The preparation using cooking will be perfectly preserved in the basement for a couple of years, but the fresh product in the refrigerator will last no more than a week. If the fruits are harvested overripe, the shelf life is reduced to several hours.

How to keep cloudberries for the winter without cooking

You can save cloudberries for the winter in the form of jam or jam, but most housewives prefer not to process vitamins with temperature so that they are better preserved. Therefore, there are several main ways to store cloudberries without cooking them.

First of all, this is fresh storage, but this method does not allow you to keep the crop for a long time. Honey or granulated sugar is also used as preservatives. Another common way is in your own juice.

How to keep cloudberries fresh

Berries, fresh without processing, can last up to three months. To do this, it must be poured into clean, sterilized jars. You should first sort and wash.

In jars, it is recommended to crush or compact the berry a little. After filling the container, put a moistened piece of gauze on top and cover the jar with a nylon lid.

The berry packed in a jar must be placed in a dark and cool room. Within three months, fresh vitamins will always be at hand.

If you put the berries on a plate and cover with cling film, then fresh cloudberries can be stored in the refrigerator for a week.

How to keep cloudberries in sugar

To keep the cloudberries fresh and with sugar, you will need to take a kilogram of fruits and granulated sugar. A third of the sand must be left, and the rest is mixed with berries in a blender. Pour the resulting mixture into sterilized glass jars and cover with the remaining sugar.

Cover with nylon caps. Store in a basement or cellar. You can store in the apartment on the balcony, the main thing is that it is cool and dark there.

How to keep cloudberries in honey

If the fruits are not overripe, then pouring honey will be an excellent method of storing cloudberries. You will need half a liter of honey for a liter jar of berries.

The crop needs to be sorted out and washed. Then carefully pour into a sterilized jar in layers. This is done as follows: a small layer of raw materials, on top of 4 tablespoons of honey. And so, until the bank is full. The last layer should be honey.

Cover with a nylon lid and place in a cool storage area. It is convenient to store cloudberries in this way for the winter, but it is expensive, since honey is not a cheap pleasure. But the benefits of the final product in winter, at the peak of colds, is invaluable.

How to keep cloudberries in their own juice

This is a unique recipe that helps to preserve a storehouse of vitamins for a long time without losing nutritional properties. The berries need to be washed and sorted out of debris. And also remove sepals and twigs. Pour raw materials into jars in layers. Pour granulated sugar between the layers of berries. On a layer of 2 cm of berries, you need to pour 2 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar. After filling the jar, sugar must be poured so that it lies with a slide, and only then cover with pre-boiled lids.

Jars in this form should stand for about 5 hours for the berries to start juice.

The next step is to sterilize the product jars in the pot for 15 minutes. Then roll up and wrap in a blanket.

Freezing cloudberries for the winter

Freezing is considered the best way to preserve all vitamins and nutrients in raw materials. To make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible, you need to properly prepare the product.

For freezing, choose a whole, undamaged berry without signs of illness or bruising. Then it must be rinsed and dried. You need to freeze in bags where the berry will lie in one layer. One bag should contain a single serving, as defrosting and secondary freezing have a negative effect on the appearance and nutritional properties.

In addition to freezing in general, freezing is also used in the form of mashed potatoes. For this, the washed and sorted fruits are crushed in a blender and 250 g of sugar are added per kilogram of raw material. In this form, the puree is frozen.

Storing unripe cloudberries

Unripe raw materials do not let juice so actively, and therefore it is easier to transport. Jam and jam can be made from unripe raw materials. Many people use an old recipe and cook pickled berries. They can be stored for several years. You can spread the berry on the windowsill and let it ripen.

The only recipe that is not very suitable for unripe berries is in its own juice. You can save cloudberry berries for the winter in their own juice only if it is fully ripe and can start this juice.

Cloudberry blanks for the winter

From the beautiful northern berry, you can make a number of tasty preparations that will be stored for a long time. First of all, drying is applied. You can dry in the oven, as well as in an electric oven. Storing and harvesting cloudberries is similar to storing and harvesting its cousin, raspberries.

In addition to drying, you can cook jam, as well as jam or confiture. Jelly is made using gelatin.

For lovers of vitamin drinks, there are numerous recipes for compotes from northern berries of varying degrees of sweetness and taste.

How to transport cloudberries over long distances

The royal product grows in the north of our country, and therefore it is often taken by train from other regions. In this case, the question arises about the safety of raw materials during transportation. If the distance is long, then it is recommended to pick an unripe berry: it will not let the juice out, will keep its integrity, and it will also ripen on the road. This is especially true if the berry is being transported for sale.

How to take cloudberries on a train

It can be too hot on the train, and therefore there are two ways to transport raw materials. You can use special refrigerator bags and put the berry there so that it freezes slightly and in this form reaches the house. If there is no saving bag, just sprinkle the berries with sugar and cover tightly. This will require a jar or saucepan with a lid. In this form, the cloudberry will let the juice out and calmly survive the road.

How to keep cloudberries on the road

Before embarking on a long journey, it is recommended to carefully sort out everything that has been collected. You should not take crumpled and diseased berries with you, they can ruin the whole harvest during the journey. Only a whole and strong berry can carry a long journey. It is recommended to transport raw materials in cans or containers, where the berries will be minimally crumpled. Cloudberries that are too tamped will give juice quickly, so keeping fresh cloudberries is better if they are a little unripe.


There are many recipes for storing cloudberries, each of which is healthy and simple. Housewives themselves choose the best method of preserving vitamins and the taste of the northern beauty for the winter.

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