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Monarch grape

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Today, a large number of grape varieties with large bunches can be distinguished. But not all of them are in great demand. I would like to mention the variety that many agronomists love. Monarch is characterized by medium-sized clusters, but at the same time very large berries. In addition, it does not require complex maintenance to obtain a generous harvest. In this article, we will consider a description of the Monarch grape variety, as well as photos and reviews of those who have already grown it on their site.

Description of the Monarch grape variety

The Monarch variety was bred by an experienced breeder Pavlovsky. The varieties Talisman and Cardinal were taken as a basis. It is a table variety with medium-sized bunches, although it is often referred to as a large grape. Each bunch weighs about 1 kg. The trunks can be tapered or cylindrical.

On the bush, the fruits are placed on branches that are of medium density. The grapes of this variety are very large. The weight of each berry can range from 10 to 30 grams. Such large fruits can reach the size of a small plum.

Attention! Inside, the berries are quite juicy, have a pleasant sweet taste. There are few seeds in the fruit, no more than three pieces.

Monarch belongs to the medium early varieties. The vegetative period of such grapes ranges from 120 to 140 days. Due to the high sugar content in the chemical composition, the vine can ripen quickly. The bush has a high yield and gives 7 or more kilograms of ripe berries.

Young shoots of grapes grow rapidly. The vine can ripen up to a third of its original size. To optimize the load on the bush, leave about 25-35 eyes when pruning the bush. The grape has a bisexual flower that pollinates itself.

Important! Agronomists have noticed that pollination is best done from the shaded side of the bushes.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Monarch variety

This species is appreciated for its fragrant fruits and beautiful bunches. Monarch has a pleasant taste with a slight nutmeg aftertaste. In addition, the following advantages of grapes can be distinguished:

  • berries can remain on the bush, no spoiling or crumbling;
  • the taste of grapes does not depend on weather conditions and air humidity;
  • the fruits are almost the same size, there is no pea effect;
  • the grape bush has a high disease resistance, easily tolerates bad weather;
  • the plant quickly and successfully takes root when planting the cuttings, the grafted fruit also quickly takes root;
  • the grape bush is resistant to high frosts, the vine will not suffer even at temperatures of -25 ° C.

These advantages allow you to harvest a fairly good harvest without much effort. But like any other grape variety, it has some disadvantages. One of the most serious drawbacks is the tendency of the variety to shedding the ovaries. True, if you do not thin out the bunches, then this problem can be minimized.

Experienced agronomists believe that thinning the shoots while the bush has not bloomed is the most important mistake in caring for the Monarch. It is better to do this at a time when berry rudiments began to form.

In addition, the Monarch variety can be susceptible to powdery mildew. This significantly affects the quality and appearance of the crop. With prolonged damage, the vine begins to die off. To protect the bushes, it is necessary to use special prophylactic drugs.

Selection and preparation of the cuttings

The first step is to choose the right cuttings. Experienced agronomists can multiply the fruit on their own. Otherwise, it is better to purchase a ready-made seedling. The main thing is to take into account the following points:

  • the seedling must have a strong root system;
  • on the cut, a high-quality stalk is green;
  • the roots should have only whitish root branches;
  • there are at least 3 buds on the shoot.

Before planting, the cutting should be placed in water. You can also place the rhizome in moist soil. In this form, the grape seedling should stand until the root system grows and the green mass blooms a little.

If the stalk is grafted, it is first cut off, and only after that it is placed in a special solution. It can be prepared from Humate (10 drops of the substance per liter of water). In order for the sprout to be better preserved, and then well rooted, you can wax the upper part of the petiole. This must be done very carefully so as not to damage the young shoots. A branch of Monarch grapes is quickly dipped in liquid paraffin, and then immediately taken out and transferred to a container of cold water.

Where to plant Monarch grapes

This hybrid is a heat-loving plant. Without enough sunlight, the berries simply won't ripen on time. Also, the variety does not tolerate cold northern winds. For this reason, for planting grapes, it is better to choose areas that are located on the south side of the buildings. It is not advised to plant a plant in an open area.

Advice! Some courtyard buildings can not only protect the bushes from the wind, but also serve as an excellent support.

Such grapes prefer light, moderately moist soils. But clay soil is categorically not suitable for growing this crop. On sandy soils, grapes can grow, but young seedlings take root on them rather poorly.

It is best to plant Monarch grapes in black soil. Groundwater in the ground should melt at a depth of about 1.5 meters. If the water level rises, then drainage should be done. To do this, make a wide depression or dig a ditch.

Monarch grape care

Caring for Monarch grapes consists of the following simple steps:

  • regular watering;
  • mineral and organic feeding;
  • trimming;
  • shelter for the winter;
  • prevention of diseases and pests.

Watering the grape bushes should be infrequent. This plant requires more moisture only during drought. If the soil where the grapes grow is dry and quickly evaporates moisture, then you may also need to water the plant more often. If there is no special need, then the bushes are watered only in two cases: before the beginning of flowering and during the period of the beginning of the formation of ovaries. Next, you need to monitor the condition of the plant and soil. If necessary, additional watering of the grapes is carried out.

To retain moisture in the soil, you can mulch the soil around the bush. A variety of materials and substances are suitable for this. For example, ordinary humus will perfectly cope with its task. It is poured and distributed around the bush so that the thickness of the mulch is no more than 3 cm.

Top dressing of Monarch grapes is carried out simultaneously with loosening the soil. For this, special fertilizers based on potassium and phosphorus are used. They are brought into the soil and dug up, while deepening the substance.

Attention! Top dressing cannot be simply spread over the soil surface. In this case, it simply will not be absorbed.

They begin pruning grape bushes at a time when they are dormant. It is also necessary to carry out the thinning of the shoots. This is done after the formation of the berries. Only 4 or 6 eyes should be left on each sleeve. A total of about 40 buds are left on each bush. No need to spare the vine when pruning. Leaving more branches than you need will simply reduce the yield of the bushes.

The monarch has a high resistance to various diseases. However, it is often affected by powdery mildew. To protect the plant from a destructive disease, it is necessary to carry out timely prevention. Bordeaux liquid is perfect for this. A 1% solution is prepared from it, and then the bushes are simply treated with a solution.

This hybrid tolerates severe frosts well. Therefore, it is necessary to cover plants only in regions where the temperature in winter drops below -25 ° C. Before that, high-quality pruning of the bushes is carried out. Then they are laid on the ground and covered with hay. From above, you need to cover everything with plastic wrap, which is well attached to the ground. In this form, water will not flow under the shelter and it will not be blown away by the wind.

Advice! If the winter in your area is warmer, then it will be enough just to mulch the soil around the bushes. For these purposes, sawdust and moss are used.


The Monarch grape is a fine grape with large berries. Growing such bushes is not difficult at all. As we have seen, caring for this hybrid consists of several waterings over the entire season, feeding and pruning. In addition, it is advised to prevent powdery mildew and, if necessary, cover the plant for the winter. We are sure that the description of the Monarch grape variety, photos and reviews convinced you to start growing this hybrid.


Evgenia Pavlovna, 46 years old, Voronezh

The birthplace of Monarch grapes is Germany. In our area, such bushes are very rare. But this is just the beginning. The technical Monarch has excellent characteristics, so many will soon switch to this German variety. Personally, I have grown it not so long ago, but I have already grown to love it. By the way, it makes a very tasty wine. I have been making it from Black Monarch grapes for 3 years already. An excellent wine variety.

Dmitry Petrovich, 43 years old, Samara

Monarch grapes, both black and white, just won me over. The bushes grow very quickly and bear fruit well. Instead of vineyards, you can use the walls of any outbuildings. That's what I do.

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