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Swimming in the pool allows you to relax in hot summer, relieve fatigue and just have fun. Making a stationary hot tub in the country is expensive and laborious. It is easier to purchase a ready-made bowl in a specialized store and install it on your site. Among the many proposals, the Bestway pool often appears, luring the buyer with an affordable cost, as well as a large assortment of models.

Frost-resistant fonts

The Bestway frost-resistant pool is made of corrugated steel sheet. In autumn, the bowl is not disassembled for storage, but only the water is drained. The Hydrium range of frame pools consists of two types:

  • The prefabricated model of the font with uprights is equipped with an oval or round top board. The bowl is durable, stable and easy to use.
  • Steel fonts without racks are available only in round shape. The lack of supports does not compromise the strength of the bowl. It is the round shape that gives the pool stability.

When buying a frost-resistant pool, it is important to pay attention to the shape. The design features in all models are well thought out by the manufacturer.

Attention! The Hydrium line is an analogue of the Canadian brand Atlantic Pool. Despite the fact that Bestway is a Chinese product, the quality of the font is not inferior, and the cost is much lower.

Bestway frost-resistant pools are installed on the ground surface. It is allowed to dig the bowl into the ground to a depth of maximum ¾ of the side height. The part of the font protruding above the ground is hidden under a wooden flooring. Assembly instructions are included with each Hydrium model.

Round frame fonts

For recreation in the country, the Bestway round pool is intended, where a steel frame is used as supports. The metal structure is made of a thin-walled tube, which allowed to reduce weight without sacrificing strength. The frame of the bowl consists of struts and the upper edging of the side. The rigid base allows you to lean against the ladder, set the table and simply lean while swimming.

Important! For the Bestway bowl, a three-layer reinforced PVC material is used. The thickness depends on the size of the font, but not more than 0.9 mm.

Two types of water filters can be supplied with the Bestway round pool:

  • Paper filter cartridge. Flushing is carried out at least once every two days. A paper water filter is considered less effective.
  • The sand filter allows you to get the most purified water. Filler sold separately. Glass or quartz sand is suitable.

Any type of filter only partially purifies water. Cartridges and sand fillings are effective when there is no Bestway pool cover and dust, sand, and other debris gets into the hot tub. To prevent the water from turning green, chemical solutions are added. They kill bacteria and prevent algae from forming. For gentle water purification, a Bestway ozonizer is used.

Attention! The manufacturer does not complete round pools with cleaning tools.

The frame pool is installed on a flat area, placing strong pads under the racks. For the winter, water is drained from the font and disassembled for storage.

The video shows a round frame pool:

Frame fonts of rectangular shape

A feature of the rectangular Bestway frame pools is the large bowl size. The base of the hot tub is a steel frame, which consists of reinforced support struts and an upper edging. The bowl is made of 0.9 mm thick three-layer reinforced PVC material. The strength of all elements of the pool is sufficient to withstand the weight of the swimmer and the pressure of the water.

Important! The rectangular pools of Bestway are completed with a filter cartridge on a paper basis. A sand water filter can be supplied.

Another feature of Bestway rectangular frame fonts is the ability to install two additional protective coatings:

  • The bottom cover is located under the bowl and protects the bottom from damage by stones and other hard objects in the ground.
  • The top cover is an awning. The cover prevents foliage, dust and other debris from clogging the water.

Rectangular pools are completed with a stepladder. Cleaning tools are purchased separately.

Inflatable round tubs

A mobile option for recreation is an inflatable round-shaped pool. The Bestway hot tub does not require a stationary labor-intensive installation. On a hot day, the bowl is pumped up and installed on the lawn or in the yard. If necessary, the pool can be easily moved to another place or put away for storage. You just need to drain the water.

The inflatable bowls of Bestway are completed with a filter based on a paper cartridge. For purification and disinfection of water, the manufacturer recommends using the AquaDoctor chemical solution. Effective cleaning can be done by an ozonizer or chlorinator, but you have to buy them separately. The inflatable round pool comes with a three- or four-step ladder. The design of the ladder depends on the height of the side of the bowl. Small fonts up to 91 cm high are sold without a ladder. Cleaning tools sold separately.

The peculiarity of the inflatable hot tub is the absence of a frame. The bowl is made of PVC material. The inflatable roller is located only on the upper edge of the bead, and it is he who holds the entire mass of water.

Attention! Children should not be left unattended in inflatable pools.

The bowl installation process involves lining a protective fabric under the bottom. After inflating the roller with air, water can be drawn into the pool.

Inflatable round spa tubs

The range of inflatable SPA pools Lay-Z-SPA from Bestway allows you to organize a relaxing holiday in the water with bubbling bubbles. The air massage technique is designed to restore the body's water balance. SPA technology is aimed at skin rejuvenation. The bubbling air bubbles deliver oxygen to the body tissues, improve blood circulation, and stimulate and relax the muscular system.

Inflatable spa tubs are assembled and disassembled within 15 minutes. Instructions for use with recommendations are supplied on a DVD. Hot tubs are equipped with a water heater. The work is controlled by the control panel. The water is filtered through a paper cartridge. For air massage, the hot tub is equipped with 80 jets. An awning is used as a cover to protect the water from pollution. The bowl is inflated with an electric pump supplied with the product.

The working water temperature does not exceed 40aboutC. Electrical equipment is connected through an RCD circuit breaker. Water heating is carried out by stainless heating elements with a power of 2 kW. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to use the spa pool.

Children's hot tubs

Especially for the younger generation, Bestway manufacturer has released a line of children's pools. The small bowls are designed to ensure maximum safety when bathing. Depending on the size, the hot tub is suitable for playing one kid or a small company. The manufacturer paid special attention to bright colors that attract children.

The line of children's pools is presented in two varieties:

  • Bestway frame hot tubs hold an average of 400 liters of water. The height of the side is about 30 cm. The sturdy frame is made of metal pipes. The bowl is made of durable PVC material. A thin layer of water quickly warms up under the sun, but other heating methods are also allowed. Children from three years old can swim in the pool.
  • Round shaped inflatable fonts are characterized by a diameter of 1.5 m and a side height of 0.38 m. The water capacity is up to 470 liters. The air roller that forms the upper edging of the bead will prevent the baby from hitting when falling. The bowl is made of three-layer reinforced PVC material. The height of the side can be adjusted by the water level. The roller with pumped air will rise to the thickness of the poured liquid layer.

Of the inflatable series, the Bestway fast set pool, designed in the style of the "Cars" cartoon series, is very popular. On the bowl of bright red color, the image of the main character of your favorite cartoon flaunts. For girls, a model with the image of Disney princesses is offered.

Play complexes

The best gift for the smallest children for the summer will be a pool in the form of a play complex. Inflatable bowls are made with a variety of attractions. The manufacturer has provided for the attachment of a water slide to the inflatable board. Depending on the model, the hot tub is equipped with animals or inhabitants of the deep sea.

Kids are especially interested in fountains. He usually settles on one of the animal figures. The fountain is served from the trunk of an elephant, the mouth of a turtle, an octopus. Jets of water can splash from an inflatable wall or simply flow like a waterfall along a slide.

The play complex is an inflatable slide track. Water is sprayed from the fountain. The space around the walkway is filled with soap bubbles thanks to the installed automatic generator.


When buying a Bestway pool, user reviews will help you choose the right model.


I bought a frame pool with a capacity of 10 m3 of water. The ladder included is normal. Weight 90 kg withstands, does not stagger. The season paid off normally. I bought chemistry for additional cleaning. A conventional filter does not cope with green water.


The Bestvey children's inflatable pool served in the country for 5 years. When the child grew up, I decided to get a frame bowl for bathing the whole family. The idea is not bad, but the shakiness of the structure confuses. It's scary to climb the stairs, staggers. The season passed without a leak and I'm glad of that. He put the bowl in the barn for the winter.

Watch the video: Setup a Bestway or Intex Above Ground Pool, Filter Pump, and Prep Ground (December 2022).

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