How to decorate an apartment for the New Year 2022: photos, decor ideas

How to decorate an apartment for the New Year 2022: photos, decor ideas

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It is necessary to beautifully decorate an apartment for the New Year in order to create a holiday mood in advance. Sparkling tinsel, colorful balls and garlands bring joy to both children and adults, turning the last December days into a real fairy tale.

The basic principles of New Year's decoration of an apartment

It is necessary to stylishly decorate an apartment for the New Year, relying mainly on your own taste. But at the same time, it is worth adhering to several general rules:

  1. New Year's decor should not be too colorful. It is enough to use 2-3 shades that are in harmony with each other, then the jewelry will look stylish and beautiful.

    Many colors cannot be mixed in New Year's decor.

  2. The apartment should not be overloaded with decorations. You need to tastefully decorate the most noticeable places, this will be enough to create a festive atmosphere.

    Decor for the New Year should be neat and restrained.

  3. When hanging decorations, consider the color scheme of your home design. For example, light Christmas decorations will look good against a dark background, but they will simply get lost in a snow-white interior. The same goes for dark decorations that merge with walls and furniture - they will not be able to create a festive atmosphere.

    For a white interior, it is better to take bright decorations

  4. Jewelry should be chosen in a specific style. You should not mix classic and ultra-modern, unusual style of decor for the New Year, in any case, there should be only one style for a particular room.

    Decor style should be consistent

Important! New Year's decorations should not interfere with the hosts and guests, otherwise, instead of joy, they will cause irritation.

New Year's decor of the front door of the apartment

The joyful atmosphere in the New Year should be felt already on the doorstep of the apartment. Therefore, it is recommended to start by decorating the front door:

  • hang a Christmas wreath on it;

    Wreaths are fixed both inside the apartment and on the door outside

  • create a frame along the contour of the door;

    Doorways are framed with tinsel or garland

If there is enough space on the sides of the front door, you can put tall vases with spruce branches on the sides.

Vases with spruce paws on the sides of the door will enhance the feeling of celebration

Ideas for decorating a hallway in an apartment for the New Year

The hallway is a rather cramped room, in which, moreover, they spend little time. Therefore, they decorate it modestly. They mainly use the following options:

  • hang a small spruce wreath on the front door;

    The door in the hallway is a good place for a wreath

  • decorate the walls with bright tinsel or LED garlands;

    Tinsel in the hallway can be intertwined with a luminous garland

  • install a thematic statuette or a miniature herringbone on a curbstone or table.

    Do not overload the hallway with decor - a small Christmas tree on the table will be enough

If there is a mirror in the hallway, you should frame it with tinsel or hang a bunch of Christmas balls next to it.

The mirror is framed with tinsel to give a festive look

How to dress up a living room in an apartment for the New Year

The living room is the main room in the house, and it is in it that households and guests gather on the New Year. Therefore, it is customary to pay special attention to its decoration. Abundantly, but tastefully, you can decorate almost any surface - windows, ceilings, furniture and walls.

How to decorate the ceiling in an apartment for the New Year

When decorating a house, the role of the ceiling is often forgotten, and as a result, the decor appears to be unfinished. But decorating the ceiling is very easy, for example, you can:

  • place balloons under it;

    It is convenient to decorate the ceiling with blue and white balloons with helium

  • hang large snowflakes from the ceiling.

    Dangling snowflakes will create a feeling of snowfall

It also makes sense to fix the hanging LED strip around the perimeter of the ceiling.

The garland on the ceiling looks fabulous in the dark

New Year's decoration of windows in the apartment

Windows become an important element of decor in the New Year. Traditionally they are decorated with:

  • snowflakes glued to the glass - purchased or homemade, simple or sparkling and even glowing in the dark;

    Whole pictures are created using stickers on the windows

  • snowflakes hanging parallel to the window.

    You can also fix snowflakes on the cornice

A very effective window decoration option is an LED panel covering the entire area. On a festive New Year's evening, an iridescent garland will create a festive mood not only for the owners of the house, but even for passers-by who will see the illumination from the street.

The light panel on the window looks cozy both from the inside and from the outside

How to decorate a chandelier, walls, shelves

The main attention when decorating the living room in the New Year is given to the walls. The main decorations for them are:

  • Christmas balls;

    It is better to hang balls on the walls in bundles

  • tinsel or spruce wreaths and paws;

    A wreath will look good in a conspicuous place on the wall.

  • bright snowflakes;

    Snowflakes on the wall in the apartment - a simple but festive option

  • electric garlands.

    On the wall, you can place not only an ordinary garland, but also large curly lamps

Christmas balls, tinsel or light decorations in the form of houses, birds or animals are traditionally hung on the chandelier in the living room.

Decorations for a chandelier in an apartment should be light so that the lamp does not fall

The shelves in the living room for the New Year can be decorated with tinsel. But if there is already a lot of it hung in the whole room, it is worth resorting to other decorations. You can put Christmas figurines or miniature Christmas trees, decorative coasters and candlesticks on the shelves, lay out cones and needles.

You can place candles and figurines on the shelves

Advice! The living room in the New Year should not be overloaded with decor, if there are already enough decorations in the room, it is permissible to leave individual surfaces as they are.

Festive furniture decoration

Decorating an apartment for the New Year includes decorating furniture. You can decorate it with:

  • capes and pillows with New Year's symbols;

    New Year's furniture capes bring coziness

  • wreaths with bright ribbons and bows on the backs of chairs.

    It is appropriate to decorate the backs of chairs with needles and bright bows

You can put a large New Year's blanket on the sofa. At the same time, it is not necessary to buy a blanket with themed embroidery, the blanket can be pure white.

A white blanket on the sofa will be associated with snow.

Ideas for decorating a fairytale zone

Decorations for the New Year should be evenly distributed throughout the living room, but special attention is paid to the so-called fairy zone.

  1. Its main element is a Christmas tree - high or very small. The color of the main attribute of the New Year must be selected in accordance with the interior so that the spruce does not get lost in the setting.

    The Christmas tree is installed in the most comfortable place of the apartment.

  2. You can build a fireplace next to the tree - buy an artificial one or just make an imitation of painted cardboard.

    An imitation of a fireplace in an apartment in the New Year can be made from cardboard or plywood

Here it is recommended to leave a place for gifts, folded in one place, they will enhance the feeling of the holiday.

The fairytale area is the best place for gifts

How to dress up other rooms in an apartment for the New Year 2022

In addition to the living room, you need to hang decorations in all other rooms:

  1. In the bedroom, New Year's decor should be discreet. Usually, snowflakes are glued to the windows, you can also install a lamp in the shape of a star or a Christmas tree, a luminous figure of Santa Claus on the windowsill. It is allowed to hang tinsel or several balls on the walls. But decorating the bedroom with garlands is not recommended - bright lights can interfere with a quiet rest.

    The bedroom in the New Year is decorated in soothing colors

  2. The study in the apartment is modestly decorated. The main attention should be paid to the windows, snowflakes and stars are glued to them. You can fix a couple of spruce branches on the wall or hang a Christmas wreath on the door, put a miniature Christmas tree on your desktop or on a cabinet shelf.

    In the office, it is enough just to put a souvenir Christmas tree on the table

  3. Excessive New Year's decorations in the kitchen in the apartment can interfere with the preparation of food. Therefore, the main decorations are distributed on the window: snowflakes are attached to the glass, and Christmas compositions or dishes with fruits and Christmas balls are placed on the windowsill. In the center of the kitchen table, a vase with spruce paws will be appropriate, while the decoration should not interfere with household members from having breakfast and dinner.

    New Year's decor in the kitchen should not interfere with household chores

Attention! To decorate the kitchen in the New Year, you can buy towels or potholders with a festive pattern.

Decor in the bedroom, kitchen and other rooms should be discreet. It is customary to make the main emphasis in the living room; other rooms of the apartment should simply remind of the holiday.

Stylish and inexpensive DIY Christmas decor for an apartment

Decorating an entire apartment can be quite expensive when using store-bought decorations. But part of the New Year's paraphernalia is easy to make with your own hands. With a careful approach, homemade crafts will turn out to be very stylish.

Christmas wreaths are expensive, but you can actually make them from scrap materials. If you cut out a ring of the required size from cardboard, glue spruce twigs, twigs, colored paper and decorative elements onto the base, the wreath will be simple but beautiful. Additionally, you can decorate it on top with artificial snow or sparkles.

A DIY wreath can be made from cardboard, newspapers, tinsel and ribbons.

Miniature Christmas trees in the New Year when decorating an apartment are installed literally everywhere - on shelves, tables, window sills. At the same time, some of the Christmas trees can be made of paper: roll a white or colored sheet with a cone and glue it with PVA. Decor is attached to the glue on top of the paper Christmas tree - from paper circles to pieces of tinsel, beads, beads, small jewelry and pine needles.

Simple Christmas trees are folded from thick paper.

With a shortage of Christmas tree decorations, it is not necessary to spend money on buying balls and figurines. It is easy to decorate the Christmas tree with pieces of dried fruit, you just need to dry the circles of tangerines and oranges, and then string them on a thread and hang them in the chosen place. Such decoration of an apartment for the New Year with your own hands can be decorated with sparkles and artificial snow, or you can leave it unchanged.

Dried fruits - a budget option for Christmas tree decorations

A very simple life hack allows you to turn ordinary tree cones into a decoration for the New Year. You need to paint them with bright paint from cans, and then apply a little transparent glue on top and sprinkle with sparkles. As a result, buds will look just as good as purchased toys.

Simple buds can be turned into decorative buds in a couple of minutes

Creative and original ideas for New Year's apartment decor

Sometimes the classic decor for the New Year seems too commonplace - or there is simply no money for its implementation. In this case, you can use budgetary, but very creative ideas for decorating the space:

  1. Christmas tree as an installation. If there is no desire or opportunity to put an ordinary Christmas tree on the New Year, it is allowed to fix an installation in the form of a coniferous tree on the wall. It can be made from any materials - boards, twigs, spruce paws, tinsel. A simple original option is to arrange the garland in the shape of a cone and stick paper stars, snowflakes and circles on the wall around its perimeter.

    The wall tree can be folded from any available items

  2. You can depict a snowman on the refrigerator door or on the white interior door. There is already a background for it, you just need to draw or stick on eyes, a nose and a bright scarf.

    It is easy to make Christmas snowmen from household appliances

  3. The fashion trend of 2022 is a creative Christmas tree made from an unfolded ladder. The shape of the folding staircase repeats the Christmas tree, it remains only to install it in a conspicuous place, decorate with garlands, tinsel and toys. Such decor looks very organically in the loft style or in an apartment where they did not have time to finish the renovation by the New Year.

    Christmas tree staircase - a creative and fashionable decor option

You can decorate an apartment for the New Year according to an unusual idea if you hang not just ordinary garlands on the walls, but attach photographs of relatives and friends to them.

Photos of loved ones on a garland will cheer you up in the New Year


You can beautifully decorate an apartment for the New Year in a variety of ways. It's not just classic decor that creates an elegant festive atmosphere - creative budget ideas deserve attention too.

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