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Grape Original: pink, black

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According to some reports, approximately 2 thousand different varieties of grapes are grown in Russia alone. Ordinary amateur gardeners have not even heard of many of them, but the "Original" variety is probably familiar to many of them. This grape is distinguished by its amazing color, unique taste and aroma. Original grapes are not only tasty, but also very fruitful. By planting just one bush of this plant, you can feed the whole family with wonderful berries. You can learn about the characteristics, advantages and features of the "Original" variety, as well as how to grow it on your site, from our article. Surely, the information offered will interest both experienced and novice winegrowers.

Description of the variety

It is not necessary to speak unequivocally about the Original grape, since this variety exists in 3 different variations, which depend, first of all, on the color of the berries. So, the following types of "Original" are distinguished:

  • Pink grapes. In the sun, it can acquire a lilac color. This type of grape is shown in the photo above.
  • View with a bluish-black color of the fruit. These berries can turn reddish in bright sunlight.
  • Berries of the white "Original" show a greenish tint under the influence of sunlight. This type of grape can be seen below in the photo:

Having studied the variety of colors and shades, you understand that this grape got its name for a reason. He is truly original and able to please everyone.

Variety selection

Before studying the "Original" grapes, a description of the variety, photos and reviews about it, you need to find out its origin, because the qualities of the progenitors largely influenced the characteristics of the grapes.

The grape variety "Original" cannot be called a novelty: it was bred already 30 years ago at the Odessa Institute. V.E. Tairov. To create this culture, breeders crossed the variety "Datie de Saint-Valier" and "Damascus rose". The crossing resulted in a very interesting variety "Original" with excellent characteristics.


Description of "Original" grapes is similar for all types, with different fruit colors. So, the average harvest ripening period is 140 days. Most of the shoots on the bush are fruiting, which allows you to get a high yield of fruits. For example, with industrial cultivation, it is possible to collect about 100 centners / ha of berries. In private backyards, depending on the specific conditions, the yield can be from 40 to 100 kg / bush.

Description of berries

Berries "Original" of various colors are quite large: their length is 3 cm, diameter is 2 cm. The shape of the grapes is elongated, pointed downwards. On average, each berry weighs 5-7 kg, but there are also specimens weighing 10-12 g. The taste of grapes is largely determined by the level of acidity and the percentage of sugar. So, of the three types of "Original", the most sour is the white variety. The acidity of its fruits is about 8 g / l, while other types of "Original" contain only 6 g / l. The sugar content of all types of berries varies from 15 to 21%, depending on the growing conditions.

The pulp of grapes is juicy, does not have a strong aroma. In some sources, you can find information that it becomes slightly watery when left on the bush for a long time after ripening.

The skin of the berries is very thin and delicate. It is barely noticeable when biting a grape. There are seeds inside the fruit: literally 1-2 seeds in each berry.

Ripe grapes of the "Original" variety can be stored as long as possible under favorable conditions, but they must be transported very carefully, since large berries do not adhere well to the stalk.

Important! In a cool place you can store Original grapes until December-January.

In support of the description of the "Original" variety, a photo of pink grapes is given below. It clearly shows the unique color, size of the berries, the shape of the bunch:

Description of the bush

A bush of the "Original" variety can become a real decoration of the garden. The plant is up to 3 m high, very spreading and lush. Its leaves are strongly dissected, consist of 5 lobes, and have some drooping. Bunches of berries with a unique color are a great addition to juicy, fresh greens.

Description of bunches

The bunches of the "Original" have a conical shape. Their weight varies from 600 g to 2 kg. Of the three types of grapes, the smallest are the bunches of the black Original. The berries on the brushes are loosely or moderately dense, which gives them a certain grace.

Resistance to external factors

The variety "Original" is zoned for the Odessa region. This is primarily due to the thermophilicity of the culture and the low level of frost resistance. So, the vineyard can successfully tolerate frosts down to -210C, provided there is adequate shelter for the winter. Given these features, the variety can be grown even in central Russia.

The grapes of the proposed variety are resistant to many diseases, for example, they are not afraid of phylloxera. Rarely, plants are affected by oidium and rot. Some resistance of the variety to mildew is observed.

Wasps are the worst enemies of grapes, especially as thin-skinned as the Original. At the same time, there is a certain pattern: black grapes are affected by wasps more often than white ones. Pink grapes have medium resistance to wasps.

Thus, the distinctive feature of the Original variety is the unique color of the berries, high yield and size of the fruits. At the same time, the berries do not have a bright aroma, but their taste is harmonious.

In industry, the "Original" grape variety is not used in the production of wine, but in domestic conditions it is quite feasible. If desired, the harvest of sweet ripe bunches can be stored until December. A colorful, fresh product will surely be able to decorate a festive New Year's table.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Having decided to grow "Original" grapes, you need to study the characteristics and main advantages and disadvantages of the culture. Thus, the following facts are positive arguments in favor of the Original:

  • excellent appearance of large berries;
  • a powerful bush with a large fruiting volume;
  • the possibility of long-term storage of ripe fruits;
  • active build-up of green mass of the bush after planting a seedling;
  • a voluminous bush with high decorative qualities.

Among the disadvantages of the "Original" variety, some points should also be highlighted:

  • the variety is characterized by weak resistance to freezing;
  • lack of resistance to the effects of felt mites;
  • possible pea berries, which can be the result of bad weather during the flowering period.
  • a large number of berries formed on stepchildren ripen slowly and may not ripen at all until the end of the season.
  • shedding ripe berries complicates the transportation of grapes.

Depending on the color of the berries, some other features can be distinguished:

  • black "Original" is more susceptible to diseases, parasitism of wasps;
  • the white "Original" has a slightly more sour taste;
  • pink "Original" has a good taste and a high level of resistance to environmental influences.

Having deeply studied the information about the grapes "Original", you can safely place seedlings on your personal plot. If you follow some cultivation rules, you will probably be able to get a rich grape harvest. Information on how to properly grow this variety can be found in the section below.

Growing features

It is necessary to place seedlings in sunny areas where there are no through winds. The soil for growing should be chosen nutritious, light. Soil moisture should be moderate, groundwater height less than 1.5 m is unacceptable.

Important! Having decided to place several bushes on the site at once, you should remember. That the distance between them should not be less than 2 m.

Cuttings, like the seedlings of "Original", root well and actively grow greenery. As the plant grows, it should be pruned to form a neat fruiting bush. When forming a vine, it is recommended to cut off ripe shoots by 8-12 eyes. The total load on the bush should not exceed 60 eyes.

No special fertilizers are required for the variety. For feeding, you can use peat, rotted manure, compost or ash. It should be noted that young grape bushes are more demanding on fertilization than already mature vineyards. Some other secrets of growing "Original" can be found in the video:


Alla Kuznetsova, 28 years old, Krasnodar

Original grapes are very beautiful. I have been growing it near my home for many years. The vineyard serves as a decoration and gives a wonderful harvest from year to year. The berries are quite large, tasty, and exude a light aroma. This grape is a favorite treat for children. Its clusters keep well. Fresh grapes and wine made from these berries are the hallmark of our New Year's table.

Vladimir Troiko, 48 years old, Crimea

We have been growing grapes for a long time. We eat some part of the harvest and harvest ourselves, we sell a certain amount of grapes. Of the 5 available varieties, the Original grapes are in the greatest demand among buyers, as they attract their attention with their combined color. The yield of the variety is always good, but to get it, you need to painstakingly care for the plant.

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