Greenhouse arcs: DIY

Greenhouse arcs: DIY

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The creation of greenhouses and greenhouses in the suburban area occurs using special structural elements. There are a huge number of them, but the main, by right, are considered arches for hotbeds, without which the installation of some structures is almost impossible.

Small greenhouses and medium-sized greenhouses often consist of special arcs and coverings, not counting a few more elements of the base, foundation and internal filling. Today we will talk specifically about arcs, since we have not yet touched on them in our articles.

Today, in the specialized summer cottage market, you can find enough options for such devices, but which of them to choose, remains a question. The cost of arcs for greenhouses can be a difficult topic for many summer residents, but because we will talk about how to make arcs for a greenhouse with our own hands.

First of all, you should consider the possibility of building a greenhouse at the cottage for arches, otherwise they will simply not be needed. And, if you are going to create just such a design, for example, for growing seedlings, you will have to more or less carefully study our material.

What can be arches under a greenhouse

Those arches for a greenhouse that are easy to install, convenient and durable in operation are considered to be qualitative, and therefore, it is worth choosing them according to these qualities.

It can be:

  • Metal arches for a greenhouse are heavy and durable, with many properties necessary to create a complex structure. Installation of these is very simple, and the cover will not make you waste time and get nervous. According to statistics, every third summer resident chooses metal arcs for a greenhouse;
  • Plastic arches for a greenhouse are an excellent element of a simple design, which is absolutely not afraid of any weather phenomena. Perhaps one of the most durable types of arcs, but it all depends on the production technology, the thickness of the material and the manufacturer;
  • Arc for a greenhouse made of PVC is almost the previous option, but many try to distinguish these materials, and find non-overlapping characteristics, although, by and large, there is no difference in quality, and in cost.

Also, summer residents are aware of arcs made of reinforcement, fiberglass material, thick wire and others, but it makes no sense to discuss them, since wire and reinforcement are almost metal arcs, and fiberglass arches are very close to PVC. We consider it more correct to allocate time for the description of the process of creating arcs for a greenhouse with our own hands, and their installation on the frame.

Do-it-yourself arcs for the greenhouse

In this section, we will not fully describe how to make a greenhouse out of arcs, since similar information is already available on the site, in particular, in our article about a greenhouse made of pipes. We will consider the options for creating arcs for a greenhouse with our own hands.

DIY greenhouse

So, what should be the arcs for a greenhouse:

    • Easy to work. Agree, with a material that is easy to process, obedient in the hands, does not weigh hundreds of pounds and does not scare the size and volume, it is most convenient to work. Therefore, when choosing a material for creating arcs for a greenhouse, consider these parameters;
    • Easy to bend. It will be very difficult to bend a profile pipe or corner into a semicircle with your own hands, and therefore, you should choose a material that can easily be deformed, without unnecessary effort and cost;
    • Durable materials. Despite the fact that the arcs should be easily bent, they must be strong so that they can be easily wrapped with a film and tied into a single structure. Also, this characteristic will help them most securely gain a foothold in the frame and increase the life of the entire greenhouse as a whole;
    • Reliable and durable. Nobody wants to build a greenhouse from arcs every year, spend time and money, and therefore arcs must be reliable and really durable, so that they can last a decade or more in the country house.

It is very simple to choose a material in accordance with these characteristics, for example, the same reinforcement that bends perfectly, or plastic pipes that have virtually no wear. But you can slightly increase costs and create a truly masterpiece, which is advised by many experienced craftsmen - these are arcs made of fittings and pipes (fittings in a plastic pipe). Of course, you might not like this combination, it may seem expensive or time-consuming, but believe me, the design of such pipes will be practical and high-quality, and its installation will be carried out very quickly.

Why are these arcs good? Firstly, the reinforcement will bend perfectly in the necessary shape and radius of the arc, withstand a large load, and give the structure strength. Secondly, a plastic pipe will protect the reinforcement from wear, that is, it will not let it deteriorate prematurely, and also, it will save the film from quickly rubbing against metal in places of contact.

Of course, this project is a little more expensive, and it may be even easier to buy arcs in the market or in a special household supermarket, but remember that thanks to the combination of melon materials you can create not only a high-quality greenhouse, but also a greenhouse of almost any shape. In the supermarket, you will be offered literally several options for sizes and shapes.

Installation of such arches for a greenhouse will be very simple. It can be organized by welding (with fastening of reinforcement to any frame), or by mounting on brackets and clamps, fixing the pipe itself. Further, only a close-fitting and internal arrangement of the greenhouse.

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