Large tomato varieties for greenhouses

Large tomato varieties for greenhouses

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It's no secret that tomato culture is very demanding on growing conditions. Initially, it was cultivated in warm South America and our northern latitudes are a little cool for it. Therefore, in order to get a bountiful harvest of tomatoes, it is better for our gardeners to plant them indoors. In this article, we will look at the best varieties of large-fruited tomatoes for greenhouses.

Most popular varieties

For many years, gardeners have chosen these large-fruited tomato varieties. The reasons for this popularity are their increased yield and excellent disease resistance.

Altai yellow

Altai yellow has very tall indeterminate bushes. In a greenhouse, they can grow above 200 cm. Ripening of his large tomatoes will have to wait 110 - 115 days.

Important! Plants of Altai yellow need a mandatory garter to support. In addition, it is recommended to thin out their dense foliage periodically to better illuminate the fruit clusters.

Altai yellow tomatoes have a round-flat shape. Moreover, the largest specimens can weigh just over 700 grams. But in general, the weight of his tomatoes will be between 500 - 600 grams. During the period of technical ripeness, the area near the stalk is colored dark green. Ripe yellow fruits do not have a spot at the stalk. The pulp of Altai yellow is very fleshy and tasty. It has a high sugar and beta-carotene content. This composition makes it especially useful for children and people on a diet.

Altai yellow has excellent resistance to many diseases of the nightshade family, in particular to tobacco mosaic virus and phytoplasmosis. Its total yield will be from 12 to 15 kg per square meter.

Bull heart red

Large and spreading bushes of the Red Bull Heart will not grow higher than 150 cm. But despite this, you should not plant more than 4 plants per square meter. Ripening of tomatoes Bovine heart red begins on the 120th day from seed germination.

Its heart-shaped tomatoes are red in color. Their weight is most often between 300 and 500 grams, but the very first tomatoes can weigh 600 grams.

Important! The red bovine heart does not differ in the same size of its tomatoes.

On one bush, large fruits coexist with small ones. In addition, the smaller tomatoes of this variety have a more spherical shape.

The flesh of the Red Bull Heart has an exquisite taste. It has a high sugar content. It is perfect for all kinds of canning and cooking.

Plants of a red bovine heart tomato can bring a gardener up to 8 kg per square meter.

Gigant-10 Novikov

This is almost the most popular variety of large-fruited tomatoes. Tomatoes on its almost 2-meter bushes begin to ripen in the period from 120 to 135 days. At the same time, at least 5 fruits will be tied on each fruit cluster.

Rounded flat tomatoes Gigant-10 Novikov grow 500 grams each. Ripe tomatoes of this variety have a beautiful pink-raspberry color. Particularly large specimens may be slightly redder. These tomatoes gained their popularity due to their incredibly fleshy and tasty pulp. They are most delicious, of course, fresh, but they can also be used for processing on mashed potatoes and juice. In addition to excellent taste, the pulp of Gigant-10 Novikov is distinguished by a very long shelf life and excellent transportability.

Its plants cannot boast of increased disease resistance. But from each bush planted in the greenhouse, the gardener will be able to collect at least 3 kg of the crop.

An amateur's dream

One of the best late large-fruited varieties for the greenhouse. Its bushes are of medium size, so they can be suitable even for low greenhouses.

In their shape, the Tomatoes Dream of an Amateur are rather rounded. During maturity, their surface acquires a pleasant red tint. The weight of one tomato An amateur's dream can be up to 600 grams, but most often the average weight will be 400-500 grams. An amateur's dream is a salad variety. It is not recommended for canning and salting.

This is one of the most productive varieties of tomatoes with large fruits. A gardener will be able to remove up to 10 kg of tomatoes from one of his bush, and the yield of one square meter can reach a record value of 28 kg. In addition, verticilliasis is not at all afraid of him. Resistance to other plant diseases of the Mechta Amateur variety is slightly above average.

Yaroslav F1

The hybrid Yaroslav F1 is suitable only for high greenhouses - the minimum height of its bushes will be 150 cm.

The weight of his flat-rounded tomatoes will be between 400 and 600 grams. They ripen 130 - 140 days from the first shoots, while acquiring a rich red color. The pulp of these tomatoes is most often used for preparing salads.

Hybrid Yaroslav F1 has good resistance to tobacco mosaic virus and cladosporium disease. From each plant it will be possible to collect no more than 4.5 kg of tomatoes, and the total yield will be from 9 to 12 kg.

Unconditional leaders in size

These tomato varieties are the undisputed leaders in the size of their fruits. Many of them can be grown in unprotected soil, but their yield will be significantly lower than those grown in a greenhouse. These large-fruited varieties of greenhouse tomatoes will require the gardener to regulate the number of brushes and fruits on them. Otherwise, even plants tied to a support may not support such a large weight of tomatoes and break.

Lemon giant

The lemon giant is only suitable for large greenhouses. The maximum height of its bushes will be 250 cm. In terms of ripening, the Lemon Giant is a mid-season variety. Its first crop will ripen in 110 - 140 days.

With its size, the Lemon Giant has outstripped almost all varieties of large tomatoes. The size of its fruits can shock even the most experienced gardener. The first large tomatoes can grow with a weight of 900 grams, the rest will be slightly smaller - from 700 to 800 grams. The bright yellow tomatoes of this greenhouse variety have a flat-round shape and fleshy flesh. Its distinctive feature is its characteristic lemon flavor.

The lemon giant is not very resistant to tomato diseases, therefore it needs preventive treatments. Despite the fact that up to 3 fruits are formed on each fruit cluster of the Giant Lemon, the yield of one square meter will be from 6 to 7 kg.

Chinese pink

This is a fairly early cultivar for growing in a greenhouse - only 93-100 days from germination. Its plants have an average height of up to 150 cm and perfectly support the weight of large fruits.

The fruits of the Chinese pink can grow from 500 to 700 grams. The color of these tomatoes is hidden in the name of the variety. Its pink fruits do not differ in shape from the previous varieties. The pulp of China Rose is best consumed fresh. Due to its medium density, it is not recommended for canning.

This greenhouse tomato variety is highly resistant to temperature extremes and consistently high yields.

Amateur pink

This early maturing variety will mature in a greenhouse in 100 - 105 days. Its bushes are not very tall, their height in the greenhouse will be no more than 150 cm.

Important! Like many large varieties of greenhouse tomatoes, Amateur pink should be planted with 3-4 plants per square meter.

Its early ripening tomatoes can grow from 500 to 700 grams. They have a flattened-rounded shape of pink or crimson color. Due to the not very dense fleshy pulp, the tomatoes of the Amateur pink are not suitable for whole-fruit canning. You can use this variety for other types of preservation, as well as for preparing salads.

Pink honey

Due to its height of 70 cm, the determinant medium-leafed plants of Rose Honey can be perfectly grown in a small greenhouse. Moreover, they do not need a garter to support.

The flattened pink honey tomatoes have an average weight of 600 to 700 grams. In less than 120 days, green tomatoes of this variety will acquire a pleasant deep pink color. Their dense and fleshy flesh is perfect for salads and for processing into juice and puree. Pink Honey Tomatoes are not prone to cracking and can be excellently transported over long distances.

Pink honey will not be afraid of the most common diseases of the nightshade family. In addition to being disease resistant, its plants are excellent at tolerating cold and drought. From one square meter of the greenhouse, the gardener will collect no more than 5.5 kg of the crop.

Russian size F1

This hybrid with an average bush height of 180 cm needs a mandatory garter one week after planting in the greenhouse. Its fruit clusters, which are formed above the 11th or 12th leaf, contain only 2 - 3 tomatoes. The minimum weight of a tomato hybrid Russian size will not exceed 350 grams, and the largest tomato weighing about 2000 grams may not fit on a home scale. It should be borne in mind that the maximum size of its fruits can only be achieved with proper care.

Advice! Plants of Russian size must be kept in one stem. All stepchildren and lower leaves must be removed.

The growing point of this hybrid is pinched at the end of the growing season.

Russian-sized tomatoes have a flat-round shape. Their surface ripens and turns red after 105 - 140 days from germination. They have excellent pulp density with a pleasant taste and aroma.

Russian size is not susceptible to tobacco mosaic virus, fusarium and cladosporiosis. With good care, the yield of one bush will be from 4 to 4.5 kg, and the total can reach up to 12 kg.

The video will tell you about the basic rules for caring for tomatoes in a greenhouse:


Tatiana, 46 years old, Zavolzhye

This year I decided to move away from the old varieties and tried new products: An amateur's dream and Pink honey. I planted everything in a greenhouse at the end of May. I really liked that the bushes of these varieties did not grow to the ceiling. The longest bush was that of an Amateur's Dream - about 160 cm. The tomatoes turned out to be large and tasty. As for me, they were tastier fresh from the Dream of an amateur. Pink honey was also delicious, but we salted it. Highly recommend.

Mikhail, 39 years old, Zvenigorod

It is not the first year that I have been planting Giant-10. He always has a good harvest. Its tomatoes are very large and fleshy. Once the harvest was so large that it was even necessary to make juice from them in order not to spoil.

Natalia, 51 years old, Znamensk

Of the varieties we have tested, I can recommend Red Bull Heart. Tomatoes have a pleasant sweet taste and are absolutely versatile. We eat them fresh, salt them, add them to stews, make juice and tomato paste out of them. We tried many varieties of the Ox Heart, but red seemed to us the most successful.

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