Cucumbers grow poorly in the greenhouse

Cucumbers grow poorly in the greenhouse

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Some novice agricultural workers may not understand why cucumbers do not sprout in a greenhouse. There may be many reasons for this.

An experienced gardener knows how to properly care for a greenhouse so that the crops growing in it grow normally and bring good and worthy fruits.

Risk factors

If you notice that the cucumbers in the greenhouse have not emerged and are not going to do so, you should pay attention to some factors that may interfere with this natural process. Among the main reasons for not sprouting cucumber seeds are the following:

  • too low soil temperature;
  • significant seeding depth;
  • unsuitable texture of the soil;
  • too dry or wet, hard ground;
  • improper storage of cucumber seeds;
  • incorrect methods of seed preparation before direct planting in the soil.

First of all, you should remember that the soil temperature should be at least 12 °. If the ground is not warmed up enough, the seeds simply grow moldy and may not grow at all in the future. It is best if the greenhouse can keep the soil temperature within 23 °. This temperature is considered the most optimal for normal growth of cucumber seeds. It is very important not to put the cucumber seed too deep in the soil. It is best to place it at a depth of about 2 cm.

Often, cucumbers do not germinate due to the unsuitable texture of the soil. If your greenhouse has the wrong soil, you should systematically fertilize it. In order to determine what fertilizers this or that soil needs, you should call for the help of a professional who will conduct an examination of the soil and give you the necessary recommendations.

A possible reason for poor growth of bushes is dry or too waterlogged soil. It is very important to lightly water the soil before sowing the seeds. You should be very careful not to overdo it.

Occasionally, the reason for poor growth lies in improper storage of seeds. They must be stored exclusively in a dry and protected from the sun place. It is very important that the air temperature is not higher than 20 °, otherwise the seed may germinate prematurely, before entering the soil. In order for excessive moisture not to spoil a normal seed, it is necessary to wrap them separately in a special film or plastic bag, which could protect them from excess moisture or direct sunlight, which can also kill.

And, of course, you should make sure that the soil is soft and loose enough.

In large, hard piles of soil, a weak cucumber seed may not germinate. That is why, before planting, the soil in greenhouses should be carefully dug up and slightly loosened.

How to care for a greenhouse

In order for the cucumber to germinate in the greenhouse without problems and in the time necessary for this process, the soil should be carefully prepared. First of all, you should dig up the soil and loosen it, since cucumbers love soft soil. After that, you need to check it for acidity. This indicator should be no more than 6.4-7.0. If this figure is higher, it should be fertilized with lime. It is necessary to plant seeds in a greenhouse only in soil rich in organic fertilizers.

That is why a sufficient amount of fertilizer should be applied to the soil before planting. You can feed the soil with mullein or bird droppings with a little ash.

Well-prepared soil is not a guarantee of success, since grain germination depends to a large extent on its quality and storage method. Seeds should be sown dry. Experts advise to pre-process them lightly. Under normal circumstances, the first shoots should appear within a week after sowing.

In order for the cucumber to sprout at the right time, after planting the seeds, the soil should be thoroughly watered.

It is important to remember that even after planting in a greenhouse, cucumbers need a regular supply of moisture, so you need to water the seedlings at least every 2 days. If the plant senses that it lacks water, the cucumber will wilt even before the fruit appears. Water for irrigation should be relatively warm, in no case below 18 °. If the cucumber still sprouts, even despite the lack of moisture, such a vegetable cannot be eaten, since the product becomes unbearably bitter.

Immediately after planting the grain and the appearance of small shoots, the soil and plants should be treated with various poisons, which eliminate the possibility of pests. Well, of course, before planting cucumbers in the greenhouse, you should consult with a professional who will help you choose the best varieties of cucumbers for the greenhouse, because many varieties of cucumbers are designed for planting in cooler conditions.

Do not be discouraged if the first batch of cucumbers in the greenhouse has not emerged. This phenomenon is very common. In order for cucumber seeds to germinate on time, you should heed all the above tips, since a discrepancy to one of the points can completely stop the process of grain germination.

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