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Strawberry growers and farmers are looking for early ripening varieties. And also those that do not cause much trouble when growing, giving a stable harvest.

The Elvira strawberry variety is an outstanding representative of the Dutch selection and meets all the requirements of gardeners. The article will give a description, photo of the plant, especially the cultivation and care.


Elvira strawberries are early varieties intended for cultivation in almost all regions of Russia, not only in summer cottages, but also in farms.

Important! Strawberries bear fruit excellently in open and protected ground, if the fundamentals of agricultural technology are followed.


The description given by Dutch breeders is confirmed by photos and reviews of Russian gardeners. The Elvira strawberry bush is really powerful, has a spreading crown. Leaves are medium-sized emerald green.

As indicated in the description, the plant produces 2-3 strong peduncles, on which about 10 white flowers bloom with a bright yellow center. All of them turn into small green berries over time. Fruit ripening is long, the harvest is harvested as it arrives. One bush gives 600-1000 grams.


Large strawberries of the Elvira variety attract with their glossy skin. By the time of ripening, the rounded berries become deep red. Each berry weighs 30-60 grams. The fruits are tasty, dense, red on the cut without voids. The pulp is juicy and elastic. Elvira berries with a thick strawberry aroma are sweet, acid is not felt.

Attention! And this is not surprising, ascorbic acid in strawberries is only 35%. Sugar content - 6%, dry matter 12.5%.


Gardeners, farmers and consumers are attracted not only by the large and tasty Elvira berries, but also by the versatility of fruit use:

  • fresh consumption;
  • the possibility of making jam, jam, marmalade, candied fruit;
  • freezing whole berries for the winter;
  • preparation of aromatic strawberry wine and liqueur.


When there is a desire to plant something new on the site, in addition to the description, reviews and photos of the Elvira strawberry variety, I want to know the pros and cons of the plant.


  1. Early ripeness. The first berries of the variety ripen in mid-June, when the fruits are only poured on other strawberry plants.
  2. Unpretentiousness. Strawberries can be grown in any soil. Tolerates rainy and dry weather.
  3. Long-term fruiting. The berries do not ripen on the bushes at the same time, so you can feast on fragrant garden strawberries of the Elvira variety until autumn.
  4. Storage. Dense berries are stored for a long time, do not soften or flow, do not rot, do not lose their beneficial properties.
  5. Transportability. The elastic berries of the variety do not lose their presentation even when transported over long distances, which is especially attractive to farmers who grow strawberries for sale.
  6. Cold resistance. Elvira strawberries can be safely grown in harsh conditions, as they overwinter without loss at a temperature of -20 degrees.
  7. Immunity. Plants practically do not get sick with fungal diseases, are little damaged by pests.


Gardeners do not notice any obvious disadvantages of the variety. The disadvantages are often called the need:

  • loosen the soil often;
  • collect berries in several stages (although for some this is a plus!);
  • cover planting Elvira strawberries for the winter if the temperature is below 22 degrees in winter.

Breeding features

As a rule, the Elvira variety is grown in one place for no more than 4 years. Then the planting will have to be rejuvenated. Dutch strawberries reproduce in different ways:

  • seeds;
  • sockets;
  • dividing the bush.

The ways

Seed method

Growing seedlings from seeds is laborious and not always rewarding. Even experienced gardeners do not always succeed, since the seeds often do not germinate. The shelf life of strawberry seed is limited.

Important! But failures lie not only in the quality of seeds, the reason for the absence of shoots of Elvira strawberries can be a violation of the technology of growing seedlings.

If there is a desire to experiment, then the seed (including seedlings) should be bought from trusted suppliers, in nurseries or, for example, in the firms Sady Rossii, Sibirskiy Sad, Becker and others.

Advice! You can also collect your own seeds from ripe Elvira berries.

By dividing the bush

In the spring, when the buds are just waking up, they choose a healthy strawberry bush, dig it up and divide it into parts. Each of them should have a well-developed heart and root system. Delenki are planted in prepared holes.


This is the most convenient way to propagate strawberries, including the Elvira variety, since the production of strawberries is sufficient. But there are some nuances here, mistakes when choosing outlets for planting strawberries can lead to the degeneration of the variety.

Experienced gardeners deliberately leave the mother bushes for further reproduction. To get high-quality rosettes, peduncles are removed. When choosing planting material, the condition of the uterine bush and rosettes is assessed. Plants should not have leaves damaged by diseases and pests.

There may be several rooted rosettes on the mustache, but for planting you need those that are located in close proximity to the mother bush. In this case, one can hope to preserve the properties corresponding to the description of the variety.

Strawberry rosettes are best rooted in separate containers. The plants will have time to develop a good root system before planting, new leaves will appear. Planting material that takes root well should have at least four leaves, as in the photo below.

Attention! For any defects in the leaves and root system, strawberry rosettes of any variety are rejected.

Garden strawberry, first fruiting:

Seat selection

According to the description of the variety and reviews of gardeners who have been cultivating for more than one year, Elvira strawberry is an unpretentious plant. It is resistant to fungal diseases and root rot, therefore, for planting seedlings, you can use not only open sunny space, but also places with openwork shade. Even highly moist areas do not do much harm.

When preparing a ridge for Elvira strawberries, it must be borne in mind that the best harvest is taken in a well-fertilized area. Both mineral and organic substances are suitable for this.

Important! On a bed filled with nutrients, you can not use additional dressings in the first year of planting Dutch strawberries.

Planting seedlings

It is possible to plant Elvira strawberries not only in spring and autumn, but also in summer on previously prepared areas.

You can plant strawberries in one or two lines. In this case, it is more convenient to look after her. Sockets are planted on regular ridges or under black covering material, depending on the preferences of gardeners. But in any case, the soil is well fertilized. In addition to humus or compost, wood ash must be added under the strawberries.

When planting in protected ground, you need to adhere to the following scheme: 25x30cm. In the open field, 30x30 will be optimal. A distance of up to 40 cm is left between the rows.

Before planting, holes are prepared, which are moistened with warm water. An Elvira rosette is placed in the center of the planting pit and the roots are straightened. The seedlings should not be deepened. Particular attention is paid to the heart: it should always rise above the soil surface.

After planting Everest rosettes, the soil under the strawberries is slapped to remove air pockets near the roots and watered abundantly. For work, they choose a cloudy day or a time in the late afternoon, when the sun stops burning. To preserve moisture and control weeds, strawberries planted in an ordinary garden bed are mulched with straw, large rotted sawdust.

Care features

Despite its unpretentiousness, Elvira strawberries cannot do without human hands. Care measures are standard: watering and loosening, weeding and feeding, disease prevention and pest control. Although some nuances need to be considered

Watering and loosening

Water the strawberries with warm water under the root, trying not to wet the foliage, especially after discarding the inflorescences. When the water is absorbed, the soil must be loosened. The depth should not be more than 8 cm, otherwise the roots can be damaged.

Attention! Loosening is vital for Elvira strawberries to saturate the root system with oxygen. This procedure also protects the roots from fungal diseases and rot.

During loosening, weeds are removed at the same time. It is no secret that it is on them that disease spores and pests like to settle. Weeds must be uprooted.

On bushes intended for fruiting, whiskers must be removed during the growing season.

Top dressing

Strawberry variety Elvira, according to the description and reviews of gardeners, responds well to timely feeding, which is combined with watering.

You can use mineral or organic fertilizers. From organics, an infusion of chicken manure, mullein and green grass is often used. But for the correct development of strawberries, you need to adhere to a certain scheme:

  1. In early spring, you need to feed the plantings with nitrogen fertilizers or ammonia. Nitrogen is needed to build up green mass.
  2. At the moment of throwing out peduncles and pouring berries, Elvira's strawberries are in need of phosphorus and potassium.
  3. The last dressing also consists of phosphorus-containing fertilizers, it is carried out after harvesting before preparing the plants for wintering.

Experienced gardeners recommend watering strawberries of any kind with infusion of wood ash, and dusting the plantings with dry matter.

In the conditions of the harsh land, the beds with strawberries of the Elvira variety are covered. Before that, the leaves are cut off, sprayed with formulations from pests. Cover with a non-woven material, and a layer of earth is thrown on top.


Victoria, 43 years old, Perm

Already from the name of the city it is clear that I live in the north. But this is not an obstacle to growing strawberries. I planted the Elvira variety about four years ago and is very happy with it. The harvest is stable and high, even in our area, where the sun is not a frequent visitor, and it rains every other day. Berries of excellent taste, you can cook jam and freeze fresh fruits. Everything is equally tasty. For the winter, be sure to cover the plantings.

Margarita, 29 years old, Bryansk region

Garden strawberry, or, as it is also called, strawberry, is the main berry on my site. I grow fruits for sale. I bought Elvira saplings five years ago. I have even planted two new beds with rosettes from my bushes. Strawberry pleases with its unpretentiousness, ease of care, excellent transportability. But the main advantage is a rich harvest and excellent taste. The market is swept away instantly.

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