High-quality snow removal in the country

High-quality snow removal in the country

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Clearing the cottage area from snow is one of the most serious concerns of winter time. That is why today we will look at ways to do this, as well as special tools and equipment that will be needed for work.

Summer cottage looks amazingwhatever you say. Of course, this applies only to the snowy winter, because it is not very pleasant to observe bare trees and slush underfoot. But even in the fluffy snow there is a minus when it covers everything indiscriminately, lays down in a serious layer on the roofs of houses and greenhouses, turns under its feet into a downed layer and freezes into ice, falls asleep in the yard, lawn and so on. It is for this reason that we should think about the quality removal of snow, which is necessary not only for us to ensure beauty, but also a certain comfort and safety, to keep buildings and country paths in proper form.

Snow Devices

First of all, I would like to consider equipment that will help us in our work.

Snow shovel

The most commonplace, but also the most popular device, which is difficult to work with, but very pleasant. Special shovels will help to quickly and efficiently clear flat areas, remove snow from the threshold and the path to the house, throw it in heaps in the right places or bring it into the greenhouse, where in winter it is necessary to protect the soil and saturate it with moisture in the spring.

Today on the market there are many options for such shovels, including plywood, plastic and metal.

We use a scraper

A more serious device, which is a little more difficult to work with. But it should be noted that with its help, cleaning becomes better, especially if there is a certain amount of ice under the snow layer. With a scraper or a special ice ax, you can knock, beat and chip the ice, then collect it and throw it on a common snow pile.

It is also interesting that this tool can be of different sizes. For example, small scrapers, which are intended only for ice, and wide scrapers, capable of removing a layer of snow for one shovel at a time.

Special snow removal equipment should be at every cottage, but you can always expand your garage, for example, by purchasing equipment for similar purposes.

We work on an ATV

Naturally, this will not be a special snow-removing ATV, but the same one on which you arrange a safari or just ride out of town for fun. The only requirement is attachments for snow removal, otherwise you can’t do anything but trample it even more.

Remember, using a similar technique, you must choose attachments strictly for the parameters, otherwise you can damage the motor equipment or break the acquired bucket.

We apply the motoblock

The work of the walk-behind tractor in this case is completely justified, because it is no longer manual cleaning, slow and with long breaks, but fully mechanized - work that can last exactly as long as you need to achieve a certain result.

It is also interesting that having a walk-behind tractor, a special nozzle and a bit of free time at hand, you can not only clear any territory, but also throw excess snow from the road, the entrance to the courtyard and even the household yard anywhere in the right direction.

Loader to the rescue

A minitractor or a loader is a drastic measure when the summer cottage is really seriously swept up, but you do not want to give up in the fight against snow. And rightly so, because if possible, all the snowball can be taken out of the yard or thrown into a ditch near a summer cottage.

In addition, using this technique, you can always give your children or grandchildren unforgettable entertainment. For example, you can help them with the construction of a large snow castle, or simply sketch and trample the snow mountain with equipment for entertainment. Sledges, skis, bags, wet clothes and red noses from frost - all this you will see very soon!

Capital cleaning

If you are the owner of a large country house with adjoining territories of impressive size, then there are no tasks for the shovel, the walk-behind tractor will not cope, because you will have to work with such equipment not for hours, but for days. In this case, you can always use the special snow removal services that certain organizations provide in the winter. Of course, you can remove the snowball near the entrance to the house and clean the tracks yourself, but if you need to clear several square kilometers of the territory, you will have to order more serious equipment.

This is a snow-removing tractor, powerful and reliable, which will not get stuck in the middle of your yard until spring, a special dump with which it is equipped, and a machine for removing snow from the territory.

Naturally, such a pleasure is not cheap, so get ready for expenses, well, or get a shovel from the garage and slowly remove the snowball from the summer cottage with your own hands.

Manual work or snow removal using a car or other special equipment is for you to choose, but if the territory of the summer cottage is small, you can always cope on your own, without any extra costs.

Do it yourself efficiently

We have already examined the basic devices for clearing the territory, we paid attention to serious equipment, it remains only to study the rules of work. This is not a mandatory set of rules and not methodological material, but simply the advice of experienced summer residents.

Clearing paths and driving directions

First of all, we clean the access and access roads in order to move around the summer cottage and it was comfortable around it. You can use any equipment for this, but the main thing to remember is that under the snow layer there may be asphalt, paving slabs, concrete tracks and other materials and elements that cannot be crippled. Snow should be removed carefully, using the tool you have chosen and even a broom or broom if you want to work cleanly.

Snow removal from roofs

Do not forget where and which roof you have installed. Simply put, the gable roof of the new slate can easily withstand even a thick snow layer, which itself will not linger on it, but the polycarbonate greenhouse will need to be cleaned.

We recommend that you do this without making any effort, slowly pulling the snowdrifts toward you and subsequently lifting them to the ground. You should not create thick layers on top of the greenhouse, such as first on one side, then on the second, and then throw off all the snow at once. Thus, you can organize the amount of snow, the weight of which the cover may not be able to withstand.

For the convenience of cleaning roofs and visors, you can use another simple device - an ordinary (or specially made for this occasion) mop. With its help, you can remove the snow in small portions and dump it on the ground without damage to the materials covering the buildings.

Snow removal and removal from the territory

This is not necessary if there was a small layer of snow, it does not interfere and is not pressed with its feet into thick and slowly melting ice. But if there is a lot of snow, it cannot be dumped on heaps, otherwise in the spring you will observe a dirty mountain for a long time, which now will have to be scattered. But not only the aesthetic factor plays a role, but also waterlogging, which is possible in places of snow dumping after a very snowy winter. Thus, it is possible to contribute to the soaking of plants, which we certainly do not need.

Chemical cleaning

For a long time we know that ordinary table salt helps to remove snow and ice, and especially ice from rapids and paths. For the tracks, sand is also used, which can be scattered after cleaning to get a safe surface. But these methods have their drawbacks, which everyone understands. For example, salt corrodes the soles of shoes, and sand turns into dirt and, accordingly, remains on the surface of the tracks after the snow melts and dries, and also constantly rushes into the house on the same shoes. For this reason, we offer you an alternative method - the use of special reagents.

This chemistry was invented a very long time ago, but it went into wide sale relatively recently. Of course, chemistry is chemistry and to be unsafe, but you can always choose the most suitable option for yourself, because these funds are produced on different bases, according to different formulas, and by different factories. That is, you can always choose.

Today, reagents can be bought very inexpensively, literally a little more expensive than the same kitchen salt, but they can only cope much better. Many of them are made specifically according to our requirements and, for example, do not corrode rubber and shoes, do not affect the fertility of the soil, and so on. Choose the most suitable anti-snow and anti-icing reagents, use them according to the instructions and with the use of protection, and remove snow and ice in the country without effort, just scattering the product across the territory.

Snow removal in a summer cottage should be well thought out, because this is one of the ways to make the area beautiful in winter and well-groomed in the spring.

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