Carrot Altai gourmet

Carrot Altai gourmet

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For every housewife, carrots are an indispensable product in the kitchen; they are added literally everywhere: first courses, second courses, salads. You can buy it in the store or plant and grow it yourself so as not to doubt the quality of the product.


The area that you are going to plant with carrots is selected without weeds, since the grass will grow earlier and will prevent the carrots from growing healthy. The soil itself should be loose, it is good if it contains sand. In heavy soil, carrots grow worse, the fruits are small and crooked. In a wet one, the root crop may begin to rot, and in an excessively dry one, on the contrary, it will turn out to be oak.

It also matters after which plants the carrots are planted. It is best to sow where potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, onions, garlic and all types of greens, except for salad, grew last year. But after parsley, it is forbidden to plant this vegetable, since pests that are harmful to carrots may remain in the soil.

Seed preparation for planting:

  • Soak for two hours in water at room temperature;
  • Wet a cloth, sprinkle seeds and cover with another damp cloth on top;
  • Store seeds in a room and mix them periodically;
  • If the fabric begins to dry, soak a little;
  • After the seeds have swollen and began to hatch, place them in the refrigerator for 10 days.

Carrot varieties are classified by:

  • Size and shape;
  • Root color, which depends on the amount of pigment. Carrots can be: red, orange, yellow, white and purple;
  • Root shape: round, conical or cylindrical;
  • The size and shape of the root crop;
  • The length of the growing season, as well as the tendency to shoot and crack fruit.


It is one of the sweetest varieties of carrots and has excellent characteristics. Combines excellent taste and the ability to grow in extreme conditions. A crop can be obtained even if you do not provide proper care, but all because it is adapted to Siberian conditions.

The color of the carrot "Altai gourmet" is red-orange, and the content of sugar and carotene provides a delicate taste. The roots themselves are elongated-conical in shape and reach lengths of up to 20 centimeters. Carrots retain excellent taste and appearance for a long time, until the next harvest.

And in order for the fruits to grow healthy, it is recommended to use special growth stimulants.


Irina Postnikova, 39 years old, Ust-Ilimsk

I planted many varieties, and this one is one of my favorites, the carrots sprout beautiful, the fruits are large and sweet.

Bakurova Svetlana Ivanovna, 45 years old, Kemerovo

I have been working in the garden for a long time, but have not tried the Altai Gourmet carrot variety. As a result, I realized that I had made a good choice, that I was not at all picky about taking care of it, and it makes me happy, because there is no way to take care of the garden every day. Root crops grew large, about 18 cm in length, however, it was necessary to additionally stimulate their growth with the help of special means.

Simenkova A.K., Irkutsk

I planted carrots without any problems, the description is on the back of the package. With the departure, there were no difficulties and questions. The resulting harvest differed from the promised (carrots are slightly smaller in size than stated), but it was her own fault, since she chose an unsuccessful earthen plot.

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