Florist lunar calendar for July 2019

Florist lunar calendar for July 2019

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The florist's lunar calendar for July will be useful for those who seek to fully comply with all agrotechnical rules and give plants care that takes into account the phases of the moon.

The lunar calendar determines good and unsuitable days for planting, pruning and feeding plants, all its recommendations must be taken into account.

Florist lunar calendar for july 2019

In the hottest month of the year, most of the garden and indoor flowers have long been planted in the ground. However, some of them are still waiting for planting or transplanting, and those that are rooted in the soil require competent and regular care.

The lunar calendar allows watering, feeding and other plant care measures in accordance with the phases of the moon. It has been scientifically proven that the celestial body closest to Earth has a strong effect not only on the oceans, but also on all life on the planet. If you take into account the state of the night star in the sky, you can achieve even more abundant and beautiful flowering in the garden.

Moon phases in july

In the middle of summer 2019, the night star will have time to visit all the main phases - according to the lunar calendar, the month will begin with the waning of the moon and will also end with its waning.

During each phase, it is recommended to adhere to some general agricultural principles:

  1. The growing moon - from 3 to 16. On those days when a young month is visible in the sky, gradually increasing in size, special attention should be paid to caring for plants with an active aboveground part. While the night star is growing, you can plant fast-growing flowers with a normal root system, carry out active watering and feeding the plants.
  2. Full moon - 17th. On the full moon in floriculture, it is customary to mainly fight pests, arrange weeding and loosening of the soil, and also apply fertilizers. On a full moon day, you can collect seeds for the subsequent reproduction of garden culture.
  3. The waning moon - 1, as well as from 18 to 31. On those days when the night star begins to visually decrease in volume, special attention should be paid to the bulbous and tuberous, so-called "roots". Unlike “tops”, they develop very actively on the waning moon, therefore, during the phase, the plants can be fed and watered, removed weeds and weeded the soil. According to the lunar calendar, the period is well suited for pruning - the aboveground part of the flowers is at rest and tolerates formation well.
  4. New Moon - 2nd number. On the days of the new moon, flower growers are advised to pause any efforts to care for the plantings. Plants are going through the calmest period, so transplanting, loosening and feeding are prohibited, they can do more harm.

Important! Keeping to the lunar phase calendar is not as difficult as it seems, in each month there are enough suitable days for any gardening work.

Auspicious days

The lunar calendar identifies several days favorable for gardening:

  1. For annuals, these days will be 6-12, 30 and 31 July.
  2. For biennials and perennials, July 6-12, 15, 16, 20-22 will be favorable.
  3. For bulbous and tuberous good days are 20-22, 25, 26, as well as the last numbers - 30 and 31.

Concrete work in the garden should be carried out based on a more detailed calendar of the lunar phases. However, in general, on the listed days, the flowers perceive the care favorably.

Bad days

Along with favorable periods in July of the current year, there are days in which it is better to postpone most of the garden work altogether. These days are 1-3, as well as the 17th.

Florist's calendar for July: caring for garden flowers

Some lunar days are ideal for watering and fertilizing, while on others flowering plants should be transplanted and pruned. The lunar calendar helps to correctly schedule the care of annuals and perennials:

  1. In the hottest month of summer, flower beds especially often need watering. The lunar calendar does not interfere with their implementation and offers many auspicious days. You can water the plants safely on 2, 5, 11 and 12, 14, 16 and 17, 20 and 21, 23 and 24, as well as on the 30th. Also, on July 4, the lunar calendar advises spraying in the late afternoon, and on the 8th - watering the young plantings, but so far do not touch the adults.
  2. You can feed the plantings on the site on the 12th, 20th, 22nd and 29th. For young flowers, fertilizer can be applied on the 8th, and for adults it is also better to postpone feeding.
  3. It is recommended to cut off the overgrown plantings on the 12th of the growing moon, on this day the plants will favorably perceive the formation of a silhouette.
  4. The optimal days for loosening the soil and removing weeds will be the 2nd and 17th - the days of the new moon and full moon, when a short resting phase begins.

Advice! It is recommended to carry out pest treatment on the 18th and 19th, as well as on the 28th. On the waning moon, spraying from insects gives a good effect.

When can flowers be propagated in July

In the middle of summer, most of the garden plants have long been planted in the ground. However, during this period, the time comes for the reproduction of horticultural crops.

For example, cuttings in July are recommended for:

  • roses and clematis;
  • phlox and carnations;
  • hydrangeas and stonecrops;
  • gypsophila.

Violets and primroses, irises and chrysanthemums, geraniums and dicentra reproduce well in mid-summer by layering and basal children.

Planting and reproduction is an especially important stage of cultivation. The lunar calendar advises to propagate flowers by perennial cuttings or cuttings on certain days. Plants will grow well and take root if cuttings or cuttings are planted in the ground on July 3, 7, 9 and 10, as well as on July 16, 28 and 30.

Attention! The 25th number is ideal for planting cuttings on the windowsill, young shoots will quickly take root and will soon be ready for transfer to the ground.

Lunar calendar for July 2019: caring for indoor flowers

Indoor flowers grow in special conditions and are much less dependent on the weather. However, the lunar calendar also affects them - on certain lunar days, plants take better care of the grower:

  1. It is recommended to water and spray indoor flowers on 3, 9-13, 20 and 21, as well as on the 29th and 30th.
  2. For treatment against pests, the 3rd and 26th numbers are optimal; these days, the prevention of fungal ailments can also be carried out.
  3. Top dressing of indoor flowers should be carried out on the 1st and 3rd numbers, from 10 to 13, as well as on the 20th, 21st, 29th and 30th.
  4. For pruning indoor flowers, 6 and 7, as well as July 10, are well suited.
  5. It is best to loosen the soil and remove random weeds in containers 1, 4 and 5, in the middle of the month - 15-17, as well as 22-24, 27 and 28 July.

As for unfavorable days, according to the lunar calendar, any work should be postponed on July 2 and 25; during these periods, indoor flowers will perceive the care rather negatively.

What days can you plant and transplant indoor flowers

Usually, planting and transplanting indoor plants is carried out in the spring or autumn. However, if such a need arose in the middle of summer, and the procedure cannot be postponed, then it is worth referring to the calendar of the lunar phases. He recommends that work be carried out from 5 to 11, as well as on the 14th and 19th, on these days the rooting will be the fastest.

Tips for caring for indoor flowers in July

In July, caring for indoor flowers is reduced to the implementation of several measures:

  1. Flowers need to be watered often and abundantly; most plants with abundant flowering do not tolerate drying out of the soil. The soil in pots and containers should always be slightly damp. It is useful to spray the crowns of flowering plants, however, watering and spraying should be done early in the morning or after sunset, otherwise the flowers will get burned.
  2. Although indoor flowers love sunlight, it is better to shade them from direct rays. You can move the pots to a shaded place on the windowsill, or build a protective canopy made of translucent fabric or gauze.
  3. Pruning can be carried out, it is especially recommended for climbing and growing flowers, hibiscus and ficus, passionflower and abutilon.

Plants with abundant flowering can be fed with bird droppings or complex mineral fertilizers. Flowers that are dormant do not need to be fertilized, they do not need nutrients.


The florist's lunar calendar for July allows you to provide flowers with the highest quality care. If you stick to the schedule of favorable and unfavorable days, the plants will delight you with lush flowering and rapid growth.

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