Rose Desiree

Rose Desiree

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Hybrid tea roses are the leaders among roses in popularity. They do not require complex care, bloom for a long time, and have a characteristic aroma. Below is a description and photo of one of these varieties - "Desiree".


Roses of the "Desiree" variety are unpretentious, rarely get sick, bloom almost all summer. Used as tapeworms in group plantings. One of the best cut varieties. Suitable for growing in greenhouses.


  • High decorativeness;
  • Pleasant aroma;
  • Resistant to weather conditions;
  • Long flowering;
  • Resistance to fungal diseases;
  • Frost resistance.

The flowers of this variety bloom for a long time, keeping a neat goblet shape. They do not lose their decorative effect after heavy rains and strong winds. Do not fade in the sun for a long time.

Very early flowering, depending on the growing region, blooms in May or early June. Blooms profusely until mid-summer, after a short break, resumes flowering in August.


Rose "Desiree" refers to hybrid tea. Bred in Germany.

The flowers are pale pink, the size is from 9 to 11 cm. 1 - 3 buds are formed on the stem. Blooms profusely all season until frost. Has a bright, characteristic aroma.

The bush is medium, up to 100 cm, spreading. The leaves are dark green, shiny.


For planting bushes, it is advisable to choose a bright place protected from cold winds. Desiree roses are undemanding to the soil, but bloom best on nutrient-rich, loose soils.

Before planting the bushes, a planting pit is prepared in advance. The depth of the hole should be about 60 - 70 cm, width - 50 cm. If several bushes are planted, the distance between them should be at least a meter. A drainage layer of at least 15 cm must be laid out at the bottom of the pit.

The excavated soil is mixed with humus, sand, a complex of trace elements, wood ash and nitrogen fertilizers. It is important to mix the resulting mixture well so as not to burn the roots of the bushes.

Important! When planting roses, it is advisable to use long-acting fertilizers so as not to waste time on frequent feeding during the growing season.

The bushes are covered with the resulting mixture and poured abundantly with warm water. The soil around the bushes can be covered with black film or other mulching material.


Rose "Desiree" does not require complicated care, she has good immunity, she rarely gets sick. In the northern regions, this variety requires shelter for the winter.

Caring for the bushes is as follows:

  • Watering;
  • Weeding;
  • Loosening the soil;
  • Pruning;
  • Protection against diseases and pests.

Watering the bushes is carried out if necessary, excess moisture can harm the root system. The topsoil should dry out between waterings.

Pruning is carried out for the first time in the spring, before the bushes awaken. Remove dried, weak branches growing inside the bush. The second pruning is carried out after the appearance of green branches. It is advisable to do it as early as possible so that the bush does not waste energy. It is necessary to remove the shoots that grow inside the bush, the lower branches, up to a height of 20 cm, one of the competing shoots.

Important! You can not prune bushes on a rainy day, high humidity can contribute to the defeat of fungal diseases.

Sometimes several buds can form on the stem of the Desiree rose, if the flower is intended for cutting, the extra buds are removed.

Properly planted rose bushes require very little care to delight with their beauty for a long time.


Lyubov, 49 years old, Yalta

I planted a Desiree rose in the rose garden two years ago. The variety, of course, is cut, the flowers bloom for a very long time, you will not wait for a bush covered with roses from it. But I like that he is one of the first to bloom, in spring his tenderness makes him happy. It smells nice, I love it when you put a freshly cut bouquet at home, the whole room is filled with aroma.

Larisa, 25 years old, Krasnodar

I grow Desiree roses in a greenhouse for sale. Excellent variety. Does not stretch, does not get sick with powdery mildew. Flowers sell out very quickly, probably because, unlike most Dutch roses, these flowers smell. This year I was interested in the Red Desiree rose with burgundy buds. I bought several bushes and planted them. Hope this variety doesn't disappoint me either.

Victoria, 38 years old, Voronezh

When I was choosing a variety of roses to plant in the country, I read many positive reviews about the Desiree rose. Most of all, I was interested in that she is not capricious, resistant to heat and frost. I rarely visit the country, it is important for me that flowers grow without round-the-clock attention. The variety pleased, indeed, it blooms perfectly in all weather conditions. For three years I have never been sick, we fight only with insects, this rose is very fond of aphids and bronzes.

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