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Go out on the lawn

Go out on the lawn

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Hello everybody! Bought a plot. There is a house on it. In the area there is garbage and in some places sawdust from building a house (up to 5-10 cm). All this in the summer in the dense green grass and grass. 🙂 Water is not standing, although close. The texture is uneven, natural - the former edge of the forest. Walking is planned only on paths. How to get out on a level lawn? 🙂 It’s clear that we will remove large garbage, but then what? Do sawdust interfere, if they are plowed and is it necessary to plow at all. Align? What and when to sow, so that without insects? Who has experience in the transition from such a natural and man-made virgin soil to the lawn - please share, Thank you!


You have a job to do, as with laying a regular lawn. At the beginning, the area is cleared of debris. It is dug manually or under a plow. In any case, all the soil is cleaned of old turf and weed. It would be good to solve the deficit of imported soil for renewal and rehabilitation. The plot is leveled, rolled, sown with seeds to fertilize the fertilizer, watered. When you shoot the lawn requires careful care. This is watering and top dressing, and weeding. A good and beautiful lawn requires a lot of effort and a lot of money. I wish you success!

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