Peony Red Magic (Red Magic): photo and description, reviews

Peony Red Magic (Red Magic): photo and description, reviews

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Peony Red Magic is a perennial popular with summer residents. He is unpretentious in care. Not only buds are attracted to the bush, but also leaves.

Description of peony Red Magic

Peony Red Magic has a faint scent. The leaves are dark green and form a large openwork bush. In height, it can reach 80 cm, and in width - 50 cm. The Red Magic peony is referred to the third zone of winter hardiness. Able to withstand frosts down to -40 ° C. Drought tolerant.

Throughout the season, Red Magic peony looks decorative. Under natural conditions, it grows in:

  • Transbaikalia;
  • European part of Russia;
  • Siberia.

She prefers open sunny areas, but feels good in a slight darkening at noon hour. If planted in the shade, the bush will grow beautiful and tall, but there will be no flowering.

Peony Red Magic constantly needs good air circulation, otherwise various diseases will develop. Planting next to shrubs, buildings and trees is undesirable.

As a support, you can purchase a plastic ring with legs or an elegant pyramid consisting of a rod with rings arranged in several tiers.

Possesses a beautiful saturated color

Flowering features

There are side buds on the bush. Peony Red Magik belongs to the average flowering period.

Basic description:

  • milky-flowered;
  • terry, sometimes pink;
  • has large flowers;
  • spherical bud.

Description of Red Magic peony petals:

  • twisted;
  • cold tone;
  • feathery;
  • dark red or cranberry to deep pink.

The flowers grow in size from 15 to 25 cm. Flowering begins in the last decade of May or early June. The duration is 7-20 days. The flowering is beautiful and abundant.

In order for the flower to grow as large as possible, one bud is left on the shoot. The excess is removed after they become 1 cm in diameter.

Advice! For abundant flowering, it is important to moisturize the soil well in late spring and August during the budding period.

Application in design

Peony Red Magic is recommended for group as well as single plantings. It is planted in parks and gardens. They decorate ceremonial places. Looks beautiful as part of landscape compositions. Not suitable for home cultivation on a balcony, loggia and in pots.

Peony Red Magic feels good next to:

  • decorative deciduous plants;
  • blooming perennials.

Looks beautiful near the gazebo and paths. Best neighbors:

  • phlox;
  • clematis;
  • rose flower.

Looks original in combination with:

  • juniper;
  • miniature mountain pine.

When cut, it retains its freshness and beauty for a long time.

The flower can grow up to 25 cm in diameter

Reproduction methods

Peony Red Magic (Red Magic) is propagated by:

  • dividing the bush is the most effective method;
  • vegetatively;
  • with the help of seeds - the method is used only for a wild-growing species.

In order to propagate by dividing the bush, a 4-year-old Red Magic peony is chosen, which has a well-developed rhizome. The procedure is carried out in the fall until the end of September.

The rhizome should not be dry

Landing rules

The most preferred planting time is autumn. The last term is 30 days before the onset of frost. You can also plant in the spring, but the Red Magic peony grows quickly and therefore you can easily skip planting time. The best time is right after the soil has thawed, when the water has drained off.

You can not buy small and stunted cuttings, as they will not allow the formation of a healthy plant. But very large specimens are also not suitable. Especially those that have a large root system. The ideal weight of the planting unit is at least 100 g and maximum 150 g. The best planting unit consists of three roots and 3-5 buds.

Peony Red Magic does not tolerate stagnation of moisture. If the bush is constantly heated, the root system will rot or the plant will develop poorly. The soil should be:

  • moisture-absorbing;
  • with deep groundwater;
  • breathable.

Loamy soil is ideal.

A hole is dug three months before the intended planting. Its size should be 60x60x60 cm. 2/3 must be filled with fertile soil, then add 1 liter of wood ash and cover with garden soil.

When planting, the buds are placed below the ground level by 4 cm. A distance of at least 1 m is maintained between neighboring plants.If the peony looks weakened for two years, then there is no point in worrying - this is the norm. During this period, the root system is growing.

Before disembarking, the Red Magic peony is disinfected. To do this, use a saturated solution of potassium permanganate, and then sprinkle the cut with crushed coal. Varietal qualities after planting will appear after two years.

Advice! If the planting is low or too high, then there will be no flowering.

The best disembarkation time is autumn

Follow-up care

The soil should be in a state of moderate moisture. Watering is especially important:

  • in spring - during budding, as well as flowering;
  • in the fall at the time of the laying of the buds.

For one irrigation, 20 liters of water are used, since the root system is located in deep layers of soil, which must be well wetted.

After planting in the first month, frequent irrigation is performed several times a week. Further, as needed. For the Red Magic peony, a more rare, but thorough watering is suitable. After the procedure, the soil must be loosened in the near-trunk circle.

The first few years are fed by the foliar method, then the mineral complex is used during the growing season. Fertilize:

  • in the springtime in the snow;
  • at the time of budding;
  • two weeks after the end of flowering.

For foliar feeding of a young peony, a complex mineral readily soluble fertilizer is used. Spray it in the morning or evening hours. During the day, it is strictly forbidden to carry out the procedure, as the leaves and buds will receive burns from the sun's rays.

Advice! If buds appear on the bush in the first year after planting, then they must be cut off. This is necessary in order for a strong root system to form.

The trunk circle is very important for the Red Magic peony, which is constantly kept clean and regularly loosened. Prevents weeds and does not plant other plants. Experts recommend separating this area from the lawn with a curb tape. Do not use concrete products and iron sheets.

Watering is recommended in the evening.

Preparing for winter

When stable frosts come, the stems must be cut off. This period begins around mid-October, in warmer regions at the beginning of November. Above the buds, there should be hemp 2 cm high. For winter, cover with unripe compost or peat. An adult peony Red Magic does not need shelter.

When young shoots begin to appear in the spring, the mulch must be removed, and the soil must be gently loosened. All cut off ground part is disposed of. To do this, send it to a compost pit or burn it.

Pests and diseases

Peony milk-flowered Red Magic is most often attacked by fungi. In more rare cases, viral diseases.

When rust appears, the leaves are covered with brown, red or orange pads. These are spores of fungi that are easily carried by the wind and transmitted to other plants. Therefore, at the first sign, it is necessary to cut off all affected leaves and burn them. After that, treat with Bordeaux liquid.

Rusty leaves

The most dangerous disease is gray rot. It affects not only the leaves, but also the buds, as well as the stem of the Red Magic peony. If, in the spring, young shoots began to wither, a gray bloom or brownish spots appeared around the stem, then action must be taken immediately.

The diseased parts are completely cut off and destroyed. For prophylaxis, the bush is treated with Bordeaux liquid, and during illness - with the Tiram suspension.

The adult Red Magic peony infects powdery mildew. You can distinguish the disease by a whitish bloom on the leaves. It does not bring much harm to the plant. They are treated by spraying with a 0.5% solution of soda and laundry soap.

Re-processing is carried out after 10 days.

Peony Red Magic must be given constant and close attention so that it does not suffer from an invasion of pests. Most often, ants attack, which are attracted by the delicious sweetish syrup that stands out from the buds. Together with him, they eat leaves and flowers.

To fight around the Red Magic peony, the soil is sprayed with repellents

Often the culture suffers from aphids, which accumulate at the top of the shoot, around flowers and buds. Insects thus drink the juice from the Red Magic peony. With numerous attacks, the bush quickly weakens.

With small quantities, a good result is obtained by collecting pests by hand or using a strong pressure of water. In case of large lesions, it is treated with Aktellik.

A beetle with a yellow-golden back - bronze - eats the petals and stems of the Red Magic peony. It is especially dangerous in the summer. To prevent attacks, the soil is loosened at the end of the season, and insects are collected by hand in the morning. During the budding period, they are sprayed with insecticides.

Infusion of tomato tops helps to cope with bronzovka


Peony Red Magic is a beautiful garden plant. When growing, it is necessary to take care of the bushes properly, preventing diseases. In this case, the inflorescences will be lush.

Reviews of the peony Red Magic

Maria Egorova, 47 years old, Vitebsk

I have been growing Red Magic peony in my country house for five years. Planted in the fall. The first year I thought that she would die. He was very sluggish. But from the second year it changed, several buds appeared, which I cut off. Since the third year, it pleases me with a long flowering, I constantly cut it off and put it in a vase.

Elizaveta Makarova, 34 years old, Smolensk

On a neighboring plot, I was struck by its appearance of a large lush flower. I asked my neighbor to share. In the fall, she separated a part for me from her adult bush, which took root without any problems. For the winter, I completely cut it off, I do not cover it with anything. I think there is enough snow. I regularly treat diseases and beetles.

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