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Comrade gardeners, I found such a Borofoska fertilizer on sale. What kind of beast is this, who knows? What is it better to bring under (vegetables, berries, fruit trees) and when? So I plan to feed them locally (in the holes) gooseberries after harvest, currants also after harvest, the one that has not yet managed to feed “superphosphate” with “potassium sulfate”. Probably pears, plums and apple trees at the end of September. Or it is better to use it early in the spring, because as far as I know, boron promotes better flowering and prevents shedding of the ovary. But how does it affect the laying of flower buds? Who used it already, share your experience.


I have been using Borofosco for several years. I like her very much. This year in the spring I added it to the holes when planting tomatoes (1 tablespoon in each hole) and then watered with it. I thought that since there is calcium, then there will be no top. Indeed, there was very little of it, and on some creams there was none at all. And scatter when digging for carrots, cabbage and beets.

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