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Indoor Flower Hippeastrum

Indoor Flower Hippeastrum

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I have Hippeastrum flowers at home. I breed them for a long time. At first they bloomed very well. Their flowers are so large, beautiful. Posh flower! But the last few years have ceased to bloom. What is the reason, I can’t understand. I transplant on time and feed. In general, I do everything as expected. But they do not bloom. Maybe I don’t know something, they’re missing something? Can someone help in this matter?


There can be several reasons: the first of them is an incorrect bulb transplant; it should be only half buried in the substrate; the second is the removal of leaves from a freshly faded hippeastrum. You can’t do this categorically, because after flowering, the bulb of the plant needs to replenish the supply of nutrients that it receives through the leaves. The third reason that a plant does not bloom may be a lack of bright lighting after flowering. Therefore, I advise you to review the conditions of the plant.

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