Lard baked with prunes and onion peels: delicious recipes

Lard baked with prunes and onion peels: delicious recipes

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Lard with prunes and onion skins turns out to be bright, aromatic, similar to smoked, but very tender and soft. It tastes more like boiled pork. Suitable for everyday sandwiches and for festive slicing.

Thanks to onion skins and prunes, the pork layer acquires a rich smoked color

How to cook lard in onion peel with prunes

There are several recipes for lard in onion peel with prunes. It can be boiled, salted or baked in the oven in the sleeve.

As experts advise, lard should be chosen with layers, and the more meat there is, the better. The pork should be fresh, from a young animal with a rather thin layer of subcutaneous fat. Preference should be given to the peritoneum about 4 cm thick. It is not recommended to remove the skin: without it, the piece may fall apart. Usually it is cleaned with a knife and, if necessary, singed.

You can cook either whole or by cutting into portions, but in the first case, the time for heat treatment or holding in brine increases. The optimal piece weight is about 400 g.

As for the onion skins, it is better not to use the topmost layer. It is also necessary to carefully examine the bulbs for signs of decay. It must be rinsed in a colander before use.

It is advisable to use smoked prunes so that the finished product has a haze aroma.

Additional ingredients play a big role in this appetizer. Garlic is a must, which is ideally combined with fatty pork, various types of pepper, bay leaves. Other spices and seasonings can be used to taste.

A snack prepared in this way can be kept in the common chamber of the refrigerator for no more than a week. If long-term storage is required, it must be removed to the freezer, where it can be kept for up to six months. Best wrapped in foil or in a food bag.

It is recommended to keep the finished product in the freezer before use.

An appetizer is served with borscht or other first course with bread and garlic.

The color of the pork interlayer should be white or slightly pinkish, but not grayish

Boiled bacon with prunes in onion skins

Required Ingredients:

  • fresh lard with layers of meat - 0.6 kg;
  • garlic - 3 cloves;
  • prunes - 6 pcs.;
  • onion peel - 2 handfuls;
  • bay leaf - 2 pcs.;
  • freshly ground pepper - to taste;
  • ground wig - to taste;
  • salt - 2 tbsp. l.

Step by step cooking:

  1. Divide the bacon into two parts for ease of preparation.
  2. Rinse dried fruits thoroughly.
  3. Put husks, bay leaves, salt, prunes in a saucepan with water.
  4. Then add pieces of interlayer.
  5. Bring to a boil, reduce heat. Cook lard in the husk with prunes for 25 minutes. The cooking time will depend on the thickness of the piece, if it is thin enough, 15-20 minutes will be enough.
  6. Peel the garlic, chop finely.
  7. Remove the prepared bacon from the pan and place on the wire rack. Wait for all the liquid to drain.
  8. Combine the garlic, pepper and paprika and coat the chunks in this mixture. If desired, you can add caraway seeds, dill to the sprinkling.
  9. Cool and remove before serving in the refrigerator.

Pieces of ready-made bacon are rubbed generously with garlic

Salted lard with prunes, onion skins and garlic

For the preparation of salted lard with prunes in onion skins, a piece from the peritoneum, or underwings, is best suited - a fatty part with meat layers. Pork prepared according to this recipe is incredibly soft, including the skin.

The following ingredients are required:

  • pork fat - 1 kg;
  • freshly ground black pepper - 3 tbsp. l .;
  • garlic - 2 heads.

To prepare brine (for 1 liter of water):

  • prunes - 5 pcs.;
  • salt - 150-200 g;
  • onion peel - 2-3 handfuls;
  • bay leaf - 2 pcs.;
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • allspice and black peppercorns.

Attention! Dishes from onion peels are stained and are not completely washed in the future, so it is advisable to have an old saucepan for such dishes.

Step by step cooking:

  1. Take a pork layer, cut off excess fragments, peel, scrape the skin with a knife, wipe with napkins. There is no need to wash the meat without special need.
  2. Cut into 2-3 pieces.
  3. Prepare the brine. Put onion peels, peppercorns, salt, prunes, bay leaves, sugar in a saucepan. Pour in water, put on the stove, boil.
  4. The brine should boil for about 5 minutes. Then immerse pieces of bacon in it. It should be completely in the brine.
  5. Cook for about 20-25 minutes.
  6. Turn off the stove, leave the bacon in the brine until it cools completely. Then put the pan in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
  7. The next day, remove pieces of bacon from the brine, dry properly, wiping with napkins.
  8. Chop the garlic on the finest grater.
  9. Grind black pepper to make it large. If you wish, you can grind the bay leaf and mix with the pepper.
  10. Rub chunks of bacon with garlic. Then roll in spices.
  11. Put the finished product in bags (each piece in a separate one) or a container with a lid and put in the freezer for 24 hours.

For salting after boiling, the layer is kept in brine for more than a day

How to bake lard with prunes in a husk in the oven

Pork with layers is best for this recipe.

The following ingredients are required:

  • interlayer - 3 kg;
  • prunes - 10 pcs.;
  • garlic - 5 cloves;
  • husk - 3 large handfuls;
  • ground black pepper - 1 tsp;
  • ground coriander - ½ tsp;
  • bay leaf - 2 pcs.;
  • salt - 4.5 tsp. without a slide.

When baked in the oven, the bacon will not boil.

Step by step cooking:

  1. Wash the bacon slightly, but do not soak much, wipe off with a paper towel. You can just scrape with a knife. Cut into pieces along with the skin.
  2. Prepare all other ingredients. Wash prunes thoroughly. Finely chop the garlic with a knife and mix with the rest of the spices.
  3. Place the pork in a roasting sleeve, place dried fruits and onion skins on it.
  4. Turn on the oven in advance, setting the thermometer at 180 degrees.
  5. When it warms up, send lard up your sleeve.
  6. Cook for 1.5-2 hours, depending on the power of the oven.
  7. When the dish is ready, take it out, cool it in a bag, then remove it. Refrigerate for several hours.
  8. Serve sliced ​​with gray or brown bread.


Lard with prunes and onion skins is a simple, but very tasty and original appetizer that imitates a smoked product. It is important to remember that lard should be eaten in moderation - no more than 20-30 g per day.

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