Popular varieties of carrots

Popular varieties of carrots

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Many gardeners never stop looking for the perfect carrot variety. Each of them will have their own selection criteria: for someone the yield of the variety is important, someone evaluates exclusively the taste characteristics, for others the appearance of the root crop is important. Such searches can be very delayed, because a huge variety of carrot varieties have been bred. It will be much easier to choose not from all varieties, but only from those that have been popular for a long time. In this article, we will consider the most popular varieties of carrots.

How to choose the right variety

There are no bad varieties - there are inappropriate growing conditions. You need to choose a variety for planting depending on the conditions available on the site. Only in this case, the carrot harvest will be able to please the gardener with excellent quality. There are some selection criteria for this:

  • The soil on the site is of great importance when choosing a variety. If it is heavy clay, then it is better to choose short roots. For light soils, all varieties of carrots are perfect, and especially long ones.

    Advice! If the gardener wants to plant another variety on clay soil, then first he will have to dilute the earth with sand. This will change its density and create better conditions for growing carrots.

  • Depending on the climate. For the northern regions, you need to choose early and mid-season carrot varieties, as well as root crops for greenhouses. All other regions can grow any varieties, up to late ripening.
  • Ripening period - regardless of the variety, shorter ones always ripen faster. This must be taken into account when growing in regions with short summers.
  • Depending on the purpose of the crop. If the crop is not grown for sale, then it is better to give preference to zoned varieties. For sale, foreign root crops are better suited - they have a more attractive appearance.

Important! The zoned ones include those varieties that are bred in a particular region. Accordingly, they will be able to bring a larger yield with excellent taste characteristics.

You can find out which varieties are suitable for the selected region in the botanical garden of this region.

Most popular varieties

To date, it is they who hold the palm in landing in our latitudes. They are distinguished by high yields, excellent taste and immunity to many diseases.

Nandrin F1

One of the most popular hybrids with an early maturity - up to 90 days. Its roots have a regular cylindrical shape. They have an orange-red surface and bright orange flesh. The length of ripe carrots will not exceed 20 cm, and the weight will not exceed 170 grams.

Important! Nandrin F1 stands out for its uniformity of fruit size. This makes it popular not only for households but also for cultivation for sale.

In addition, this hybrid is characterized by excellent disease resistance and excellent keeping quality. The average yield per square meter will be 6 kg.

Important! Since it is a hybrid, it cannot be grown to produce seeds. They will not have the genes of the original plant.


This root crop of Soviet selection was obtained back in the war years, but, despite this, its popularity only grows every year. Carrots of Nantes are mid-ripening, that is, no more than 100 days will pass from the first germination to harvest.

Important! A distinctive feature of Nantes root crops is the increased carotene content. This makes them an ideal component of baby and diet food.

The cylindrical obtuse shape of the carrot is colored orange. Its length will be up to 14 cm, and its weight will not exceed 100 grams. The pulp of the root vegetable is particularly tender and juicy. It is ideal for all culinary ideas as well as juicing. The average yield will be up to 6.5 kg per square meter.


Chantané carrots are the second most popular carrots after Nantes. It is also mid-season and is characterized by even, smooth, bright orange roots. In their shape, they resemble a cone with a rounded and blunt bottom. Their maximum length will be about 15 cm. Moreover, they are immersed in the ground for their entire length. Only its spreading green rosette is visible.

The orange flesh of Shantane is quite dense and sweet with a barely noticeable heart.

Important! Shantane is one of the leaders in sugar and carotene content - 12% and 25 mg per 100 grams of pulp.

High yield will allow harvesting up to 9 kg per square meter. In addition, Shantane is resistant to cracking and has a long shelf life.

The largest varieties

They stand out noticeably for their large size. Their smallest root crop will be 20 cm long, with a maximum of 30 cm. They are also great for long-term storage.

Anastasia F1

The carrots of this mid-season popular hybrid are large enough with strong dark green tops. It has a cylindrical shape and a bright orange color. The length will not exceed 22 cm, and the weight will be 160 grams. They are all perfectly sized so they can be grown for sale. Anastasia F1 carrots have excellent taste characteristics. Its orange pulp is juicy and very sweet.

Important! This hybrid is distinguished not only by the sweetness of its pulp, but also by its high carotene content. In addition, its roots are not susceptible to cracking and brittleness.

The yield of this hybrid will be about 6 kg per square meter. Moreover, it can be stored without loss of taste and marketability for 8 months.

Important! Long-term storage is possible only if the temperature is not more than +2 degrees and humidity is not more than 90-95%.


An upright rosette of leaves of this popular variety conceals orange carrots. It has a tapered shape with a convex top and a slightly tapered bottom. Dolyanka's length will not exceed 28 cm with a weight of up to 200 grams. The orange pulp has a large heart and excellent taste.

Important! Dolyanka is very sweet. And the high content of carotene makes it extremely useful for people of all ages.

Distinctive qualities are good plant immunity, absence of premature flowering and excellent preservation. Due to its late maturity, a rich harvest will have to wait up to 150 days. Up to 8 kg of carrots can be harvested from one square meter.

The emperor

This late-ripening popular variety is one of the record holders in terms of length and weight. The maximum weight is 200 grams, and the length is 30 cm. Moreover, they have an excellent presentation: all large, smooth and even. The surface and flesh of the Emperor are colored orange-red. Against the background of dense pulp, a small core stands out slightly. Her taste is excellent. It is juicy and moderately sweet. In addition, it has a pleasant aroma. It is perfect for cooking and juice processing.

The emperor does not release flower shoots in the first year of cultivation. In addition, it is resistant to stalking.

The yield of carrots will be up to 5 kg per square meter. The crop is perfectly stored and is even able to significantly improve its taste during storage. This is one of the varieties that can be successfully planted before winter.

The most productive varieties

These varieties have not only excellent taste characteristics, but also increased productivity. It is important to note that high yields can only be obtained if the necessary growing conditions are provided.

Vitamin 6

One of the best popular mid-season root crops. Orange carrots can be harvested after 110 days from germination. Vitamin 6 has a semi-standing rosette of green leaves and a blunt, cylindrical root crop. The length of the ripe carrots will be about 15 cm, and the weight will be 160 grams. The orange flesh of this carrot has a diameter of 5 cm in cross section. It has a small heart and excellent taste. It is perfect for consumption both fresh and for canning.

Important! Vitamin 6 plants do not flower ahead of time, but their roots are prone to cracking and can rot.

The yield of Vitamin 6 can be up to 10 kg of carrots per square meter.

Canada F1

This mid-season hybrid has a powerful semi-spreading rosette of dark green leaves. It covers an even semi-conical root crop with a blunt tip. Its length will not exceed 23 cm, and its weight will be in the range from 120 to 160 grams. The rich orange surface of this carrot has an orange pulp with a diameter of 5 cm. A small orange core practically does not stand out against its background. Canada F1 carrots are juicy and have a sweet taste. In addition, it is very rich in carotene - up to 21 mg.

On average, the yield of carrots will be 7 kg per square meter. But under favorable growing conditions, it can reach up to 10 kg.

Important! In addition to high yields, Canada F1 is distinguished by good immunity to many diseases, lack of premature flowering and excellent shelf life.


Mid-season popular variety from Polish breeders. It is characterized by a cone-shaped orange-red fruit. Its length can reach 30 cm, but most often it is 25 cm, and its weight will not exceed 220 grams. Flakke has an orange flesh with a small orange core. Its commercial qualities are quite high. In addition to being used for culinary purposes, it is also perfect for winter storage.

The yield of carrots will be up to 10 kg per square meter.


Yuri, 57 years old, Alexandrov

For 5 years I have been growing Vitamin 6. The first time I bought seeds, now I use only my own. It is better to buy new ones after a couple of years, since the yield drops slightly. Her taste is excellent: she is sweet and juicy. Highly recommend.

Maria, 32 years old, Strunino

We are planting Shantane and Canada F1. Have tried others, but liked these more. They taste great and have a long shelf life. I also like the fact that they bloom only in the second year, that is, the yield is always excellent.


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