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How to get rid of weeds on a potato bed

How to get rid of weeds on a potato bed

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How to get rid of weeds on a potato bed? And then you can already mow hay in the garden. Classical salting gives too little result, and it takes a lot of time.


Many write that planting mustard saves, and plus as fertilizer. this year I will try to do so

Mustard drowns out the whole weed

and when to sow mustard? I sowed at the end of August ... yes weed is not visible one mustard and also sow in the spring?

if your mustard is already growing, then do not allow flowering, mow and you can leave it right in the same place. In spring, you can also sow, before the main plantings. But, keep in mind that in spring you will attract a cruciferous flea with mustard. Which is very fond of radish, salad, cabbage. If you still sow mustard in the spring, then you can cover the radish, lettuce, cabbage seedlings from the flea with cover. It’s better to sow phacelia in spring. It is beautiful, fragrant, attracts bees that are good pollinators.

thank you very much ... I was interested in this question for a long time, my hands never reached to write in a group

not at all

so that there is no hay on the potato beds, a couple of weeks after planting, you can treat the freshly emerged weeds with herbicides before the potatoes sprout, just take the chemistry checked on your lands. Of course, the problem will not be completely solved, but it will significantly help.

more as an option to cover potato beds with straw, cardboard

We all mulch. There are no weeds and the yield is increasing.

I spread the seeds of black nightshade, tall marigolds, nasturtiums, salads, beets, and borago on the potato platform after planting. can be planted with seedlings. pluses: no Colorado potato beetle and very few weeds. once a week I’ll go through, tear out a bunch, if there is everything. cons: watering is desirable and in a random arrangement it is inconvenient to spud potatoes.

weeding is necessary as soon as the weeds come out. then weeding is easier and faster. if you leave the weeds in place to dry, you will get mulch and fewer new plants will grow. seedlings, on the contrary, need to be mulched off at the moment of greatest development, during flowering.

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